The instinct of human nature is self-interest。From breathing this very ordinary little thing,Can see the essence。And within a group of interests,There must be competition。family,To some extent,Is also an interest group,Everyone has their own role,Has a role in the family again。After the two overlap,There will be thousands of complicated family phenomena。

and,Who doesn’t want to be the one preferred?
Yuze understands these things,I also understand the root of my sister’s curiosity。Knowing that you are favored will definitely be happier。But this happiness,Is vicious。
but,He didn’t want to put these facts,Tell her。Partly because I don’t want my sister to be at home,Establish a sense of competition prematurely。another part,It’s Yuze’s selfishness.
Once consciousness is formed,It’s like being planted a seed。And this seed will grow good or evil,Yu Ze is uncertain。Sister is kind and naive,But still too small,Besides,Kindness and innocence does not mean that you will not be stimulated and hurt.Yuze only hopes that the family is happy.Wait until my sister gets older,You can have more mature judgment,To think about this problem,She will have a more proper solution。
because,Mom obviously prefers sister the most。Uncle and Auntie too。
under these circumstances,Once my sister has a sense of consciousness and competition,Then,Whether it’s him or Ono,Will fall into a very bad family environment。some of,Naturally also my sister herself,And the biggest victim,Just the younger sister。
Yuze will never allow this to happen。Because he also prefers his sister.He hopes his sister will be happy forever,happy.Is true happiness,Not viciously short-lived。
Mom knows she prefers her sister,And didn’t tell her directly about her preference。Should have the same idea as him。
Yuze was thinking,Stupefied,I seem to be stimulated by my sister accidentally,Grow up a lot.
Auntie asked him to find the balance,perhaps,He has found it——See the big from the small,See the big。
Just when Yuze was going to sleep in a daze,Suddenly found a small gap in the door,And mother’s figure seems to flash by.
“Your time,Eavesdrop at the door?”In the afternoon, I took my sister and brother to fish,Yuze took the time to ask Ou Zhaozhao。
Ou Zhaozhao wears a big sun hat,Drinking a drink,Took a look at the eldest son,“Why am I eavesdropping?.”I’m openly listening!!
Yuze naturally heard another meaning in his mother’s words,Roll your eyes,“It was a whisper between me and my treasure,You listened,What’s going on!!Do not listen to evil!Don’t do this in the future!!”Just love to do this overhearing the corner。
Ou Zhaozhao does not agree,But I also know I’m not authentic,“Anyway,Before you come of age,No way!”She originally wanted to talk to her son about the conversation with her daughter,did not expect,The girl is one step ahead of her,then,She will naturally overhear.
Yuze wants to refute,But still didn’t say anything。Underage.Actually, mom treats them,Already tolerant a lot。It’s like even though they are all underage,but,As long as you go to elementary school,Begin to have a social situation that requires independence,Every month there is a partial dividend from the family industry,Let them do whatever they want。He has received it for five years。Waiting for my sister to go to elementary school,Also start to receive。
This is a lot of money。Completely at the disposal of the minors themselves。