Qin Liang wants to talk,But he forcibly swallowed what he wanted to say!This Fluttershy is stupid and naive,You think everyone is as rich as your family,Can I live in a villa with a private swimming pool?
Most people have to go to the public bath even to take a bath, OK?……
But in this case,Qin Liang won’t know how to say it,Doesn’t that mean you are arguing with Xiaodie?,He’s not so benzene。
“correct,Speaking of swimming,When you were swimming with me at home the day before yesterday,Deliberately let me beat you,Right?”
Xiaodie suddenly remembered what happened the day before yesterday……
“what?How did you find out?”
Qin is surprised,He thinks he has covered up well enough,How can I be seen by Fluttershy?
“Benzene you!Didn’t you wake up the next day and ran to swim by yourself?I peeked at you taking a shower,Haha……”
Xiaodie finished this sentence,I was stunned immediately!Why do I call peeking at swimming a peeking at a bath?!This is a big embarrassment!
“what!what did you say?You peeked at me taking a shower……Oh my God!”
Qin Liang knew Xiaodie must have made a slip of the tongue,But he deliberately immediately yelled in panic!
“no no!I was wrong!I watched you swimming,Not peeping at you……”
Xiaodie hurriedly waved her hands to explain,The little cheek instantly blushed to the neck!
“You actually watched me take a shower!I’m at a loss!No way,I want to go back to your house with you tonight,Then I want to watch you take a shower!”
Qin Liang has caught Xiaodie’s handle now,Immediately cheeky and confidently asked loudly,Can say such shameless words so impassioned,Qin Liang is probably the only one in the world。