[How to make cucumber mustard]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to make cucumber mustard]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Cucumbers are very rich in vitamins. Eating cucumbers regularly is good for the body. Women who eat more cucumbers can also solve the beauty effect.

There are many ways to eat cucumbers. You can also pair them with different foods to make them more creative.

Cucumber and mustard are two different foods, but they are also delicious when mixed together.

So what can you do with cucumber mustard?


Cucumber and pork loin were washed and sliced separately, and then the tenderloin was put into a boiling water pot and boiled for a while.

Pour the clear soup into the pot, add the tenderloin, cucumber slices, and mustard. After boiling, add salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, and add an appropriate amount of sesame oil.


After washing the cucumber, cut it into thick strips.

Prepare a small pot of hot water, put the frozen udon noodles in a small pot, and brew with hot water. It can be picked up for use in about one minute.

Take the wok to medium-low heat, add some oil, stir-fry the gherkins, add some salt and stir-fry, add some soy sauce and stir-fry until your desired maturity, add the mustard pork and stir-fry.


The middle of the cucumber segment is hollowed out, and then put into a bucket shape, and fixed with a toothpick for future use.

Cut the mustard into diced, chopped garlic and ginger.

Cut the carrots into cubes.

Put an appropriate amount of cooking oil in the wok. After the oil is hot, put the ginger and garlic powder into the frying pan.

Add diced carrots and corn kernels and stir-fry the green beans.

Add an appropriate amount of salt to taste, and pour in half of the soup stock or boiling water and stir-fry.

Add the diced mustard when the juice in the pot is dry and stir-fry the chicken powder.

Drizzle with sesame oil before boiling the pot.


Open the eggs into a bowl, wash the cucumber and cut off both ends, and wash the mustard.

Rub the cucumber into the pot, add salt and stir to marinate and soften.

Chopped mustard and pepper.

Add the mustard to the cucumber and mix well.

After the cucumber collapses, add eggs and pepper powder and stir well.

Add flour and water (add in portions slowly) and stir well.

Add the bell peppers after stirring.

Stir the paste.

Heat up the pan, and use kitchen paper dipped in a little oil to wipe it evenly, not too much.

Use a spoon to pour the paste into the pot, then lift the pot and mix well, as thin as possible.

Roll up the perimeter and turn it around.

Discoloration on both sides is good.

Boiled cakes.

Cut in half and eat with rolls.

[How to eat pig heart]_ 猪 心 _How to do_How to do

This is the best way to do it, and you will be able to see how it works, and you will be able to see how it works in the world. It ‘s very difficult for you to do it. It ‘s very difficult for you to do it.How to do it quickly? If you are in a hurry, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.存帴鐐栫叜鐨勬柟寮忥紝浣嗘槸瑕佹敞鎰忓幓鑵ャ€?涓€銆佺尓蹇冪倴鍘熸枡锛氱尓蹇?What is the difference between Han and Han?鏉 ★ 珴 鏉 炲 瓙 10 鍏 嬶 溴 殮 墖 2 鐗 囷 纴 鐭 閥 姥 姘?.5鍗囥€傜洂1鑼跺寵锛岀櫧绯栧皯璁搞€傚仛娉?.鐚績鍓栧紑锛岄姘达紝娲楀噣锛屾寫骞插噣鐧界瓔;鏉炲瓙娲楀噣;椴滀汉鍙傛礂鍑€銆?.鐭挎硥姘寸叜娌告斁鍏ョ尓蹇冦€佸鐗囩暐婊氾紝鍒幓娉℃搏銆?.What’s the difference? What is the difference between the chain and the chain? It’s a good idea. It’s a lot of money. It’s 45. It’s so good.浜屻€佸仛娉曪細鐚績150鍏嬨€傝姖楹绘补1鍏嬶紝鐔熺尓娌?0 鬏 嬶 麴 鍔 援 經 2 鍏 嬶 纴 麏 璴 懂 洂 3 鍏 嬶 麴 钁?0 What’s wrong?What are you talking about?銆 丸 璢 鐚  綆 璢 鐢 ⒈The real-time board is a slam dunker. It ‘s a business model. It ‘s a big deal. It ‘s not so easy.Technetium?You will be able to find out how to do it if you want to do it. If you want to use it, you will be able to see how it works. If you do n’t know what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?鍘樼背闀裤€?鍘樼背鍘氱殑鐗囷紱钁卞垏娈碉紝濮滄媿鐮村緟鐢ㄣ€?2 銆 佸 櫒 銄 擒 酓 揆 鏆 叆 鐚  裆 集 佽 懕 銆 佸  坄 珮 鐏?What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?0鍒嗛挓鐓嚦鑲氱儌锛屾斁鍏ュ懗绮惧嵆鍙€備笁銆佹敞鎰忎簨椤圭尓蹇冩竻鐞嗘椂蹇呴』瑕佹竻鐞嗗共鍑€锛屽垏寮€鍚庣敤娓呬腑娴告场鍗婁釜灏忔椂锛屾按涓淮鍏ヤ簺璁搁珮搴︾櫧閰掞紝鍑鸿姘村悗鍊掓帀锛岄噸鏂版崲姘村啀娴告场鐚績鑲夎川椴滃锛岀劘姘存椂鐣ョ儷鍗冲彲

Shuijingfang (600779) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Beautiful Performance Looks Forward to High-end Continuous Force

Shuijingfang (600779) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Beautiful Performance Looks Forward to High-end Continuous Force

Core point of view Q3’s performance is beautiful, the second high-end continued heavy volume, steady expansion outside the province.

Equity incentives show confidence, and look forward to the company’s long-term stable development through high-end brand building and national market development, maintaining a “buy” rating.

In Q3 2019, the revenue / net profit increased by 20% / 53%, and the performance exceeded expectations.

The company achieved operating income of 26Q1 to Q32019.

500 million, an increase of 23.

9%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

400 million, an increase of 38.


2019Q3 revenue 9.

600 million, an increase of 19.

7%, net of non-attributed net profit 42.

600 million, an increase of 42.

6%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

0 billion, an increase of 52.

6%, mainly because 0 received industrial development support funds.

3 南宁桑拿 billion.

2019Q3 profit margin 31.

1%, the same increase of 6.

7Pcts, exceeding market expectations, mainly due to the obvious decline in single quarter expense sales, Q3 sales rate of 22.

9%, down by 5.


The company’s expense plan based on the actual sales situation in the quarter has a certain change in quarterly expenses, and the gradual sales expense rate remains at 28% -30%.

In Q3 2019, the company received about 1.1 billion in cash from sales, an increase of about 34%, and it performed well.

The volume of core products has continued to develop outside the province, with steady revenue growth.

In Q1-Q3 2019, the company’s revenue increased by 24%, of which sales volume increased by 24%, average price maintained, and structural changes / direct price increases brought about price changes of -2% / + 2%, respectively.

In terms of products, high-end products realized income of 25.

400 million yuan, an increase of 23%, and mid-range / low-grade base wine achieved zero income.

600 million / 0.

400 million, a 39% / 78% increase.

Among them, the high-end core single product continued to increase, and the revenue of Zhenjiu No. 8 and well installation increased by 27%, which led to the company’s rapid growth; however, the revenue of high-end products + master collectors decreased by 16%, mainly due to the company’s initiative to adjust high-end liquorchannel.

The company continued to distribute high-end new products. Jingtai Silk Road and No. 8 Jubilee sold in line with expectations. The new product listing expanded the banquet market and other consumption scenarios, further improving the company’s sub-high-end product layout.

By region, 2019Q1-Q3 all regions achieved stable and rapid development, among which the central region, northern region and southern region grew faster, 25%, 27%, and 28%, the eastern region increased by 18%, and the western region. 17%.

Future prospects: Fair incentives stimulate leadership motivation, and look forward to the company’s long-term stable development through the creation of high-end brands and the development of a national market.

In July 2019, the company released a budget stock incentive plan. The incentive target included 15 people including company executives and core technology management backbones. The unlocking condition is that the growth rate of revenue in 2019 and 2020 is not lower than the average of the top ten companies in the benchmarking industry., Highlighting the company’s confidence and determination on future development.

With the expansion and tolerance of sub-high-end industries in the future, many sub-high-end companies will face greater fierce competition. The company has deeply cultivated sub-high-ends for many years, insists on the establishment of Shuijingfang high-end brands, and promotes the construction of the “5 + 5 + 5” market in an orderly manner.Brand promotion and national expansion bring long-term and continuous driving force to the company.

Risk factors: Nationalization process exceeds expectations; product sales speed indicator.

Investment suggestion: Maintain EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 1.


19 yuan, the current price corresponding to PE is 30/23/21 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Shanda Huate (000915): School-enterprise reform landing company can improve quality and efficiency can be expected

Shanda Huate (000915): School-enterprise reform landing company can improve quality and efficiency can be expected

It is expected that net profit attributable to mothers will increase by more than 50% in 2019.

The company released the 2019 annual performance forecast, and the net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 is expected to be 1.

95 billion-2.

0.75 million yuan, an increase of 50% -60% in ten years.

The high growth of the company’s performance was mainly driven by the high growth of the subsidiary Shandong Dyne Marine Biopharma.

The school-enterprise reform boots were launched, and the company’s quality and efficiency can be expected.

Shandong University’s “Regular Property Rights Free Transfer Agreement” recently received approval from the Ministry of Education and Shandong State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

According to this agreement, Shandong University will hold the Shanda Huate controlling shareholder Shanda Industrial Group (Shandong 20).

72% shares) 100% equity is transferred to Shandong State-owned Assets Investment and Holding Co., Ltd. for free, and the integration into the territory of Shandong State Investment will inject development vitality for the company, stimulate the motivation of employees and senior executives, and improve the company’s operations in the future.

Production capacity resumed, and the company’s operations continued to improve.

Due to capacity reforms, Dyne ‘s core product “Yikexin” has experienced tight production capacity since the fourth quarter of 2018, and the terminal has been out of stock. The supply of “Yikexin” has returned to normal in the second half of 2019.

The company’s two new production lines have been completed and will be replenished in 2020.

The increase of production capacity and the improvement of management and management will further consolidate the market share of Dyne “Yikexin” First Vitamin AD Supplement.

Deeply cultivating children’s medicine, Yi Ke’s new market has huge space.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Because the company’s production and sales recovery rate is slightly slower than our forecast, we have reduced the company’s 2019-2021 return to parent net profit forecast to 2.

02 ppm, 2.

8.5 billion, 3.

2.7 billion (Democratic forecast is 2.

2.1 billion, 3.

1.6 billion, 3.

8.1 billion), the corresponding PE is 31 times, 22 times, 19 times.

Focusing on “Yikexin”, the company continues to cultivate children’s medicine and is gradually enriching its product line.

We believe the company has sufficient growth potential 夜来香体验网 and therefore maintain a “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: the risk of increased competition, the risk of price reductions, and the risk that the number of newborns will exceed expectations.

Smokers often eat broccoli to help remove harmful substances from the lungs

Smokers often eat broccoli to help remove harmful substances from the lungs

Eating more broccoli, kale, kale, pakchoi and other cruciferous vegetables can help the lungs eliminate harmful bacteria. This is what the researchers tested in mice.

  Smoking can damage the lungs. American researchers have discovered that sulforaphane, which is implanted in cruciferous plants, is a common antioxidant that activates a signal channel, allowing cells to play a “sweeper” role, keeping the lungs cleanTo prevent infection.

Smokers and patients with chronic chronic lung disease (COPD) have lost this cleaning function.

  Although current trials of cancer have not been able to determine whether sulforaphane can treat lung diseases, we are reminding you that cruciferous vegetables are indispensable in the diet of smokers.

Aerobic latin fitness perfect bumpism

Aerobic latin fitness perfect bumpism

Nowadays, many young people have become tedious with simple aerobics, so just add a bit of seasoning to it-the hot Latin dance element, with exotic swing movements to make aerobics more attractive.

If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t miss it this time. Replace the stubbornness of traditional fitness programs, combine the unrestrained and passion of Latin, aerobic Latin makes fitness more lively!

  Cuba is the birthplace of Latin dance and Latin music.

At first, Latin music and dance were a way of celebrating victory or harvest, but it gradually evolved into a way for young people to express their love for each other.

In the process of development, Latin dance was hindered because of excessively enthusiastic movements and overly frank expressions without any restrictions. Instead, it did not affect the development of Latin dance. The irresistible charm made Latin dance swept the world.

Among today’s young people, Latin is an unstoppable boom.

Whether it is music or dance, Latin dance styles are popular.

  Latin aerobics is different from the national standard Latin dance. In addition, it is a sports dance that requires high basic steps.

The former highlights energy consumption and does not require high details of movements, as long as it can keep up with the rhythm. It is worth noting the movement of hips, waists, chests, shoulders and other joints.

  After dating Latin dance to the gym, Latin dance became “aerobic Latin”.

The name suddenly came up with the idea of using Latin dance as a fitness method.

In other words, Latin dance and aerobic exercises are “grafted” to make them aerobic exercises that meet the scientific intensity standards.

It is the best of both worlds when people feel the heat of Latin while strengthening their body.

It adds dance movements to aerobic exercises, letting you experience the fun of Latin dances such as samba, chacha, rumba, slow wave, etc., but it also “deletes” the complicated rules of Latin dance, letting you release your ownbody.

  The Latin aerobics is a combination of the movements and steps of the Latin dance, plus the aerobics, and some arm movements.

The Latin aerobics quotes the fanatical music of Latin dance, so that the bodybuilder can fully show his beautiful figure in the passionate Latin music, so that the bodybuilder obviously notices extra aunts in the waist and legs in crazy twists and dripping sweat.

  Aerobic Latin is free and enthusiastic, enthusiastic, and has a clear rhythm, which is very suitable for young people.

It requires 100% emotional consumption, energy consumption, and the full play of the Latin sensation, the more it can be let go, without any worries, release the body in music, so as to obtain mental and physicalStretch.

  In addition, it does not require high details of the action, as long as it can keep up with the rhythm, it is not a simple aerobics and does not require uniformity.

Once you have the feeling of being in place, boldly release your energy, twist it freely and freely.

Persist in one lesson and get enough exercise on the sides of the waist and thighs.

This is the particular advantage that many young people see in it as it can exercise women’s waists, chests and thighs to prevent the accumulation of excess meat.

  Latin aerobics and common aerobics, it combines Latin movements, so it is more interesting and enjoyable.

Moreover, after practicing Latin aerobics, the bodybuilder can master some basic moves of Latin dance and lay a foundation for later learning Latin dance.

At present, Latin dance is a fashionable dance. Nowadays, it has become the new favorite of white-collar workers, and many bodybuilders who walk through Latin aerobics are more likely to perform Latin dance.

  The cheerful music and easy-to-learn steps make Latin dance more folk and popular, and you can also learn the hot dance movements while exercising. These are the real reasons why aerobic Latina is setting off in the gym.

  There are a lot of popular aerobics nowadays, but judging from their durability and popularity index, Latin dance is undoubtedly one of these methods.

The folk Latin fever has also become more intense.

Test who you will fall in love with

Test who you will fall in love with

Translation: You decide to move out and live alone, but the apartment is empty. What do you want to buy first?


Curtains 2.

Bed 3.

Washing machine 4.

Phone answer analysis: 1.

If you choose “curtain”, you will interact with honest and reliable people. Closing the curtain is your two-person world. It doesn’t need to be flashy, simple and simple.


If you choose “bed” and choose this answer, you will interact with people who are wild and unruly.

Some people say that the bed can grind a person’s enjoyment of life. You are a person who feels very heavy, and the wild and unruly opposite sex can attract you most.


Choose “Washing Machine”. If you choose this answer, you will associate with romantic people.

You want more time to create romance with your loved ones, so the more complicated the housework is, of course, the better.


Choose “phone” and choose the person who answers this question. You will interact with cheerful and outgoing people.

Chat with friends and family, and social occasions of all sizes will bring you joy, so the cheerful and talkative opposite sex is the most interesting to you.

15-50 year old women’s beauty diet tips

15-50 year old women’s beauty diet tips

One, 15 to 25 years old: Enough protein to prevent dry skin and skin conditions: Girls in this period are actually very hard. Reading, exams, job hunting, falling in love, but it is menstrual cramps, ovarian development, and hormonesDuring the period of production, sebaceous gland secretions will also increase.

  At this time, the skin should be rosy and elastic. You can eat more cabbage, leek, bean sprouts, lean meat and various legumes. At the same time, pay attention to eat less salty, sweet, and drink plenty of water.

  Recommendation: Beauty Sesame Black Soy Milk Soak 10g peanuts and 80g black beans, then beat them together with black sesame, and boil.

  It is very suitable for women. It has the functions of nourishing hair, nourishing skin, nourishing liver and kidney, and nourishing blood and milk.

  Second, 25 to 30 years old: Light diet can help reduce wrinkles. Women in this period have reduced secretion of adenosine under the skin. In addition, most of them work hard, take care of children, weaken the skin’s luster, and wrinkles will gradually appear on the forehead and corners of the eyes.

  In addition to insisting on eating light foods and drinking more water, you should especially eat foods containing vitamin C and vitamin B, such as mustard, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, cucumbers, peas, fungus, and milk.

  Recommendation: freckle carrot juice, grind and squeeze fresh carrots, take 10-30ml. After washing your face in the morning and evening, pat your face with fresh juice. After drying, pat your face with vegetable oiled hands.

Drinking 1 cup of carrot juice daily also has a freckle effect.

  Third, 30 to 40 years old: Fill the skin with boiled water and melons and flesh. Endocrine and ovarian function of women in this age group gradually weaken, the skin is prone to dryness, and crow’s feet begin to appear at the end of eyes.

  At this time, pay attention to drink plenty of water, it is best to drink 200-300 ml of cold water after getting up in the morning.

  Eat more vitamins, fresh vegetables, fruits and fruits, but also pay attention to animal protein supplemented with collagen, trotters, meat skin, lean meat, fish, etc. to promote skin absorption and storage of moisture, which can make the skin plump and moist.

  Recommendation: Preserved egg and lean meat porridge, chopped pineapple eggs, shredded lean beef or minced, add salt, cooking wine, white pepper, starch, stir well and set aside.

  When the white rice porridge is ready to be cooked, add the preserved eggs and marinated meat, then add salt, MSG or chicken essence, sesame oil, and spring onion.

Boil for another 10 minutes.

  Four, 40 to 50 years old: Eating more coarse grains can prevent dark circles and dry skin. At this time, women gradually enter menopause, ovarian function declines, and the anterior pituitary function is temporarily increased, which leads to autonomic nerve disorders and easy to be excited or depressed.Prone to black halo, dry skin and less luster.

  Eat more foods that can promote cholesterol excretion and qi, nourish blood, and delay skin aging. Corn, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, lemons, walnuts and vitamin E cabbage, cauliflower, peanut oil, etc.

Carefully move towards disfigured wrong skin care


Carefully move towards disfigured wrong skin care

All kinds of beauty remedies have been popular on the Internet for a long time, and all of them have been so sweet and so credible, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false for a time.

Too many beautiful people are willing to become countless “white mice” willingly, wrong skin care will make you look disfigured.


hzh {display: none; }  1、柠檬是对付斑点的高手?  ”Secret” source: beauty experts rumors to decrypt: citric acid is a type of fruit acid, it can indeed solve the role of clearing the cortex.

But if you apply it to your face, the whitening effect is minimal, especially lemon has a photosensitivity effect. If you apply lemon and then bask in the sun, it will make your skin darker, and stains will come out!

So after you apply lemon slices, be sure to wash your face!

  2. Acne must not be squeezed by hand?

  ”Secret” source: fashion magazine to unravel rumors: In fact, if you go to the hospital to see acne, a dermatologist will squeeze you!

  But the principles inside cannot be ignored: first, make sure that the acne tip is in a liquid state, which means that the acne has matured.

  Second, clean your acne-prone fingers, and don’t forget the dirty things in the nail seams.

  Third, clean your face.

  Fourth, after squeezing acne, use tissue paper to completely absorb the liquid.

  3. Will acne grow with worms?

  ”Secret” Source: TV commercials to dispel rumors and decryption: TV ads are full of bugs, do you remember?

So your cats and dogs have become the object of your fear, and the pillow towels can’t wait to wash them every day!

  In fact, hair follicle cysts have been present in human sebaceous glands and hair follicles since ancient times. However, in addition to distiller’s grains and worm folliculitis, these problems have been proven to be caused by hair follicle cysts. Other skin diseases are actually related to it.It does not matter.

  Hair follicle mites, like other microorganisms parasitizing the surface of the skin, do not cause disease under normal physical conditions, but they can only cause disease when there is a wound on the skin or a problem with the body’s immunity.

Therefore, don’t be scared by the exaggerated advertisement!

  4. A few more layers of foundation can make the skin flawless?

  ”Secret” Source: Japanese movie star Kyoko Fukada Secrets: The stars have flawless skin, is it because the makeup artist has given them multiple layers of foundation?

But imagine that if you dry a face, no amount of powder can make your skin perfect!

However, if you have applied a moisturizing mask or some moisturizing cream, and then quickly apply foundation, the moisture remaining on the surface of the skin and the powder can be perfectly combined, and your foundation will naturally conform, and the skin will alsoIt will naturally be perfect!

  5. Black food will make your skin black, while white food will make you white?

  ”Secret” Source: Big S rumor decryption: This is the famous Big S, but in fact, the black or white grains depend on the amount and distribution of melanin pigment in the body.

Half of our skin color comes from parents and half comes from the influence of acquired factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, before menstruation, pregnancy, etc.

  However, remind people to avoid over-consuming the following foods, such as celery, chives, parsley, red beans and other foods that are sensitive to light. If you eat too much, it will cause dark spots under ultraviolet radiation. For nutritional balance, you should still eat them appropriately.Just eat before going out.

  Similarly, drinking white foods such as milk and sugar cane juice will not whiten your skin; research shows that the same L-vitamin C is calculated based on the amount of skin./ 20.

Therefore, food cannot change your innate color!

  6. Can I avoid wrinkles by sleeping on my back?


hzh {display: none; }  “秘笈”来源:名模希弗   辟谣解密:睡觉的时候,侧睡的确会压皱肌肤,时间久了,皱纹自然会出现在眼周,但如果你仰睡久了,Wrinkles on your neck should be welcome with you!

  Moreover, it is difficult to change the sleeping position in a short period of time. A simple method is to use a satin pillowcase, because it will not compress the skin, and the height of the pillow should not be too high.The height is ideal!

  7. Does lymphatic detox help skin better?

  ”Secret” source: beauty salons to dispel rumors and decryption: have you been tempted by the promotion of “lymphatic detoxification” launched by beauty salons?

In fact, there is no scientific basis for lymphatic detoxification. Lymph circulation is an important part of the body’s circulatory system and plays an important role in the immune response process. It is impossible to completely eliminate toxins from the body through simple guidance.

  Importantly, improper lymphatic detoxification can cause lymphatic circulatory disturbances, varicose veins and stasis of water in the tissues, and even the risk of poisoning.

Therefore, in some cases, as long as the human body functions normally, toxins can be basically discharged.If detoxification is really needed, food conditioning is safer.

  8. If you have acne, you have to apply toothpaste?

  ”Secret” source: The secrets of the friends in the boudoir decryption: Not all toothpaste can work, and it will cause trouble if you apply it wrongly!

Toothpaste whitening teeth often contains hydrogen peroxide. Although it helps promote acne redness and inflammation, improper use can cause skin burns or allergies.

Therefore, I suggest you to replace acne-specific, acne-control products with medicinal formula, which has a direct effect on acne.

  9Can lotion help skin moisturize?

  ”Secret” source: Internet BBS rumor decryption: the main role of lotion is to clean, lotion alone does not help skin moisturizing, if you use alcohol-containing lotion, it is easier to evaporate quickly after application, if you do not rubThe lotion retains water, but I’m afraid that if the skin is rubbed with a single lotion, it will dry out.

  Lotion is the last step of cleaning in Europe. It is the first step of maintenance in the eastern concept of maintenance. It is used as a primer for the next maintenance products and helps the absorption of the products.

  10 tea bags can eliminate dark circles?

  Source of “Secret”: Britney Spears decryption: Although tea contains vitamin C, in the experiment, vitamin C has the function of lightening melanin, but the content is uncontrollable and it does not easily penetrate deep into the skin.
The tannic acid in tea is irritating to the skin, so this method is not recommended to eliminate dark circles.

  For “stubbornness” like dark circles, it is more effective for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic modification.

The old man wears a bright spring: adjusts the mood to relieve stress

The old man wears a bright spring: adjusts the mood to relieve stress

Dry trees, dark shades, we are easily depressed after a winter.

When spring comes, it is dry and dry, and people are more likely to become anxious and bored.

Especially for old friends, in order to spend a healthy and happy spring, you should change the winter “black and white gray” plain clothes as soon as possible, and put on colorful and new clothes.

  According to the ancient Indian health theory, each color has its own special energy.

From the aspect of warm and cold color, when you see red and yellow, some people will think of flowers, the sun, and have a warm feeling. When you see white and gray, you will think of ice and snow, cloudy, and you will feel lost.

From the perspective of color psychology, spring is suitable for wearing orange, yellow, red or green.

  Green is suitable for all seniors.

Green is the color of spring. In the spring when the grass grows, it is a good choice to adjust the mood with green and balance health.

Especially wearing green sportswear to go out in the countryside, spring tour, you can broaden your mood, ease tension and eliminate fatigue.

  Orange is suitable for elderly people with emotional ups and downs, especially women.

Low pressure in spring is easy to cause disorder of brain hormone secretion. The changing weather will cause people to change their mood earlier, and there are symptoms such as worry, sleep disorder and loss of appetite, especially for middle-aged and elderly women.

Wearing orange clothes can effectively counter these bad emotions, making people feel full of life, but also stimulate appetite and refresh the spirit.

Similar to orange, yellow also makes people feel cheerful and their appetite is wide open.

  Red is suitable for older friends with chronic diseases.

Red is the most vital color, which helps to improve people’s mental state and improve the laziness and lack of energy brought by winter.

Old people with poor health can wear a red dress and feel refreshed, but people with high blood pressure should try not to wear red to prevent blood pressure from rising.

  In addition, some conservative elderly people, if you do not want to wear brightly colored clothes, you can try wearing a top-colored hat, wearing some costumes with floral embellishments, or more with some agate, green jade necklace,Both can alleviate the feeling of depression and adjust the emotions unconsciously.