Five diseases can cause swollen legs and feet in the elderly


Five diseases can cause swollen legs and feet in the elderly

Many elderly people are often inexplicably injured by the swelling of their legs and feet. They don’t wear shoes, some have pain, and even medicated drugs have no effect.

銆€銆€Professor Li Yuehua of the Department of Geriatrics, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences said that in fact, swollen feet is a common phenomenon in the elderly. There are many causes of swollen feet, and many of them are signs of disease, so they should be treated seriously.

銆€銆€According to the symptoms and the onset of the disease, it is generally divided into five types: idiopathic, functional, nutritional, cardiogenic and inferior vena cava.

銆€銆€Idiopathic leg and foot enlargement is caused by endocrine, blood vessels, nerves and other systemic disorders caused by imbalance of water and salt metabolism, manifested as systemic edema of varying severity, often with alternating relief and aggravation, no abnormal findings in laboratory testsMore common in women.

銆€銆€Functional swelling of the legs and legs, also known as benign edema, is associated with autonomic dysfunction.

銆€銆€Nutritional leg swelling is caused by less eating and diminished digestion.

銆€銆€Cardiac leg swelling, mostly caused by cardiac insufficiency, often begins to be swollen by foot replacement, this symptom is common in patients with heart failure.

銆€銆€Inferior vena cava leg swelling is caused by poor reflux of the inferior vena cava, often a foot swollen, may be associated with pain, common in patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities.

銆€銆€Because of the loss of organ function and the decline in metabolism, the elderly are more prone to edema.

However, some appropriate measures can be taken to reduce or avoid the symptoms of swelling of the legs and feet.

銆€銆€First, wear comfortable shoes and insist on doing some relaxing leg exercises every day; often use hot water to soak your feet, eliminate tension and promote blood circulation; do simple foot exercises, roll small balls or small sticks with toes;After the time activities, you should take a proper rest and massage.

If edema has occurred, apply an elastic bandage or elastic stockings to protect the edema during the day.

When sleeping at night, raise your legs.

銆€銆€In fact, proper exercise, such as swimming, walking, etc., promote blood circulation and eliminate edema.

In addition, reduce the intake of carbohydrates and animal waste, and low-salt diet to minimize water intake.

銆€銆€If the edema still does not subside or even worse after proper rest and exercise, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible and perform systemic treatment.

Five dietary taboos for ectopic pregnancy


Five dietary taboos for ectopic pregnancy

The health intake of food is very important to the health of the body, and it is more serious for friends with diseases.

Because only some of the foods that help the disease can correct the early cure of the body disease, on the contrary, it is likely to affect the recovery process of the disease. Ectopic pregnancy is a serious disease that can cause great harm to the health of the body, and the taboo of the ectopic pregnancy isNeed our patients to understand the disease common sense.

The five major dietary contraindications for ectopic pregnancy, avoid eating non-digestible food.

During drug treatment of ectopic pregnancy, patients should pay attention to avoid eating foods that are not easy to digest, especially cold, sticky, and odorous diets, in order to prevent certain adverse effects on the absorption of drugs, affecting the therapeutic effect.

2, eat food and food.

Patients with ectopic pregnancy should pay attention to avoid eating food, so as not to increase the damage of the body.

The foods are mainly composed of food and medicine, food and food, such as pork and ebony, platycodon, berberine, atractylodes, lily, five kinds of traditional Chinese medicine; pig blood and rehmannia, Polygonum multiflorum; pig heart and Wu Yuxiang grams.

3, avoid eating fat and fat.

In the rehabilitation stage of ectopic pregnancy patients, because the stomach is not recovered, you should not eat fat and fat products, in order to prevent adverse effects on your health, and pay attention to the soft food to nurse, to light diet is appropriate, not overeating.

4, do not eat Xin Wen dry fire food.

In the rehabilitation stage of ectopic pregnancy patients, avoid eating alcohol, ginger, pepper, pepper, dog meat and other spicy warm foods, to prevent the loss of Yin and affect the recovery of the body.

5, avoid eating flatulence and collecting food.

Patients with ectopic pregnancy should also avoid eating a variety of expansive gas to receive food, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc., in order to prevent adverse effects on the rehabilitation of the disease.

Dietary principles of ectopic pregnancy 1, supplement protein protein is an important part of antibodies, such as insufficient absorption, the body’s resistance is reduced.

Within half a month, protein should be given 1 per kilogram of body weight.

5 grams?
2 grams, about 100 grams per day?
150 grams.

Therefore, you can eat more chicken, lean pork, eggs, milk and beans, beans and so on.

2, too much water, because the body is weak, often easy to sweat.

Therefore, water should be added to reduce the amount of water evaporation; vitamin intake in sweat, especially vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, therefore, should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits.

This is also good for preventing constipation.

3, appropriate restrictions on adults on the basis of a normal diet, appropriate restrictions on adults.

Advance control within a week is about 80 grams per day.

Those who are disturbed, do not eat irritating foods, such as pepper, wine, vinegar, pepper, ginger, etc. These foods can stimulate the congestion of sexual organs, increase the amount of menstruation, and also avoid cold food such as crabs, snails, and river otters.

Avoid cold food.

Tips: For the ectopic pregnancy of the sick person on the body, it is not only necessary for our patients to carry out scientific treatment of the disease in time after the disease is caused, but also need to cooperate with the specialist to do the daily health care of the disease.In order to achieve the goal of eradicating the disease as soon as possible.

Ten basic skills of fitness and yoga


Ten basic skills of fitness and yoga

Mattress NO Professional Yoga Mat is even if your bed is large and spacious, it is definitely not a good choice for practicing yoga.

The soft bed will make the body’s fulcrum insufficient, the movements will not be in place, and the chance of sports injuries will increase.

Prepare a professional yoga mat for yourself, reduce the body’s contact with the ground, and have a good anti-slip effect. It is called excellent, and it is very helpful for self-protection and sports stretching.

Replacing barefoot yoga with soft dance shoes is a sport that is barefoot practice, not a winter that is suitable for hot and cold weather.

At this time, soft and comfortable dance shoes are a must-have item.

Under its protection, the feet not only can avoid the cold, but also can change the movement more flexibly, and the support ability is also good.

When flowing air makes the physiology smooth and practice yoga, it is best to let yourself be in a ventilated environment, which is conducive to the successful completion of abdominal breathing. The turbidity in the body can be better replaced with the fresh air outside, letThe effect of yoga to improve heart and lung is more obvious.

Accompanied by soft music, refused to be boring without the companionship of music, yoga can only be a boring posture.

You may wish to let the soft music around the home with meditation in the process of practice, and also cultivate your mind in the different transformations of the body.

Use essential oils to ignite the body to ignite your favorite fragrance lamp, let the essential oil molecules enter the body through breathing and metabolism of the skin, awaken the activity and renewal of the body cells, which will make the home yoga increase the effect of the SPA, so that the health from the inside outeffect.

Bathing enhances skin comfort. Take a bath before doing yoga. Use a matte bath product to remove dirt and keratin from the skin. Apply body lotion and then do yoga.

This will increase the body’s temperature and allow the skin to absorb the nourishing ingredients in the skin care products in a soothing and relaxing state, leaving the skin feeling smoother and fresher.

The best time to enjoy gold YOGA time home yoga is at 6:30 in the morning?
Between 7:00, wake up, wake up, and let the body organs move better, injecting fresh vitality into a whole day’s work, and it is more beneficial to adjust your work schedule.

Self-timer DV, do your own coach to photograph the process of practicing yoga. Compared with the teaching CD, you can better correct the irregularities in the movement from the details, and you can enjoy professional guidance at home.

Fruit as a snack, supplement VC fruit is an inedible “companion” after practicing yoga, oranges placed in vitamin C, all-round nutrition fruit apples are a good choice, to supplement the body’s lost nutrients and moisture in exercise, let you from insideGet out of the way.

After 30 seconds of soft and soft toweling, you can prepare a soft warm towel for 30 seconds to relieve the fatigue caused by the exercise and give the body a short transition.

You think that in health, you are actually living in the first place!

These tonics can’t be eaten casually.

You think that in health, you are actually living in the first place!

These tonics can’t be eaten casually.

I am a big doctor, learning health with me, going up?
Life is getting better and better, people are willing to spend money to buy health, after all, prevention is greater than treatment.

Tonic Chinese medicine, tonic, almost every family has prepared a point, but there are some good things, others are good to eat, but you may be the “poison” that you become a wound.

No matter how good the tonic is, it is also suitable for you to eat.

The following is a reminder of the famous doctors from the top 100 hospitals in China. Everyone should look at it!

Jujube: 4 types of people must not eat a day to eat jujube, a lifetime is not old.

Jujube is sweet and warm, can replenish vital energy, nourish blood and soothe the nerves.

However, some people use the jujube tonic, not only can not play the role of health care, and even will help.


Those who are damp and stagnate: such people often show thick and greasy tongue coating, sweet mouth or greasy mouth, loss of appetite, usually feel full stomach, severe cases may be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, eyelids and facial edema, etc.symptom.

The nourishing nature of jujube is easy to moisturize, and it is difficult to remove the dampness and stay in the body, and the boots aggravate the above discomfort.

This kind of person is more suitable for eating glutinous and damp foods such as coix seed, red bean, yam, loofah.


People who are easy to get angry: This type of body is hot, often constipation, bad breath, sore throat, sore throat and other symptoms of burning, while jujube is sweet and warm, partial to warming, if it is eaten in large quantities, it may be oiled on fire.

In the early stage of a cold: In the early stage of a cold, the coldness of the invading human body or the evil of wind and heat is flourishing. If the jujube is eaten at this time, its sticky nature often leads to the retention of evil spirits, resulting in the consequences of 鈥渃losed door staying,鈥?the disease in the body.Evil is hard to get rid of, it is not conducive to a cold.


Diabetic patients: The sugar content of jujube increases, the blood sugar of diabetic patients increases, and the condition worsens.

Therefore, people with high blood sugar should not eat more dates.

Sanqi: Not everyone is suitable for Sanqi, also known as “Tianqi”, with the effect of dilating and stopping bleeding, swelling and pain.

Clinically, it is mainly used for the treatment of hemoptysis, blood in the stool, swelling and pain, etc. It can also be made into proprietary Chinese medicines, such as Sanqi Shutong Capsule, for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke and its sequelae.

Sanqi can be taken as a medicated diet in normal times, and some Sanqi with ginseng: Sanqi 1.

5 grams, ginseng 2.

5 grams, powdered together, every morning with 150 ml of warm water, usually 7?
10 days is a course of treatment, mainly for people with weak temper, can not absorb “blood gas”, so that “blood gas” can not circulate in the meridian, blood pressure, blood lipids, etc. also have a certain concentration.

Sanqi or used for stewing chicken: 10 grams of 30 grams, 1 female chicken, a small amount of ginger and yellow wine mixed with water stew 1.

5 hours, drink once a week, have a good effect of qi and blood, suitable for qi and blood deficiency.

But treating diseases is also good, as a medicated diet, Sanqi is not suitable for everyone.

Such as cardiac dysfunction, yin deficiency and dry mouth, yin deficiency caused by blood stasis, uterine bleeding, diarrhea, pregnant women and women during menstruation, lactation should be used with caution.

In addition, a small number of patients taking Sanqi and Sanqi preparations may have dry mouth, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, bleeding tendency (blood in the sputum, nose, bleeding gums, menorrhagia), and even esophagitis,Allergic drug eruption, anaphylactic shock, allergic purpura, etc., should immediately seek medical attention, close observation.

鏋告潪: Those with high blood pressure should not eat phlegm and nourish yin and blood, nourish liver and kidney, and benefit the purpose.

When the poet Lu You was in the old age, his eyes were dimly lit, and he often ate the pipa. He also left the poem “Snow 闇?鍫?纾?纾?, , , , , , , , , , , 銆?銆?

Some people are always prepared to soak in water, porridge, and even chew a few pieces every day.

However, not everyone is suitable for eating.

鏋告潪 nourishing at the same time has the effect of warming the body, so people with damp heat and phlegm in the body, manifested as high blood pressure, temperament and temper tantrums, people who eat a lot of meat and red face on weekdays, and colds and fever,People with inflammation and diarrhea in their bodies are advised not to eat, otherwise they will not achieve the effect of health and may aggravate their condition.

People with elevated temperature, weak spleen and stomach, and indigestion should not eat sputum in the hot summer, otherwise there will be a loss of appetite, stomach suffocation or sour water.
In addition, sputum has a high sugar content, and diabetic patients should not take too much.

The best way to eat 鏋告潪 is to eat raw, that is, rinse the sputum with running water and put it in the mouth to dry it, so that the active ingredients are absorbed more fully.
Remind everyone that the use of health care needs to eat regularly, eat a small amount.

Do not eat in large quantities at a time. Healthy adults should eat about 20 grams per day, and the therapeutic use can be increased to 30 grams.

Ginseng: People who are often insomnia are not suitable for eating ginseng is the king of herbs.

Can strengthen the heart, protect the heart muscle, regulate blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, regulate the nervous system, improve memory.

The correct use of ginseng: start from a small dose, slowly increase, 2 per day?
3 grams of slices are served, so that the active ingredients are slowly dissolved in the saliva, and finally the dregs are eaten together.

Thoroughly soak in water, drink wine, and grind into powder.

Taboo: Insomnia, neurasthenia, mental illness, high blood pressure, and renal insufficiency are not suitable for taking, so as not to aggravate the symptoms.

Patients with gastrointestinal diseases and stones should be used with caution or as prescribed by a doctor.

Children, pregnant women, and lactating women generally do not accept senators. If they are indeed qi, they can be taken under the guidance of Chinese medicine practitioners.

Excessive consumption of ginseng leads to “ginseng metabolism syndrome”, symptoms such as nervous excitement, insomnia, and elevated blood pressure. Some people also show depression, loss of appetite, low blood pressure, and sensitivity.

Sea cucumber: spleen deficiency constipation should not eat Chinese medicine that sea cucumber is a warm food, can kidney and essence, nourishing and moistening.

The protein of sea cucumber can be absorbed and digested, which is very suitable for the elderly who are weak and restart the patient.

Usually, those with weak yang are realized in the winter when the hands and feet are cold, and frequent nocturia, etc., appropriate tonic can eliminate cold and enhance physical fitness.

Children are the body of juvenile and yang, should not eat sea cucumber tonic, can only occasionally eat as food, in addition, the spleen and stomach are weak, more constipation, oral ulcers or liver fire can not eat, people with seafood allergies or skin diseases, moreBe cautious.

Honey: three kinds of people are not suitable for drinking honey sweet and delicious nutritious, often serving complexion, relieve fatigue, nourishing yin and impotence, modern medicine proves that honey oral administration can treat heart, liver, spleen, kidney, lung, intestine and other organ diseases.

External use can treat burns, frostbite and moisturize the skin.

Infants under the age of one should not eat honey.

The baby’s gastrointestinal function is weak, and the liver’s detoxification function is poor. Especially for infants less than 6 months, the use of honey may cause poisoning. Symptoms often include constipation, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

Infants and young children over the age of 1 should also be cautious in drinking honey. The amount of food to be eaten should be appropriately reduced.

People with diabetes can’t take honey.

The blood sugar level effect of honey is particularly obvious.

From this point of view, people with diabetes can’t take honey.

Patients with cirrhosis cannot drink honey.

In fact, patients with hepatitis B are very suitable for drinking honey, because the monosaccharide provided by honey does not require liver decomposition and synthesis, which can reduce the burden on the liver, but patients with cirrhosis cannot drink honey because it will aggravate liver fibrosis.

American ginseng: People who are prone to edema should not eat American ginseng. Although the appropriate population is very wide, if the medicine is not symptomatic, it will also have a negative effect.

Chinese medicine believes that American ginseng is a cold medicine and should be used to nourish yin and nourish yin.

If the body has fever, some kind of dry mouth is irritated, the palms are hot, the face is red, and the body is often tired and weak. The use of American ginseng supplements can achieve the purpose of nursed back to health.

Conversely, if there is a cough, drooling or edema, you should avoid taking American ginseng, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.

In addition, some people with cold stomach should not take it.

American ginseng is not conducive to wetness, and should be considered when taking it.

Spring and summer climates are more suitable for taking American ginseng. It is not suitable to take ginseng or red ginseng. In autumn and winter, ginseng is more suitable.

Compared with ginseng, the qi effect of American ginseng is mild, and it is not like ginseng warming, so there is no special requirement for the amount.

4 per day?
6 tablets, equivalent to no more than 5g of crude drug, generally does not produce side effects.

In terms of eating, it is best not to take it with strong tea or coffee to avoid reducing the effect.

Ejiao: cold cough should stop using Ejiao as a traditional Chinese medicine, have the effect of nourishing yin and blood, and protect the fetus, can treat blood deficiency, cough, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, women’s irregular menstruation, etc., for anemia, hemoptysis, fetal birthThe uterine bleeding has a good effect.

Although Ejiao is good, it can’t be eaten.
Usually 3 per day?
10 grams is appropriate, if you have a cold, cough, diarrhea and other diseases or menstrual cramps, you should stop taking gelatin, continue to take after recovery or stop.

Damp heat, spleen deficiency, as well as flushing, irritability, swelling, abdominal pain, constipation, urinary and dark yellow people, it is not suitable for use in the conditioning agent.

Ejiao is greasy, and the spleen deficiency is not good for digestive function. It is generally not recommended to eat, so as not to aggravate the symptoms.

Polygonum multiflorum: Do not avoid excessive amounts of Polygonum multiflorum as a well-known Chinese medicine. There are many functions that can be used to treat a variety of diseases, as well as qi and nourishing blood, black hair, and strong bones.
Polygonum multiflorum is divided into two types: Shouwu and Shouwu. The effects of the two are very different.

The system of Shouwu is also known as Polygonum multiflorum. It has the functions of nourishing the liver and kidney, benefiting the essence of blood, and having black hair. Most of the Polygonum multiflorums provided to patients in general hospital pharmacies are 鈥淪houwu鈥?

The raw Shouwu is generally used for laxative, venting, detoxification and so on.

Raw Shouwu is said to be processed, containing lecithin and anthraquinone derivatives. The main components are rhubarb compound and chrysophanol, which are toxic, mainly caused by liver damage caused by muscle paralysis.

In July 2014, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a reminder of 鈥渞isk of liver injury caused by oral administration of Polygonum multiflorum鈥?

Medical experts said that Polygonum multiflorum is a traditional Chinese medicine, and it has certain toxicity. If it can distinguish between Shouwu and Shouwu, it will cause symptoms of poisoning when taken in large quantities.

According to the “Anhui Business Daily” report, the Anhui boy went to some hospitals for treatment because of hair loss, and he received a total of 5 in the first month.

At 9 pounds, the patient was diagnosed with drug-induced liver dysfunction and died of rapid liver failure.

Generally speaking, patients with liver dysfunction, family history of liver disease should not eat Polygonum multiflorum, the daily dose of Shouwu should not exceed 1.

5g, the daily dosage of Polygonum multiflorum should not exceed 3.

0 grams.

Polygonum multiflorum should not be taken over a long period of time, while avoiding the use of hepatotoxic drugs at the same time, pay attention to monitoring liver function glutinous rice: three types of people can not eat glutinous rice nutritious, first-class phlegm effect, known as “Friends of Life and Health.”

Modern pharmacological studies have proven that glutinous rice has an anti-cancer effect.

Applicable amount: 50 per meal?
100 g.

However, glutinous rice is cold, long-term consumption will make the body of the cold body more and more cold, resulting in weak constitution, irregular menstruation during menstruation and other problems.

Pregnant women and pregnant women should not eat, otherwise it is easy to cause miscarriage.

Vitamins: Five kinds of patients can’t eat vitamins, and many people recognize good supplements every day to eat.

However, many studies have found that even supplements are not suitable for everyone.

Below is a list of supplements that should be avoided by different diseases.

Psoriasis: Avoid vitamin A.

Psoriasis Conventional Drug Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that is stored in the liver and is taken in excess (more than 0 per day for men).

7 mg, women exceed 0 per day.

6 mg) produces toxins in the body, leading to conjunctivitis, hair loss and skin disease.

Heart disease: Do not overdose vitamin E and potassium.

A 7-year, large-scale study involving 10,000 hypertensive patients at McMaster University in Canada found that heart disease patients receive large doses of vitamin E (400 IU per day, equivalent to 363 mg), heart failure and complicationsThe risk of post-hospitalization increased by 13% and 20%, respectively.

Excessive potassium supplementation (more than 3500 mg per day) increases the risk of palpitations and arrhythmias.

Diabetes: Avoid vitamin B3.

A large number of vitamin B3 supplements in diabetic patients (more than 17 mg and 13 mg per day for men and women) can lead to an increase in blood sugar, a decrease in the supplemental dose, and a worsening of the blood sugar problem.

Osteoporosis: Avoid vitamin A and phosphorus.

Excessive levels of phosphorus in the blood (more than 1000 mg/day of supplement) can lead to loss of bone calcium and increase the risk of osteoporosis.

The UK Health Guidelines recommend no more than 250 mg of phosphorus per day.

High doses of vitamin A supplementation are closely related to reduced bone mineral density.

Vitamin A supplements exceed 1 per day.

5 mg, the risk of bone density reduction increased by 6%?14%.

At present, the recommended amount of vitamin A for men and women is 0.

7 mg and 0.

6 mg.

Stomach ulcer: Avoid vitamin A.

The study found that taking vitamin A supplements while taking gastric ulcer drugs can seriously decompose the supplement.

Eat well is a tonic, eat bad poison!
Although the tonic is good, it still needs to be used according to your own physique. Don’t use the tonic indiscriminately. It is still a trivial matter. It is a big thing to endanger life!

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What is the common sense of safe foot therapy –


What is the common sense of safe foot therapy?

Nowadays, many people know that pedicure is helpful for health, so how much do you know about pedicure health knowledge friends?

What is the role of foot massage in the end, can we also do pedicure when we are at home?

In fact, adding some Chinese medicine formulas during the pedicure is also very good for our body.

So everyone knows what formula for foot bath health, let’s take a look at it!

The pedicure health knowledge pedicure has gradually become the health care method that people are pursuing today. In fact, from the point of view of health care, pedicure and foot massage have a good health effect, so how much do friends know about pedicure? Let’s take a look at the experts.How to treat pedicure!

Often massage the soles of the feet and toes, and also have a certain relief effect on anemia, arthritis, diabetes, correction of migraine and renal dysfunction.

Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, the lower limbs are numb, chills, edema, rheumatism also has a great benefit, and can delay the aging of the human body.

“鎻夎冻” can maintain health, because many blood vessels are densely covered in the human foot, so the medical foot is called the “second heart” of human beings.

There are numerous nerve endings on the soles of the feet that are closely connected with the brain. There are enough acupuncture points on the whole body to stimulate the foot to make the peripheral nerves active. The nervous system and the endocrine system play a full role. The legs and brain feel relaxed and comfortable, and have the effect of improving memory.

The foot is far away from the human heart, and the blood is usually easy to stay there. Therefore, the foot is often moved to accelerate the blood circulation, thereby balancing the yin and yang, regulating the effect of blood and blood, and truly achieving the purpose of health care.

In the case of “squatting”, there should be a total of 62 reflex zones on the soles of the toes. It covers almost all organs and endocrine glands.

Of the 12 most important meridians of the human body, 6 are from or to the foot, and the reflection zone is mostly concentrated in the front half of the sole.

The thumb is the path of the liver and the spleen. The more active thumb can soothe the liver and strengthen the spleen, increase appetite, and have auxiliary effects on the liver and splenomegaly. The fourth toe is bile, massage can treat constipation and rib pain;The toenail bladder can cure enuresis; the second toe has the same function as a finger, and it is also a barometer of human health.

Often massage the soles of the feet and toes, and also have a certain relief effect on anemia, arthritis, diabetes, correction of migraine and renal dysfunction.

Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, the lower limbs are numb, chills, edema, rheumatism also has a great benefit, and can delay the aging of the human body.

But if you insist, you will be effective.

Pick up a finger for a healthy ring


Pick up a finger for a healthy ring

The ring worn by many people, in addition to its decorative role, is also because it often has some commemorative significance.

As a result, the common phenomenon occurs when the ring is worn for years or even decades.

銆€銆€However, health experts warn that for the health of the fingers, the ring is best worn and picked.

銆€銆€There are too many people who have participated in the ring for years, even decades, and have never taken it off. This habit is not good.

Because of the gradual increase in age, the human knuckles will degenerate and gradually become larger and larger, and the ring may not be picked up.

After a long time, the fingers will be swollen due to the blood not flowing, causing finger disease.

銆€銆€In order to prevent the ring from slipping, some older people use a red thread to wrap the ring to make it wear tighter. This is even more undesirable.

Because the elderly in the process of joint aging, the periosteum will become thicker, the spine will proliferate, and the phenomenon of sudden swelling of the finger overnight is too common. Once edema occurs, the finger will be injured by the ring.

銆€銆€Therefore, if the elderly find it difficult to pick up, they must wear a ring.

In addition, some accidents in your life can make the ring a murderer who hurts your fingers.

銆€銆€The road director once encountered such a patient. The patient’s finger was injured because of a small accident, which caused a ring on the finger to be removed. However, the injury was not serious because the ring could not be taken.Under the influence of blood circulation and serious, the fingers are almost unprotected.

Therefore, the Road Director suggested that it is best not to place a ring unless it is necessary. If you want to wear it, you should choose a loose ring.

銆€銆€Others are accustomed to ringing when they sleep, which is not good.

Because the average healthy person may have mild edema after waking up in the morning, although the edema is not long, but if the ring is not removed before going to bed at night, then the vein will be stuck in the veins in the morning, and the venous blood will not flow.Chang will then cause swelling, which is easy to induce finger disease.

Therefore, it is best to remove the ring before going to bed, causing trouble.

Learning to forget is the greatest happiness


Learning to forget is the greatest happiness

There is a soup in the legend, and everything will be forgotten after drinking.

Forget all sorrow, forget all hatred, forget all the things that are unpleasant and want to forget in memory, of course, including forgetting love and forgetting love.

銆€銆€Forgetting the sorrow, there is no sorrow, you can stretch the frowning brow, the exposed face.

All the unfairness on weekdays, all the unhappiness will go away with forgetting, and people will become clear, like the sky covered by dark clouds, suddenly blue.

銆€銆€Forgetting hatred, it is far from hatred.

When the mind is not hateful and hateful, when everything becomes a cloud of smoke, people will easily relax, forgive others and save themselves.

銆€銆€Forgetting love and forgetting love, I forget everything that I don’t want to remember.

When you are struggling for love, when you are helpless for a relationship, you suddenly forget what a big happiness.

No one can be so chic, no one can really forget!

Once loved, wounded, and painful days can never be wiped out, the displacement of time increases the pain in memory.

The pain is more clear, and the heart is more embarrassing, so love hates and affects.

銆€銆€Learn to forget, and learn to forgive yourself and save yourself.

Since love does not regret, separation always has its helplessness.

When people are ignorant from childishness, they think they can see through the red dust and see through this society.

Actually, the truth in writing says too much, and the real understanding is too little.

Resentment, self-satisfaction, self-satisfaction, are all human nature, the people’s congress is selfish.

銆€銆€In the short decades of life, why are you so tired, why not learn to forget?

The pursuit of perfection, and the world, there is no perfect thing at all, perfect is a defect, the flawed thing is truly perfect.

Life is easier, people who have no regrets about life, are not happy.

Therefore, the pursuit of perfection is actually the pursuit of a perfect attitude.

銆€銆€When people’s lives come to an end, they will go through the cycle of grain.

When the rest of the world passes through the bridge, you will drink something called Meng Po Tang, and you will forget the memories of the past life, and you will become happy in this life.

Do you have to be really forgotten at that time?

What is happiness, where is happiness?

People have been searching hard, happiness is actually in that moment, happiness is actually in that forget.

There is a feeling called love, a feeling called hate, a feeling called disgust, and a feeling called hurt.

Forget all the pains of the unforgettable pain, forget all the painful feelings of heart and soul, that is the greatest kind of happiness.

Less sweating and faster entry into aging


Less sweating and faster entry into aging

The water is deep in the south and hot in the north.

The slimy sweat on the body is even more unpleasant.

In order to stop “it”, too many people are used to “incubating air conditioners”, from driving to entering the office, and then driving back home from the office, the cool air-conditioning environment is like a shadow, gradually forming an “air conditioning dependence”, there will be almost no colon throughout the summer.Sweat opportunities.

Some fashionable men and women who need to go out to prevent the sweat under the arm from getting wet, will continue to apply a large area of antiperspirant and other products to reduce sweating.

銆€銆€Experts pointed out that the sweat gland is the “natural air conditioner” of the human body. Sweating can regulate body temperature, and it can moisturize the skin and discharge part of the metabolic waste. If you deliberately control sweating, it will cause an important detoxification pipeline and aggravate liver and kidney detoxification.The burden.

In the summer, sweat can’t come out, the heat can’t be released, and heat stroke is very easy to occur.

銆€銆€Sports experts also suggest that there is more 鈥渟weat鈥?in the summer.

This has long been agreed abroad.

Researchers at Oklahoma State University in the United States believe that sweating therapy can effectively improve mental health.

Even studies have shown that the body’s tolerance to heat is related to the amount of heat stress protein in cells in the body.

People who often exercise, the heat stress protein synthesis in the body is significantly increased, the tolerance to heat is enhanced, and it can resist the invasion of high temperature heat waves.

銆€銆€Xiaohan gland – responsible for human sweating, the chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, Air Force General Hospital, Pang Xiaowen said that the sweat glands are divided into small sweat glands and apocrine glands.

Sweat is a liquid secretion secreted by the small sweat glands of the human body. It also contains certain solidified substances, including a certain concentration of sodium chloride, which is the reason why the sweat is salty.

Lack of sodium chloride, may form hyponatremia, hypochloremia and low sodium hypochloremia, people will feel tired and weak, sleepy chest tightness or lethargy.

So balancing the amount of sweat is important.

銆€銆€For ordinary people, how to balance sweating does not have to worry, just leave it to the small sweat gland to complete.

There are 2 million to 5 million small sweat glands on the human body, but the distribution is not uniform, and the number of palms and hands is relatively large.

銆€銆€The small sweat gland shoulders the heavy responsibility of the body to distribute and transform.

When the outside temperature rises to a certain temperature, the 鈥渘atural air conditioner鈥?of the sweat gland starts to start, and a lot of heat energy is taken out by sweating to regulate the body temperature.

銆€銆€The small sweat glands can also discharge waste, amino acids and products after nitrogen metabolism, thereby eliminating the burden of 鈥済arbage鈥?of liver and kidney.

“One of the past treatments for patients with renal insufficiency was sweating therapy.

The small sweat gland can also regulate the lipid membrane of the skin. This film has a certain moisturizing and protective effect on the body. If it is damaged, the skin may be infected by bacteria and dust.

銆€銆€The apocrine glands – the odor that attracts the opposite sex, and what does the transformation of the degenerate relatively unfamiliar apocrine gland play?

In fact, for human beings, in the constant evolution, it is a degraded object, and its physiological role is minimal.

However, for other mammals, the apocrine gland is quite powerful, and its ability to scent as a sexual organ to attract the opposite sex is still working.

銆€銆€It is no wonder that its location is limited, mainly in the vulva, under the arm, anal circumference and nipple areola.

After adolescence, people begin to secrete a small amount, including some minerals, and smelly substances.

It is rarely secreted after the elderly.

Among them, body odor is the product of odorous substances in the apocrine glands.

Body odor has a certain hereditary nature. Some people are developed because of the apocrine glands, and the amount is large, secreting and breeding, while some apocrine glands are not developed, but the secretion function is strong.

Especially when the gland function is normal in summer, or after eating spicy and spicy dishes.

So the body odorist tries to eat less spicy food.

銆€銆€Less sweating – less sweating / often sweating “accelerated aging” 26-year-old white-collar Luo from Guangdong, she used to use antiperspirant products from the middle school.

In her opinion, sweating wet clothes is very indecent.

After many years in Beijing, she still insisted on the habit of 鈥減ainting before going out鈥?

Recently, Beijing continues to be hot, and she often needs to go out, she feels weak, dizziness and other symptoms of heatstroke. She believes that “it should be the reason why there is no umbrella under the scorching sun. I think the antiperspirant can produce such a powerful effect.

Chen Zhigang, a lecturer at the Beijing Science and Fitness Experts Lecturer, pointed out that antiperspirants are only suitable for ordinary people for occasional use.

Higher than the middle-aged and the elderly, the “sweat” of young people will be more serious. This is related to the development of sweat glands and strong metabolic ability when young, so from the normal physiological point of view, it should be discharged in time.銆€銆€Further, if the antiperspirant is used for a long time, the body’s constant temperature can never be maintained, and the toxic metabolic waste cannot be discharged from the sweat, which will cause a great burden on the liver and kidney.

Because the human body metabolizes a large amount of garbage every day, it is mainly discharged through the respiratory, liver and kidney and sweat glands.

Among them, the respiratory discharge is relatively fixed, the discharge of liver and kidney is relatively flexible, and the tolerance is strong, but it will be overwhelmed by long-term high-load operation.

銆€銆€In addition, long-term use of antiperspirant products, the resistance to high temperatures will be reduced.

The internal environment itself has a degree of adaptability to external changes, but its long-term antiperspirant has a reduced tolerance.

Heatstroke itself indicates that its adaptability has begun to decline. Therefore, there is no umbrella at high temperatures. Some people have no problem, and some people have heatstroke.

銆€銆€In terms of Ms. Luo’s own changes, the middle school period is at the peak of women’s growth, and there is no obvious problem with antiperspirant. After the age of 28, the body itself begins to decline.

Especially after the age of 32, there may be obvious manifestations, a variety of manifestations of decreased visceral function, decreased consumption, metabolic disorders, increased or poor urination times, waist acid, dark skin, no luster.

Therefore, the impact is not a single change, even the decline of the overall ability of the body, especially after the transformation of middle-aged, the ability to adapt is more obvious, and even the physiological cycle may change. Some women are more obvious after 42 years old, and some are more advanced in menopause.

銆€銆€The sweaty people – sweating all the time is “qi deficiency”, showing more sweat and other people’s troubles. In the summer, for Mr. Chen, it is really difficult to climb the mountain with friends, only to climb to 1/3, and the friends are still full.His clothes are soaked and tired.

It is always exercise, and it is often sweaty when eating. The temperature of the air conditioner is very low. I still feel that it is not hot. The sweat is still out of disobedience. Simply put the towel on my neck and listen to it at any time.

銆€銆€Professor Zhang Guojun from Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences explained that people drink water often and sweat.

However, some people mentioned that Mr. Chen mentioned above, under normal circumstances, such as eating and drinking, or on several floors, most people will not feel sweaty, but he is already sweaty, which is possibleIt is “self-sweat.”

銆€銆€From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is the performance of qi deficiency, in which fat people are seen by the system of deficiency.

People who are “self-sweat” often sweat “unable to stop”, especially those with stomach qi deficiency, and are more prone to sweat.

It will be manifested as Shenpi fatigue, loss of appetite and so on.

Zhang Guozhen suggested that for those with qi deficiency, it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of exercise and improve the physical quality; it should pay attention to regulating diet and eating more spleen food, such as yam, jujube, lotus seeds and so on.

銆€銆€Aerobic exercise is best for practicing 鈥渟weating sweat鈥? such as jogging, playing, roller skating, etc., and walking after dinner can not bear a good sweating effect.

銆€銆€Ordinary type – choose jogging, play aerobics, etc. Chen Zhigang, a lecturer of the Beijing Science and Fitness Experts Lecturer, said that sweat is a means of sweating through effective exercise.

It is more beneficial to health in the summer, and it is not appropriate to sweat a lot in winter.

This is because Chinese medicine says that 鈥渟pring is long and summer is long鈥?and summer body is more suitable for 鈥渙verflow鈥? By perspiration, the burden of liver and kidney can be eliminated and the discharge of waste in the body can be promoted.

銆€銆€For people with osteoporosis, sweat is also beneficial for the effective retention of calcium.

For women, it also enhances the role of cleansing pore skin.

In addition to people with severe structural damage such as heart failure, it can be said that most people are suitable for “sweating sweat.”

銆€銆€The most suitable exercise for “sweat” is aerobic exercise, such as jogging, playing, roller skating, etc. Some people like to take a walk after dinner, this can not be very good sweating effect, it is recommended to walk on the basis of quick walkWalk or go eight steps and gradually move closer to the effect of jogging.

It is not recommended to sprint, weightlift and other anaerobic exercises.

The degree of sweating can be grasped by yourself. Like sweat, it feels comfortable, and it can double the amount of sweating.

銆€銆€Young people who want to challenge, can wear long sleeves (avoid direct sunlight) for 15-30 minutes in the summer and up to an hour in the long, depending on their physical fitness.

Ordinary people are more suitable for morning or evening practice. Young people are an hour, and older people are relatively shorter.

8 items to pay attention to the elderly driving


8 items to pay attention to the elderly driving

The elderly are different from the young people both psychologically and physically. Especially when driving, special attention should be paid to the following aspects: (1) Plan the driving route ahead of time.

When planning to go out, you should make plans in advance, and choose the driving route reasonably, especially in the urban area above the vehicle. You should also have a general understanding of the route to be followed, and try to avoid the relatively concentrated roads.

At the same time, we must have a certain understanding of the main road sections, overpasses and intersections to be passed. In this way, we can know how to do it. We can not only take the road, but also grasp the driving time and make it smooth.

銆€銆€(2) Avoid high-speed driving.

The old people’s ability to respond is slow, and the ability to judge the speed and distance is lower than that of young drivers. If you are driving at a high speed, if there is a danger, it is difficult to take contingency measures, then you should avoid high-speed driving, and you can’t forcibly overtake.

On the road with more than three lanes, you should try to drive on the second and third lanes. It is best not to take the first fast lane.

銆€銆€(3) Avoid peak dispatch.

Every day from 7:30 to 9:00, from 5 pm to 6:30 pm is the peak dispatch of vehicles, especially on the main roads in the urban area.

The driving speed of the elderly is relatively slow. It is easier to be squeezed and urged on the crowded roads, which makes the mood too tight. It is easy to appear moving machinery when driving, and the oil is not properly matched, which affects driving safety.

Therefore, if there is no urgent matter for the elderly driver, they should try to avoid the peak timetable.

銆€銆€(4) Have a sense of self-protection.

The elderly have relatively poor eyesight and pay special attention to eye protection when driving.

On sunny days, it is best to wear sunglasses, the glare of the sun is extremely harmful, so that the driver is almost in a “blind eye” state, which is very dangerous.

Also pay attention to cleaning the windshield, do not let the dust blur your own line of sight.

After driving for more than two hours, park your car and take care of your hands, shoulders, waist, and activities.

銆€銆€(5) Reduce night traffic.

Visibility at night is very low, the line of sight is blurred, especially on roads without street lights, and there is a slight negligence that is prone to accidents.

Therefore, elderly drivers should try not to travel at night, especially in the latter half of the night. If you have to travel by car in special circumstances, you should be accompanied by others to prevent any accidents.

銆€銆€(6) Traveling in bad weather.

Rain, snow, fog and other weather, the visibility is very low, the road surface is slippery, it is a frequent occurrence of accidents, and it is easy to have road traffic accidents with slight carelessness.

For older drivers, the possibility of a road traffic accident is even greater.

Therefore, the elderly driver should be prepared before going out, quote the weather forecast, understand the weather, try not to drive out in the rain, snow, fog and other weather.

銆€銆€(7) Driving time is not too long.

Older people are older and their physical condition will be worse. Older drivers are prone to fatigue if they drive too long, and fatigue driving is a safe enemy.

Therefore, each time driving should not exceed two hours, it is necessary to arrange a reasonable rest, pay attention to psychological and physiological self-regulation, to ensure that there is plenty of energy when driving.

銆€銆€(8) Be careful when running “high speed”.

The speed on the expressway is extremely fast, overtaking, and there are many situations in the line. Older drivers should be especially careful on the expressway. Try to walk outside the lane, the speed is 70 to 80 kilometers per hour, even if it is a high-end car, the speed is alsoNot more than 100 kilometers.

Before overtaking, be sure to pay attention to the vehicles before and after changing lanes, and leave enough space to take preventive measures.

Sedentary stovepipe practical program

Lead: For many MMs, one day may sit on the brick wall in the office for hours or more, and slowly find the thighs getting stronger and stronger.

Xiaobian shares the sedentary skinny legs and practical programs, so that you can have sedentary legs and sedentary legs.

  See where your thigh problems are?

  Muscles turn into sputum.

  Skinny legs program: restore exercise habits or practice “legs.”

  After the feet are in the first place, the heel is raised.

Then bend your legs, but keep your upper body and heel vertical.

The feet are separated, then bent and the body is bent forward.

The chest is lifted, but the buttocks must remain straight.

The palms are attached to the wall and the feet are closed.

One of the legs is raised back to help the heel touch the buttocks.

  The practice of this set of legs is like this: each action is done 20 to 25 times, once every other day.

After a few weeks, the 6 actions will be done more, and after the 6 actions are completed, rest 60 to 90 seconds and then do it again.

If you have time, you can do it four or five times a week.

  Relaxed skinny legs caused by lack of exercise: In order to maintain a good hip line, targeted sports are performed every day.

  Contraction exercise is one of the most effective ways to build a thigh.

The arms are drooping, one leg knees down, the front is straight and the other leg is straight back until it is parallel to the ground; or in the same position, the other leg is straight in the lateral direction until it is at a 90 degree angle to the body.Do 3 groups (10 times each) for this movement on each leg.

  This exercise can also be carried out while the body is moving forward, with one leg extending and keeping the body straight and the other leg extending sideways and back, attempting to make the thigh straight and parallel to the ground.

Leg stretching can also be done sideways, lying flat on the bed or on the floor, with one leg against the floor and the other leg up until the leg is at a 45-degree angle to the body, then the upper leg is at a 45-degree angleSupport on a table or chair, then lift the leg against the floor and put it close to the upper leg.

  This exercise strengthens the inner and outer muscles of the thigh, rather than just exercising the lateral muscles as before, thus maintaining the balance and symmetry of the thigh.

Recommend a few simple and practical stovepipe legs.

  Soft and strong muscles are an alternative to shaping your legs. Through the various soft exercises described below, you can practice every day to improve the original imperfect leg shape and make it more beautiful and slender.

  Stovepipe legs Step 1: Take a drinking bottle with both hands, the two arms naturally hang down on the body parts, legs together, straight back the spine.

  Step 2: The upper body is kept straight and exhaled. While slowly moving the left leg forward, the center of gravity moves to the left foot and bends the left knee to kneel down.

Note that the right heel cannot be touched.

Then, while exhaling, slowly return to the original position.

Then move the right forward and repeat the above action.

Repeat the left and right feet 10 times.

  Stepper Step 3: Maintain a few seconds in a half-squatting position, and then exhale, while returning to the original posture.

Take a drinking bottle with both hands, with both arms hanging down on both sides of the body, legs close together, and straight back the spine.

  Note: This action is very effective for tightening the thigh muscles. The focus is on the movement of the center of gravity of the body; when the upper body pays attention to the foot that is stepped forward, the center of gravity moves to the front.

Be careful not to overstep the pace. If the pace is too large, it will easily lose balance when you return to the original position.