Shen Ruoxue continues to hippie smiley。

“You still need to save face with such a thick skin?”
Meizi continued to ask dismissively。
“Of course,Regardless of whether the skin is thick or not,You still want face。”
Shen Ruoxue said without shame。
“When you bullied me,Have you thought about saving face for me??”
Meizi’s tangled question。
“I’m wrong!Am i really wrong,please forgive me,I love you。”
Shen Ruoxue admits his mistake again,Then stick out your mouth,I kissed Meizi’s face several times,I can’t even care about the tears on Meizi’s face。
You pay a price if you make a mistake,So the price Shen Ruoxue pays now is to taste the tears of plums……
“I do not love you anymore。”
Meizi rolled her eyes and replied。
at this time,After the careful Liu Xiaoyun has soaked the mineral water with her handkerchief,Seriously helped Meizi wipe away the tears on her face。