[How to make loose and soft yellow cake]_ Common practice of loose and soft yellow cake _ Practice of loose and soft yellow cake _ Practice of loose and soft yellow cake

[How to make loose and soft yellow cake]_ Common practice of loose and soft yellow cake _ Practice of loose and soft yellow cake _ Practice of loose and soft yellow cake

Bring some ingredients home from work and make a good meal. Even if it is not a delicate alternative, it can also bring a sense of unity, so do n’t be lazy to cook yourself. The method of fluffy soft yellow cake is simple and suitable for those”Lazy people”, and can promote health to a certain extent.

1. Cut the flour into small pieces and soften in the microwave for 20 seconds; 2. Mix and stir the low-gluten flour and baking powder after weighing; 3. Sieve the low-gluten flour and baking powder into a large bowl of flour; 4.Put in sugar and salt; 5. Pour 50g milk first; 6. Mix with electric eggbeater at low speed to form a uniform batter; 7. Mix egg liquid with the remaining 50g milk and add to batter in portions, stirring at low speed each timeBeat evenly; 8, take a square baking pan, grease the bottom and surroundings; 9, pour the batter into the baking pan, try to shake out the air bubbles inside; 10, preheat the oven 175 degrees, put the baking pan on the grill,Middle layer, 25 minutes, the surface is yellow.

11. After cooling, cut into pieces and eat.

(I was a little eager to shoot, cut into pieces without waiting for the cold, the cake was too fluffy, and it felt broken when I touched it) After a busy day, enjoy the life. The method of fluffy soft yellow cake is simple, but deliciousNutrition, you can do it yourself.

[Coffee roll practice]_Homemade coffee roll practice_Coffee roll practice Daquan_How to make coffee roll

[Coffee roll practice]_Homemade coffee roll practice_Coffee roll practice Daquan_How to make coffee roll

We sometimes find that there are always a few people around me who like cooking, and regard cooking as a hobby of their own. Each dish is a successful work of our own. We should not always envy the talents of others., The following is the introduction of coffee rolls, quickly start to do it yourself1.

Prepare the ingredients and separate the eggs (a stupid egg inside is especially yellow).


21 egg yolks are beaten with 40 grams of sugar until creamy.


Add salad oil and mix well.


Add coffee sugar solution and mix well.


1 Mix well into a batter.


Add low powder in 2 portions.


Add 5 grams of 70 grams of sugar in three portions and beat to dry foam.


Make a simple cake mold with tin foil, pour the batter, and smooth the surface.


After it is released from the oven and left to cool, tear off the tin foil, and make a few shallow strokes to make a good roll.

The coffee cream was beaten, and my relatives were too tired to let it be wiped. I just applied the layer lightly, rolled it up, put it in the refrigerator for an hour, and sliced into pots.

Today, this simple and nutritious coffee roll is introduced here for everyone. I also wish the housewives to cook with a happy mood, which will surely make the family eat healthy and happy!

CNOOC Ltd. (601808) 18 Annual Report and 19Q1 Review: Outstanding Performance of Technical Services Promotes Start-up in Equipment Segment Price

CNOOC Ltd. (601808) 18 Annual Report and 19Q1 Review: Outstanding Performance of Technical Services Promotes Start-up in Equipment Segment Price

The 2018 annual report and the 2019Q1 performance basically met expectations. The two highlights are: 1) the revenue and gross profit margins of the technology service sector in developing countries are excellent; 2) the utilization rate of the equipment sector is rapidly recovering, and price elasticity is just around the corner.

In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 219 million, + 25% for the whole year; net profit attributable to its mother was 70.8 million yuan.

In the first quarter of 2019, it realized operating income of US $ 5.9 billion, exceeding 72%; net profit attributable to mothers was 30.95 million, basically in line with expectations.

Demand analysis: CNOOC ‘s capital expenditures exceeded expectations in 19Q1, and global offshore capital expenditures systematically repaired CNOOC ‘s capital expenditures of 14.1 billion in 2019Q1, which was + 46% in the past, significantly better than market expectations.

The initial plan is 70-80 billion.

If calculated in accordance with the expected capital expenditure completion ratio in the first quarter of last year, CNOOC’s capital expenditure in 2019 is expected to exceed the planned range.

Global offshore oil and gas costs have fallen sharply. CNOOC upstream costs have dropped from US $ 48 / barrel in 2014 to approximately US $ 30 / barrel in 2018. Shell’s Vito crude project cost in Mexico has dropped to US $ 35 / barrel.

The decrease in costs and the upward movement of the center of oil prices have driven the recovery of global offshore capital expansion.

Top-level technical service segment: The performance in 2018 was bright and the market share rose. The company’s first-class technical service segment had a revenue of more than + 49% in 2018. It exceeded the conversion service for the first time and became the largest segment, accounting for 45% of operating revenue.

Gross profit margin reached 25% (2017 21.

5%), the only profitable among the four major sectors.

The company’s 深圳桑拿网 global market share of cementing / cable logging / drilling fluids were 4/6/7, an increase of 1/0/1 seats compared to 2017.

Equipment sector: The utilization rate of drilling platforms has risen rapidly, and the daily fee has remained low. In 2019, we will try to pick up the company’s drilling platform utilization rate and return to 74 in 2019Q1.

7%, jack-up and semi-submersible average 77.

8% and 66.

4% (calendar day usage).

The available day usage rate of the jack-up type has reached 80.


If the CNOOC Capital Expenditure Plan is fully implemented, the company’s utilization rate in the next three quarters may rise to 85?

In 2018H1 / H2, the average price of the company’s drilling platform was 7.


50,000 US dollars / day, although in the second half of the month rebounded, but overall still at historical lows.

Earnings forecast and estimation: The gross profit margin of the equipment sector in 2018 was lower than expected, mainly due to the slow recovery of drilling service prices, and the profit forecast for 2019/2020 was lowered.

As the current utilization rate has returned to a better level, we are confident in the daily fee recovery report in 2019.

Give 19/20/21 net profit forecast11.



600 million (previously 19/20 40.


500 million), EPS is 0.



83 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 43/13/12 times.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: Oil prices fall sharply, which will hurt the risk of oil companies ‘capital expenditure confidence; the risk that the company will gradually decrease and other equipment sectors

Chinese embassy in France reminds: pay close attention to flight information

Chinese embassy in France reminds: pay close attention to flight information

China Overseas Network, February 11th. According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in France, some Chinese citizens recently called the embassy in France, stating that they could not return to China as scheduled due to the cancellation of the flight, and sought help.

After understanding from many parties, China International, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, and HNA still operate several routes from France to China.

The Chinese embassy in France reminded Chinese citizens in France to pay close attention to the flight information and refund refund announcements issued by the official website of the relevant officials, properly and reasonably arrange the itinerary, and promptly carry out the process of ticket reissue.

  The information on the channels for changing and resigning air tickets is notified as follows: First, those who purchase tickets through the relevant ticketing agents should change the visas through the original ticketing agents.

  2. If you purchase a ticket directly from an airline and need to change the refund, you can contact the relevant company through the following methods: (1) Air China 1. Global service hotline: +86 10 95583; 2. European call center: 00-800-86-100-999 (selected landlines) Chinese service hours: 06: 00-22: 00; 3. Air France Customer Service Hotline: +33 1 42 66 62 82 (Monday to Friday 09: 00-17: 00); 4. Tickets purchased through Air China’s official website, Air China APP and WeChat Mini Program: directly log in to the original order for processing.

  (2) China Eastern Airlines1. If you need to reschedule or refund your ticket, you can apply for free through the China Eastern Airlines APP, China Eastern Airlines website, China Eastern Airlines WeChat public account, etc. 2. If you need more help, please contact the place where the ticket was purchased or cancelEastern Airlines Customer Service Hotline 0086-2120695530.

  (3) China Southern Airlines 1. You can submit a refund operation (that is, synchronize or cancel reservations in advance) through the China Southern Airlines mini program, WeChat public account, APP and official website, 四川耍耍网 or contact China Southern ‘s artificial customer service to change the refund or cancel the reservation; 2, China Southern Airlines 24-hour customer service hotline: 95539 (domestic), + 86-400 869 5539 (overseas); 3, China Southern Airlines customer service hotline: +33 1 53 67 99 99, + 33-1 86 99 59 59 (Monday to Friday) 09: 00-17: 00).

  (4) Xiamen Airlines 1. Tickets can be refunded and changed free of charge through Xiamen Airlines official website, Xiamen Airlines APP and WeChat Mini Program.

  2. Xiamen Airlines 24-hour customer service hotline: 95557 (China), + 86-592 222 66 66 (overseas); 3. Xiamen Airlines French customer service hotline: +33 1 44 07 48 93 (Monday to Friday 09: 00-17(00); (5) Hainan Airlines 1. If the ticket is issued through the HNA official website and the HNA APP, you can apply for the ticket 杭州桑拿网 change through the self-service reschedule service of the official website, mobile phone app, WeChat public account; 2. Domestic customer service hotline: +86 898 95339; 3. HNA French service hotline: +33 1 53 96 08 88 (Monday to Friday, 09: 00-12: 00, 13: 00-17: 00).

Original Title: Chinese Embassy in France Reminds: Pay Close Attention to Flight Information and Arrange Reasonable Itineraries

How to avoid running hurting your joints

How to avoid running hurting your joints

Many running enthusiasts like to run mountain trails, and downhill runs are usually popular, so-called running is good for your health.

However, some people worry that running downhill can easily lead to joint pain and joint problems, but Chris Fretag, a fitness expert suggested by American Fitness, pointed out that unless there are old problems, cross-country running will not only cause injuries, but can train muscle balanceTo maintain a healthy weight.

These factors all help to avoid injuries.

  Scientific research has found that when running in fresh air, runners can burn more transformations because they have to deal with wind and terrain changes.

In addition, experts also pointed out ways to avoid running injuries and joints, and that is to adjust according to the physical condition.

If running downhill will cause joint pain or soreness, you can replace running uphill and downhill to reduce the impact on your feet.

  In addition, you can choose to run on a large soft ground. The best ground choice is gravel or mud. If it is hard, asphalt roads are better than cement roads.

If you are on a section where the traffic is not high speed, you can choose not to run on the sidewalk and run on the edge of the highway.

  Another way to avoid running injuries and joints is to exercise and stay healthy. This requires more exercise of the muscles that cushion the front of the thighs.

The following exercises can achieve this goal, do it twice a week, 3 groups of 10 each.


Squat: Squat down and take a horse step, then stand firmly on the heel, pay attention, do not stop when squatting to the lowest point and stand straight, and immediately proceed to the next action.


Leap: Take a big step forward with one foot and bend your knees at 90 degrees, with your thighs parallel to the ground, aligned, and your feet perpendicular to the ground.

Forefoot bounces strongly to restore precise posture.

Change feet and repeat this action.


One-foot jump: One foot forward, aiming at softness, jumping forward and backward, landing on the ground with the front half of the foot.

Change feet and repeat the same action.

Foot massage is both health and treatment

Foot massage is both health and treatment

The doctor treats the patient by massaging the reflex area of the soles of the feet.

  Reflexology services from traditional to modern, Chinese medicine clinics, reflexology parlors, modern spas, health products companies, etc., all provide services to customers (patients), which shows the popularity of reflexology.

  The Principle of Foot Massage is briefly described in the “Foot Heart” of “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”: all organs and organs of the human body have reflection areas on the soles of the feet, and massage is used to stimulate the reflection areas. Through blood circulation and nerve conduction, it can regulate the functional balance and restore organ function, Received the effect of retired fitness.

  According to TCM theory, people have “four roots”-ear roots, nose roots, milk roots, and foot roots, of which the roots are the roots of the four roots.

The old feet of the human body decay first, and the dried roots of the wood are exhausted first, showing the nature of the feet on the human body.

  Lin Yuxin, a physiotherapist who uses the reflex area as a treatment, said that foot massage is a way of health care, and some doctors treat patients by massaging the reflex area of the foot.

  He said: “Feet on the ground, gravity cannot keep the blood from flowing back. Through foot massage, it stimulates blood circulation and allows blood to come back up to strengthen the body.

  ”There are tens of thousands of nerves and blood vessels on the soles of the feet and toes. Even if it is not massaging the reflex area, just massaging the soles of the feet has a health effect.

“In the treatment method, the foot massage is to stimulate the points, lines, bands and zones on the soles of the feet and legs. It is not just purely massaging the reflex zones on the soles of the feet.

  During massage, someone feels pain. Is the problem with the masseur or the patient?

  ”Usually, the patient needs to feel comfortable during the massage. If the patient feels pain and retracts his feet, it means that the massage is too powerful.

  Don’t feel pain when massaging. “The masseur should pay attention to the foot massage of patients with hypertension. Don’t make the patient feel pain. The strength must be reached till the patient is comfortable.

The patient yells, has an overloaded heart, and has abnormal blood pressure, which may have adverse effects.

“The feet of diabetic patients are often sawed off due to the worsening of the disease, and the key is the problem of the peripheral nerves of the feet.

Patients with diabetes should often receive foot massage to allow blood to reach peripheral nerves.

  Kidney patients should also do more foot massage.

If the patient’s muscles are necrotic or ulcerated, foot massage is not suitable.

  Foot massage is most beneficial to chronic patients, such as those who often suffer from insomnia and frail constitution. After foot massage, the effect is significant.

  You don’t need to massage the foot every day. Since it’s so good, can you do it every day?

Lin Yuxin said: “The patient (customer) does not need to do foot massage every day, it will damage the muscles instead.

After one massage, the muscles are relaxed and the blood is circulated. The effect is still available the next day. You can do it again every other day.

“There are many types of foot massagers sold on the market, and their functions provide stimulation at the acupoints of the feet, including promoting blood circulation, soothing joint discomfort, stiff hands, and promoting metabolism.

  Lin Yuxin said that these health care products basically have a supporting effect, which can relax the muscles and make the blood system circulate well.

  ”However, users have to perform foot massage according to their constitution, and it takes too long.

5 major symptoms remind you of the urgent need for detox

5 major symptoms remind you of the urgent need for detox

Health alert: 5 daily symptoms remind you of the urgent need for detoxification.

How can you prove that your body needs detoxification?

In fact, it is very simple. See if you have always loved constipation recently. If there is excess accumulation of meat in the abdomen, no matter what you eat, you will gain weight no matter how much you eat.

In fact, the appearance of these symptoms just indicates that your body is in urgent need of detoxification.

Different symptoms, different detox methods, I will teach you below.

  Symptom 1: Bad breath Bad breath is a symptom of bad breath in the mouth. It is mostly caused by the accumulation of heat in the lungs, spleen, stomach, or indigestion of food. These things can accumulate in the body for a long time and become toxic.

Gluttony spicy food or overeating, excessive fatigue, hot feelings of fever, depression of fire, or certain oral diseases, such as oral ulcers, dental caries, and digestive diseases can cause unpleasant breath.

  Symptom 2: Changes in endocrine changes of the pigment, long-term oral contraceptives, liver disease, tumors, chronic alcoholism, and sun exposure are all causes of melasma.

Everyone expects to have a beautiful face, but I do n’t know since when your shell has yellowish brown or pale black patches, and those patches are pattern-like or butterfly-shaped patches, which make the skin lose its originalWatery gloss.

  Hint: Can stains really be eliminated?

  Many women start to fight against pigmentation at a certain age, but very few really succeed.

Why is that?

Is pigmentation an irreversible terminal illness?

This is not the case.

The skin with stains represents a poor circulatory system, so whether it is taken orally or externally, it is a cure for the symptoms and not the cause, and it is reasonable to have no great effect.

If you really want to get rid of your spots, you must change your work and rest habits, examine your own habits, and try to overcome them.

Otherwise, no matter how expensive the cosmetics are, they won’t help your skin turn back to its original tenderness and fairness.

  Symptom 3: Constipation If you have a bowel movement interval of 3 days or more, you may have constipation.

According to the symptoms, constipation can be divided into two types: habitual constipation and occasional constipation.

The large intestine forms feces and controls defecation, which is one of the main channels for the human body to excessively excrete toxins.

  If the poison is stored in the body, it will affect the operation of the spleen and stomach, cause complications of the large intestine, and cause initial incompatibility and constipation.

Long-term constipation, feces cannot be excreted in time, and a large amount of toxins will be accumulated. These toxins are absorbed by the human body, which will cause gastrointestinal upset and bad breath.

  Tip: How to improve constipation?

   The most healthy and effective way to improve constipation is to consume more plant fiber, which can promote inhalation and peristalsis.

Plant fiber, as its name implies, is generally contained in plants.

Eat more vegetables, whole grains, and fruits can quickly replenish plant fiber.

  Symptom 4: Obesity If your weight exceeds 20% of the standard weight, or your body mass index (body weight) / body surface area (area) is greater than 24, it is considered obese.

Obesity is a disease of excess nutrition. If long-term excessive consumption of high-fat, high-transfer foods, toxins in the body will breed, causing the body to become unbalanced and cause obesity.

In addition to the weakness, inconvenience of movement, asthma during movement, palpitations, fear of hyperhidrosis or low back pain, lower extremity joint pain and other symptoms, most of them have sugar, trace, water and other substance metabolism and endocrine disorders.

  Hint: Why do you still eat less if you eat less?

  Many fat MMs are puzzled. Why do they eat very little but keep getting fat, but some girls eat so surprisingly so thin?

The reason is simple, because fat people have a poor circulatory system.

Sleeping less, drinking less water, and exercising less will slow down your body’s circulation, so if you want to lose weight, you must first change your bad lifestyle!

  Symptom 5: Ulcers and sores are a chronic inflammatory skin disease of hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Various toxins produce a large amount of toxic substances under the action of bacteria, which endangers the whole body through blood circulation; and when the discharge is blocked, it will leak through the skin and leak, making the skin rough and acne.

In addition, trace element deficiencies, mental stress, high aunt or high blood sugar diet are all causes of acne.

So we cannot just pay attention to the work of “face” and ignore the “environmental protection” in the body.

Protecting sensitive muscles spring repair work_1

Protecting sensitive muscles

Is our skin getting weaker?

According to surveys, most women have been implanted with sensitive skin.

Whether it is manifested as dryness, cleft palate, peeling, or even more severe redness, swelling, itching, and other eczema symptoms, it will bring a strong discomfort to the skin, and even the skin’s health will have a serious and long-term impact.

  In fact, this can’t be entirely attributed to insufficient skin health.

In the city, our skin is facing many threats like never before: pollution, stress, bad eating habits, all kinds of invisible atmospheric suspended particles, sudden changes in temperature and humidity . countless.

So some people think that sensitivity is a modern disease.

Weather conditions such as gray fog and steeper weather are more likely to increase the chance of skin sensitivity.

  When skin sensitivity symptoms occur, some people are very careful in the face cream exchange, change a soothing product in time, but find that the repair effect is not good.

In fact, this can’t be blamed on all face creams. The facial cleanser, toner, or even tap water you use can become a sensitive source and continue to stimulate the skin.

Therefore, when your skin has sensitive symptoms, your repair work should start with washing your face and change the toner to a less irritating one.


hzh {display: none; }  当肌肤敏感时,若你尚未来得及去配备低刺激性的洗面奶及爽肤水,那么至少要注意不要用自来水洗脸。It is safer to buy a bottle of distilled water and heat it slightly.

  Why is the initial symptom of tightness in the cheeks when sensitivity occurs?

That’s a sign of severe skin dehydration.

If you can add a lot of moisture to the skin at this time, the skin’s sensitive condition can generally be stopped. Of course, a series of conditions is that your moisturizing product will not become a new skin allergen.

In addition, if you pay attention to moisturizing, the skin’s self-defense ability will be relatively replaced, and sensitive symptoms will also occur.

  Cheeks are the skin’s most prone to dehydration. It is also the most prone to peeling when the skin is sensitive, and the swelling area can be added in two appropriate amounts when absorbing moisturizing cream.

However, it is not recommended to do too much massage in two seconds to avoid putting severe stress on the skin.

Stress is the culprit of office workers getting fat


Stress is the culprit of office workers getting fat

We all know that eating less, hyperactivity is a good way to lose weight.

But what is it that makes us eat more, less, and get fatter every day?

Stress, a fate that cannot be ignored.

銆€銆€Big Eater: A painful meal can ease the stress of work. Xin Qi is the head of the company’s human resources department.

During this time, she was very busy, Jinqiu talent recruitment meeting one by one, and the boss’s consistent claim is that participating in such activities can not only broadly recruit excellent talents, but also advertise for the company.

Therefore, for a month in a row, Xin Qi spent almost every weekend at the talent recruitment site.

Thousands of people are coming in front of you, and you have to keep a polite smile at all times, to deal with every candidate who consults you, and repeat the same number of times, until the mouth is still dry.

In order to attract talents, a number of companies on the scene played the video of the company on the various booths. The sounds came one after another, and the moments were not peaceful. Every time the job fair ended, Xin Qi’s self-discipline was to summon a few friends to eat a bit.Dunton, gradually recovering the vitality and good mood.

銆€銆€Expert Diagnostics: An experiment at the Federal State University in the United States shows that women are more sensitive to noisy environments than men, mental stress increases, their cravings for sorghum, high levels and sweets will increase dramatically, and the duration will beincrease.

At this time, chocolate, French fries, popcorn, cheese, fried foods are their first choice; while men under the same pressure, there is no similar desire.

Researchers believe that high-fat diets and high-transition fast foods are one of the important reasons for women’s physical weight gain.

銆€銆€The star-shaped family: sitting in the office at night, sitting in the office, hoarding Wu Bing, calling all the friends, “At the end of next month, I will work in the office every day until 8:00, and I will not consider any meeting at any meeting.It is.

“The company’s marketing department took over a new project, and all departments needed to cooperate with them. Wu Bing, as the director of the president’s office, was firmly in the office.

In the past, Wu Bing could walk for half an hour on the way to work every day. As a way of exercising, I felt the sunset and the air outside. But now, from the office, she has been tired and tired, just wanting to get into a taxi.Go home as soon as possible.

The habit of walking outdoors with colleagues at noon every day was cancelled, and I only slept on the table for a while to cope with the heavy work in the afternoon.

Wu Bing said that the word “People wearing the moon” is used in my body, because I have not been active in the sun for a long time.

銆€銆€Expert diagnosis: A recent study by Yale University showed that people who regularly receive sunshine can effectively control the accumulation of sputum in the body.

The figures show that 47% of people are exposed to the sun and outdoor sports, and there is a sudden increase in weight under heavy workload.

Especially for women who have been overwhelmed by nervousness for a long time, the slight amount of the back and waist and abdomen will accumulate rapidly, while the upper part will gradually become smaller.

The scientists advised those women who were busy with work and refused the sun all day: for your sake, give yourself a reason to accept direct sunlight.

銆€銆€Seeking the thin family: When losing weight becomes a job, accidentally but not reducing the increase of Jin Yan is a professional model. From the first time she entered the T stage at the age of 19, she recognized this as her favorite job.

After she became a mother, her daughter’s birth made her realize the greatest happiness in her life, but it also brought her troubles.

After the birth, in order to return to the T-Taiwan to continue her favorite model work, she tried various ways to lose weight, running, exercise, yoga, dieting. but never found a way to lose weight, weight is always fat and thin, repeatedly, the mood can also become ups and downs, and the heart will not feel uncomfortable, or get angry.

銆€銆€Expert Diagnostics: Associate Professor of Food Nutrition, University of Utah, USA?

Tapport’s latest book, 鈥淓asy to Reduce Stress,鈥?points out that the pressure of weight loss itself can make people fat.

Because when you lose weight, you can eat more than a meal or have no time to exercise. People often feel pressure on the obese people, the pressure is high, and the adrenal cortisol index is high, which makes the appetite of the diet increase, especially for a small amount of demand.The metabolism slows down and leads to an increase.

He cited a study from Yale University that half of the women had a high degree of dietary temperance, and that these highly dietetic women had a higher concentration of adrenal cortisol than women with moderate diet, and even exercise.No more can be improved.

銆€銆€The bathing family: the tiredness was removed from the bathtub, and the appetite was paid. From the Internet, I found a kind of decompression method that she liked: hot bath, tried twice, really cool, daytime stress and fatigueIt seems that as the heat evaporates, people become refreshed.

So the first thing that Fu Li goes home every day is to get into the bathroom. Put a hot water in the tank to enjoy the relaxed, happy and unrestrained feeling.

My mother-in-law is very happy with her demeanor, because she can eat a table of food that she can do.

After insisting on this once, Fu Li began to wake up: every time I took a hot bath, my appetite increased greatly, and I ate everything, so how can I get it?

銆€銆€Expert diagnosis: German psychologists let?

A study by Dowa showed that taking a hot bath does help people to relieve stress, but it also promotes blood circulation, accelerates cell movement, easily leads to obesity and lethargy, and these two results lose weight for women.It is all unfavorable.

Therefore, the time of taking a hot bath should not exceed 20 minutes. After soaking in a bath, do not hinder the light to do some leisure chores or soft gymnastics and other activities, and then return to normal after the body returns to normal.

30-year-old mark wrinkle-free skin care method_1

Wrinkle-free skin care at the age of 30

1 moisturizing soft.

hzh {display: none; }  2净肌色均匀  3弹指尖测得出弹力  但是,如何将这三点进行到底呢?Follow the method of editing and gradually eliminate the three major troubles. The 30-year-old skin is still radiant, and the secret of age will not be exposed at all!

  Entering the stage of light maturation, the antioxidant power and melanin metabolism power are all worse. In addition to the enlarged spots and adult acne from life pressure, stubborn scars are also buried, and the whitening essence must be rubbed more finely!

The self-made blemishes are applied for a long time, and the use of the product should be mild.

  The cut cotton is smaller than the breathable tape. The cotton piece is thoroughly soaked with whitening essence and applied to the scar all night. It is firmly attached to the acne scars before going to bed. After sleeping, it is enough to tear it up.吸收  藏在肌肤下的废水,废物都是靠淋巴液冲出去,尤其是锁骨的淋巴结更被称为“肌肤的垃圾车”,好在淋巴管很浅,只要轻巧的推按就能让它动When you get up, remember to use massage cream as the medium to avoid pulling fine lines and supplement nutrients by the way.

  Step1》 Slightly push about one cherry on the whole face in the order shown in the figure to push it enough. If there are fine lines, you can strengthen the push a few times;Soften and “wake up” with both hands and fists against the cheekbones and support them upwards. It may be a little painful. It can relax the stiff muscles.Anti-aging cream, intensive sleep Golden period If you only invest in a can of anti-aging products, then choose a cream!

At 11 pm, the cell repair period is entered. Night cream must have anti-aging function to help cell renewal.

Although the essence is more active, the cream is timely for lightly cooked muscles that begin to lose fat.

  If you are afraid of too much oil, first soften the cream in the palm of your hand, and use the strangling insert at both ends to absorb the same effect.Ruffle neck