Qin Liang wants to talk,But he forcibly swallowed what he wanted to say!This Fluttershy is stupid and naive,You think everyone is as rich as your family,Can I live in a villa with a private swimming pool?
Most people have to go to the public bath even to take a bath, OK?……
But in this case,Qin Liang won’t know how to say it,Doesn’t that mean you are arguing with Xiaodie?,He’s not so benzene。
“correct,Speaking of swimming,When you were swimming with me at home the day before yesterday,Deliberately let me beat you,Right?”
Xiaodie suddenly remembered what happened the day before yesterday……
“what?How did you find out?”
Qin is surprised,He thinks he has covered up well enough,How can I be seen by Fluttershy?
“Benzene you!Didn’t you wake up the next day and ran to swim by yourself?I peeked at you taking a shower,Haha……”
Xiaodie finished this sentence,I was stunned immediately!Why do I call peeking at swimming a peeking at a bath?!This is a big embarrassment!
“what!what did you say?You peeked at me taking a shower……Oh my God!”
Qin Liang knew Xiaodie must have made a slip of the tongue,But he deliberately immediately yelled in panic!
“no no!I was wrong!I watched you swimming,Not peeping at you……”
Xiaodie hurriedly waved her hands to explain,The little cheek instantly blushed to the neck!
“You actually watched me take a shower!I’m at a loss!No way,I want to go back to your house with you tonight,Then I want to watch you take a shower!”
Qin Liang has caught Xiaodie’s handle now,Immediately cheeky and confidently asked loudly,Can say such shameless words so impassioned,Qin Liang is probably the only one in the world。

The instinct of human nature is self-interest。From breathing this very ordinary little thing,Can see the essence。And within a group of interests,There must be competition。family,To some extent,Is also an interest group,Everyone has their own role,Has a role in the family again。After the two overlap,There will be thousands of complicated family phenomena。

and,Who doesn’t want to be the one preferred?
Yuze understands these things,I also understand the root of my sister’s curiosity。Knowing that you are favored will definitely be happier。But this happiness,Is vicious。
but,He didn’t want to put these facts,Tell her。Partly because I don’t want my sister to be at home,Establish a sense of competition prematurely。another part,It’s Yuze’s selfishness.
Once consciousness is formed,It’s like being planted a seed。And this seed will grow good or evil,Yu Ze is uncertain。Sister is kind and naive,But still too small,Besides,Kindness and innocence does not mean that you will not be stimulated and hurt.Yuze only hopes that the family is happy.Wait until my sister gets older,You can have more mature judgment,To think about this problem,She will have a more proper solution。
because,Mom obviously prefers sister the most。Uncle and Auntie too。
under these circumstances,Once my sister has a sense of consciousness and competition,Then,Whether it’s him or Ono,Will fall into a very bad family environment。some of,Naturally also my sister herself,And the biggest victim,Just the younger sister。
Yuze will never allow this to happen。Because he also prefers his sister.He hopes his sister will be happy forever,happy.Is true happiness,Not viciously short-lived。
Mom knows she prefers her sister,And didn’t tell her directly about her preference。Should have the same idea as him。
Yuze was thinking,Stupefied,I seem to be stimulated by my sister accidentally,Grow up a lot.
Auntie asked him to find the balance,perhaps,He has found it——See the big from the small,See the big。
Just when Yuze was going to sleep in a daze,Suddenly found a small gap in the door,And mother’s figure seems to flash by.
“Your time,Eavesdrop at the door?”In the afternoon, I took my sister and brother to fish,Yuze took the time to ask Ou Zhaozhao。
Ou Zhaozhao wears a big sun hat,Drinking a drink,Took a look at the eldest son,“Why am I eavesdropping?.”I’m openly listening!!
Yuze naturally heard another meaning in his mother’s words,Roll your eyes,“It was a whisper between me and my treasure,You listened,What’s going on!!Do not listen to evil!Don’t do this in the future!!”Just love to do this overhearing the corner。
Ou Zhaozhao does not agree,But I also know I’m not authentic,“Anyway,Before you come of age,No way!”She originally wanted to talk to her son about the conversation with her daughter,did not expect,The girl is one step ahead of her,then,She will naturally overhear.
Yuze wants to refute,But still didn’t say anything。Underage.Actually, mom treats them,Already tolerant a lot。It’s like even though they are all underage,but,As long as you go to elementary school,Begin to have a social situation that requires independence,Every month there is a partial dividend from the family industry,Let them do whatever they want。He has received it for five years。Waiting for my sister to go to elementary school,Also start to receive。
This is a lot of money。Completely at the disposal of the minors themselves。

Yang Shiyun moved!

She flashed forward,A punch in the face knocked the smelly man back several steps,An instant long nose,Hung up!
“Fuck,You little girl,Shame on you!Dare to beat me!”
The smelly man became angry,Reached out and wiped the blood on his face,Rushed to Yang Shiyun!
Yang Shiyun flashed up again,A beautiful and precise wrist wrap,Took the man’s wrist,Pull him in front of you,Raise leg,He pressed his knees against the guy’s stomach fiercely!
The man couldn’t help but lay down,Yang Shiyun raised his knees again,Waving arms at the same time,Slapped his head on his knee with a slap,The man immediately fell down……
“Beat this bitch!”
Seeing that the boss was beaten to the ground by the girl in front of you,The bodyguards of the ugly man blew up immediately!Swarm up,Pounced on Yang Shiyun!
Yang Shiyun opened up,Fight with them,Qin Liang gave a long roar,Go over,Also joined the clan!
Where are the real bodyguards?!It’s just some gangsters who can fight,Although they are crowded,There are seven,Eight,But even if it’s a group fight,Far from being Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun’s rivals,In a blink of an eye,I was knocked down one by one……
But Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun didn’t make a big move,Because this is on the main road,And it’s still at the gate of the hotel,Many people have gathered to watch the excitement,Many hotel security has also rushed over。The hotel restaurant manager saw that Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun were only two people,But he beat so many bodyguards into a mess,Greatly prevailed,So he stopped the security of the hotel……What he meant was to let Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun beat up this bunch of garbage first.

When the ugly man gets up from the ground,He saw the bodyguards brought by him,I’ve been beaten by that pretty girl and the other man beside Ling Mofeng so much that I can’t resist!
Saw the master stand up,The bodyguards retreated behind the ugly man one after another,Looking at Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun unwillingly……
“Who are you two?”
The ugly man asked suspiciously,Even if he is stupid,At this moment he also knows that the two people in front of him are definitely not ordinary people!Especially the beautiful girl,A soft girl who looks delicate and cute,Can actually fight a group of men alone without losing……
“We are two of Ling Shao’s bodyguards。”
Qin Liang said coldly on purpose。
“You are……Ling……Ling……Bodyguard?”
Ugly Fatty’s eyes widened in disbelief,Stuttered and asked。

Shen Ruoxue continues to hippie smiley。

“You still need to save face with such a thick skin?”
Meizi continued to ask dismissively。
“Of course,Regardless of whether the skin is thick or not,You still want face。”
Shen Ruoxue said without shame。
“When you bullied me,Have you thought about saving face for me??”
Meizi’s tangled question。
“I’m wrong!Am i really wrong,please forgive me,I love you。”
Shen Ruoxue admits his mistake again,Then stick out your mouth,I kissed Meizi’s face several times,I can’t even care about the tears on Meizi’s face。
You pay a price if you make a mistake,So the price Shen Ruoxue pays now is to taste the tears of plums……
“I do not love you anymore。”
Meizi rolled her eyes and replied。
at this time,After the careful Liu Xiaoyun has soaked the mineral water with her handkerchief,Seriously helped Meizi wipe away the tears on her face。

Don’t know,Shen Fang doesn’t understand Peng Changyi’s humor at all,She looked at Peng Changyi,Raised his voice and said:“Peng Changyi,What do you mean?How can we hope that our couple quarreled??”

Peng Changyi looked around,Said in a low voice:“I’m not kidding you,Let you pay attention?This kid is so good at words,Your word,She can analyze what you are thinking,Don’t always treat her as a child,She is like a puppy now,I’m always observing you and I am happy today,Still angry,and so,You have to pretend to be in front of the child,Or she was thinking of you when she arrived at school。Girls are different from boys,Girl is careful,And Nana was brought up by you since we were young,Especially kiss you,Your every move is under her observation。”
After listening to Peng Changyi’s words,Shen Fang’s nose is sour,Because she is wearing sunglasses,Peng Changyi can’t see her eyes,But sure,Her eyes are red,Because her nose is red。
At this moment,People come to greet Peng Changyi and Shen Fang from time to time,Shen Fang tried to calm herself down,Said:“Who do you think this kid takes,Why so clever?I found this problem long ago,You just want to lie to her,Can’t fool,its me,I can only rely on her in this life……”
“How about Lao Kang?Really can’t make it?”Peng Changyi asked deliberately。
Shen Fang looked at Peng Changyi,Tilted his head and said:“Can you control?I’m getting better with Lao Kang,Don’t listen to the child telling you,How can a couple not quarrel,I often quarrel with you too?Normal!”
Peng Changyi knows Shen Fang too much,Stiff mouth。
Shen Fang said again:“You were right,I can’t tell her everything from now on,This girl is too ghost!”
Peng Changyi nodded,Said:“Ok,Pay attention。”
At this moment,The bell rang after class,a while,The doors of the classrooms upstairs opened,The children crowded out the door。
Nana saw her father and mother a long time ago,She waved at them,Follow the classmates downstairs。Waited in the courtyard downstairs,She started running,Ran to them,Grinning from afar,Said:“Why are you both here?Who should i go with you?”
Shen Fang said:“I came to ask you,Whether to go to your grandma’s house,Grandpa’s birthday today,Everyone went to eat。”
After Nana listened,Just look at dad。
Peng Changyi said:“Go with mom to celebrate grandpa’s birthday,I’ll pick you up in the evening or tomorrow morning。Give me the bag,Don’t do homework if you don’t come back at night。I’ll pick you up early in the morning。”
Nana says:“Then who have you been with?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“You just leave me alone,If you don’t come back at night,I’ll find someone to drink,If you come back at night,I’m just waiting to pick you up。”
Nana obviously doesn’t know what to do,She look at mom,Look at dad again,Don’t seem to want to disappoint them,Just say:“How about this,I’ll go with my mom to celebrate grandpa’s birthday,Pick me up tonight。”
Peng Changyi said:“Row。”Talking,Took the schoolbag from my daughter’s shoulder,Carry on one’s shoulder,Then put her daughter on Shen Fang’s back seat,Ask daughter,Hug mom。
Shen Fang puts away the umbrella,Put it in the front basket,Said:“Sit down。”

“Director Zhao is a good person,Although he lied to me,But i don’t blame him,Because it was all instructed by Hu Lai……”Zhang Qinghuan also said。“Director Zhao was wronged at Poseidon,I don’t know what you guys think,But I can’t bear this change,I want to fuck Poseidon, they are pretty good!”

“Ok,I don’t quite understand why the Poseidon Club drove out both Director Zhao and Coach Chen.,Old coach for so many years,Do too much……I’m not convinced anyway。”Han Xiangfei also stood up。
More and more Flashstar players in the locker room expressed their intention to fight the Poseidon team,Must win the opponent,The sixth place in the Super League is a fart!
Later Qin Lin also stood up and expressed his opinion:“I don’t think we are a Chinese team,In the face of sixth place in the Super League, there is no strength to fight back,Man-made,Football is round,Everything is possible。And I always played against them when I was in South China Tigers,That’s it……”
Finally, the captain Li Tielin made a statement on behalf of the team:“Then everyone shows our fighting spirit in training,Tell Director Zhao,We want to win,Then reached the FA Cup final!”
In the head coach’s office,Zhao Kangming is discussing with Chen Mo the scene they saw in training just now。
To be precise, it was between Wang Guangwei and Chen Xingyi。
“Chen Xingyi is a little worried,Can understand,Wang Guangwei’s movements are indeed a bit big several times……”Chen Mo said。
Zhao Kangming seems to be thinking,Then suddenly said:“Eh,Lao Chen,Did you notice?Not just Wang Guangwei,Hu Lai’s state in training is also different from usual。”
“Seems to be……More serious?”Chen Mo recalled。
“Not serious,But more murderous。He seems to treat the training game as an official game。It’s just that his murderous performance is not as straightforward as Wang Guangwei,Didn’t you notice that his goals in the training match increased significantly??”
Chen Mo nodded:“What you say is really……Maybe the opponent of Poseidon stimulated him?After all, those things between him and Poseidon,We all know……”
“Hu Lai was stimulated to be normal,What about Wang Guangwei?”Zhao Kangming asked。
“Wang Guangwei may be fighting injustice for his roommate?”Chen Mo guessed。“They have such a good relationship,My friend wants revenge on Poseidon,Wang Guangwei can stand by?”

[How to make loose and soft yellow cake]_ Common practice of loose and soft yellow cake _ Practice of loose and soft yellow cake _ Practice of loose and soft yellow cake

[How to make loose and soft yellow cake]_ Common practice of loose and soft yellow cake _ Practice of loose and soft yellow cake _ Practice of loose and soft yellow cake

Bring some ingredients home from work and make a good meal. Even if it is not a delicate alternative, it can also bring a sense of unity, so do n’t be lazy to cook yourself. The method of fluffy soft yellow cake is simple and suitable for those”Lazy people”, and can promote health to a certain extent.

1. Cut the flour into small pieces and soften in the microwave for 20 seconds; 2. Mix and stir the low-gluten flour and baking powder after weighing; 3. Sieve the low-gluten flour and baking powder into a large bowl of flour; 4.Put in sugar and salt; 5. Pour 50g milk first; 6. Mix with electric eggbeater at low speed to form a uniform batter; 7. Mix egg liquid with the remaining 50g milk and add to batter in portions, stirring at low speed each timeBeat evenly; 8, take a square baking pan, grease the bottom and surroundings; 9, pour the batter into the baking pan, try to shake out the air bubbles inside; 10, preheat the oven 175 degrees, put the baking pan on the grill,Middle layer, 25 minutes, the surface is yellow.

11. After cooling, cut into pieces and eat.

(I was a little eager to shoot, cut into pieces without waiting for the cold, the cake was too fluffy, and it felt broken when I touched it) After a busy day, enjoy the life. The method of fluffy soft yellow cake is simple, but deliciousNutrition, you can do it yourself.

[Coffee roll practice]_Homemade coffee roll practice_Coffee roll practice Daquan_How to make coffee roll

[Coffee roll practice]_Homemade coffee roll practice_Coffee roll practice Daquan_How to make coffee roll

We sometimes find that there are always a few people around me who like cooking, and regard cooking as a hobby of their own. Each dish is a successful work of our own. We should not always envy the talents of others., The following is the introduction of coffee rolls, quickly start to do it yourself1.

Prepare the ingredients and separate the eggs (a stupid egg inside is especially yellow).


21 egg yolks are beaten with 40 grams of sugar until creamy.


Add salad oil and mix well.


Add coffee sugar solution and mix well.


1 Mix well into a batter.


Add low powder in 2 portions.


Add 5 grams of 70 grams of sugar in three portions and beat to dry foam.


Make a simple cake mold with tin foil, pour the batter, and smooth the surface.


After it is released from the oven and left to cool, tear off the tin foil, and make a few shallow strokes to make a good roll.

The coffee cream was beaten, and my relatives were too tired to let it be wiped. I just applied the layer lightly, rolled it up, put it in the refrigerator for an hour, and sliced into pots.

Today, this simple and nutritious coffee roll is introduced here for everyone. I also wish the housewives to cook with a happy mood, which will surely make the family eat healthy and happy!

CNOOC Ltd. (601808) 18 Annual Report and 19Q1 Review: Outstanding Performance of Technical Services Promotes Start-up in Equipment Segment Price

CNOOC Ltd. (601808) 18 Annual Report and 19Q1 Review: Outstanding Performance of Technical Services Promotes Start-up in Equipment Segment Price

The 2018 annual report and the 2019Q1 performance basically met expectations. The two highlights are: 1) the revenue and gross profit margins of the technology service sector in developing countries are excellent; 2) the utilization rate of the equipment sector is rapidly recovering, and price elasticity is just around the corner.

In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 219 million, + 25% for the whole year; net profit attributable to its mother was 70.8 million yuan.

In the first quarter of 2019, it realized operating income of US $ 5.9 billion, exceeding 72%; net profit attributable to mothers was 30.95 million, basically in line with expectations.

Demand analysis: CNOOC ‘s capital expenditures exceeded expectations in 19Q1, and global offshore capital expenditures systematically repaired CNOOC ‘s capital expenditures of 14.1 billion in 2019Q1, which was + 46% in the past, significantly better than market expectations.

The initial plan is 70-80 billion.

If calculated in accordance with the expected capital expenditure completion ratio in the first quarter of last year, CNOOC’s capital expenditure in 2019 is expected to exceed the planned range.

Global offshore oil and gas costs have fallen sharply. CNOOC upstream costs have dropped from US $ 48 / barrel in 2014 to approximately US $ 30 / barrel in 2018. Shell’s Vito crude project cost in Mexico has dropped to US $ 35 / barrel.

The decrease in costs and the upward movement of the center of oil prices have driven the recovery of global offshore capital expansion.

Top-level technical service segment: The performance in 2018 was bright and the market share rose. The company’s first-class technical service segment had a revenue of more than + 49% in 2018. It exceeded the conversion service for the first time and became the largest segment, accounting for 45% of operating revenue.

Gross profit margin reached 25% (2017 21.

5%), the only profitable among the four major sectors.

The company’s 深圳桑拿网 global market share of cementing / cable logging / drilling fluids were 4/6/7, an increase of 1/0/1 seats compared to 2017.

Equipment sector: The utilization rate of drilling platforms has risen rapidly, and the daily fee has remained low. In 2019, we will try to pick up the company’s drilling platform utilization rate and return to 74 in 2019Q1.

7%, jack-up and semi-submersible average 77.

8% and 66.

4% (calendar day usage).

The available day usage rate of the jack-up type has reached 80.


If the CNOOC Capital Expenditure Plan is fully implemented, the company’s utilization rate in the next three quarters may rise to 85?

In 2018H1 / H2, the average price of the company’s drilling platform was 7.


50,000 US dollars / day, although in the second half of the month rebounded, but overall still at historical lows.

Earnings forecast and estimation: The gross profit margin of the equipment sector in 2018 was lower than expected, mainly due to the slow recovery of drilling service prices, and the profit forecast for 2019/2020 was lowered.

As the current utilization rate has returned to a better level, we are confident in the daily fee recovery report in 2019.

Give 19/20/21 net profit forecast11.



600 million (previously 19/20 40.


500 million), EPS is 0.



83 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 43/13/12 times.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: Oil prices fall sharply, which will hurt the risk of oil companies ‘capital expenditure confidence; the risk that the company will gradually decrease and other equipment sectors

Chinese embassy in France reminds: pay close attention to flight information

Chinese embassy in France reminds: pay close attention to flight information

China Overseas Network, February 11th. According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in France, some Chinese citizens recently called the embassy in France, stating that they could not return to China as scheduled due to the cancellation of the flight, and sought help.

After understanding from many parties, China International, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, and HNA still operate several routes from France to China.

The Chinese embassy in France reminded Chinese citizens in France to pay close attention to the flight information and refund refund announcements issued by the official website of the relevant officials, properly and reasonably arrange the itinerary, and promptly carry out the process of ticket reissue.

  The information on the channels for changing and resigning air tickets is notified as follows: First, those who purchase tickets through the relevant ticketing agents should change the visas through the original ticketing agents.

  2. If you purchase a ticket directly from an airline and need to change the refund, you can contact the relevant company through the following methods: (1) Air China 1. Global service hotline: +86 10 95583; 2. European call center: 00-800-86-100-999 (selected landlines) Chinese service hours: 06: 00-22: 00; 3. Air France Customer Service Hotline: +33 1 42 66 62 82 (Monday to Friday 09: 00-17: 00); 4. Tickets purchased through Air China’s official website, Air China APP and WeChat Mini Program: directly log in to the original order for processing.

  (2) China Eastern Airlines1. If you need to reschedule or refund your ticket, you can apply for free through the China Eastern Airlines APP, China Eastern Airlines website, China Eastern Airlines WeChat public account, etc. 2. If you need more help, please contact the place where the ticket was purchased or cancelEastern Airlines Customer Service Hotline 0086-2120695530.

  (3) China Southern Airlines 1. You can submit a refund operation (that is, synchronize or cancel reservations in advance) through the China Southern Airlines mini program, WeChat public account, APP and official website, 四川耍耍网 or contact China Southern ‘s artificial customer service to change the refund or cancel the reservation; 2, China Southern Airlines 24-hour customer service hotline: 95539 (domestic), + 86-400 869 5539 (overseas); 3, China Southern Airlines customer service hotline: +33 1 53 67 99 99, + 33-1 86 99 59 59 (Monday to Friday) 09: 00-17: 00).

  (4) Xiamen Airlines 1. Tickets can be refunded and changed free of charge through Xiamen Airlines official website, Xiamen Airlines APP and WeChat Mini Program.

  2. Xiamen Airlines 24-hour customer service hotline: 95557 (China), + 86-592 222 66 66 (overseas); 3. Xiamen Airlines French customer service hotline: +33 1 44 07 48 93 (Monday to Friday 09: 00-17(00); (5) Hainan Airlines 1. If the ticket is issued through the HNA official website and the HNA APP, you can apply for the ticket 杭州桑拿网 change through the self-service reschedule service of the official website, mobile phone app, WeChat public account; 2. Domestic customer service hotline: +86 898 95339; 3. HNA French service hotline: +33 1 53 96 08 88 (Monday to Friday, 09: 00-12: 00, 13: 00-17: 00).

Original Title: Chinese Embassy in France Reminds: Pay Close Attention to Flight Information and Arrange Reasonable Itineraries