Carefully move towards disfigured wrong skin care


Carefully move towards disfigured wrong skin care

All kinds of beauty remedies have been popular on the Internet for a long time, and all of them have been so sweet and so credible, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false for a time.

Too many beautiful people are willing to become countless “white mice” willingly, wrong skin care will make you look disfigured.


hzh {display: none; }  1、柠檬是对付斑点的高手?  ”Secret” source: beauty experts rumors to decrypt: citric acid is a type of fruit acid, it can indeed solve the role of clearing the cortex.

But if you apply it to your face, the whitening effect is minimal, especially lemon has a photosensitivity effect. If you apply lemon and then bask in the sun, it will make your skin darker, and stains will come out!

So after you apply lemon slices, be sure to wash your face!

  2. Acne must not be squeezed by hand?

  ”Secret” source: fashion magazine to unravel rumors: In fact, if you go to the hospital to see acne, a dermatologist will squeeze you!

  But the principles inside cannot be ignored: first, make sure that the acne tip is in a liquid state, which means that the acne has matured.

  Second, clean your acne-prone fingers, and don’t forget the dirty things in the nail seams.

  Third, clean your face.

  Fourth, after squeezing acne, use tissue paper to completely absorb the liquid.

  3. Will acne grow with worms?

  ”Secret” Source: TV commercials to dispel rumors and decryption: TV ads are full of bugs, do you remember?

So your cats and dogs have become the object of your fear, and the pillow towels can’t wait to wash them every day!

  In fact, hair follicle cysts have been present in human sebaceous glands and hair follicles since ancient times. However, in addition to distiller’s grains and worm folliculitis, these problems have been proven to be caused by hair follicle cysts. Other skin diseases are actually related to it.It does not matter.

  Hair follicle mites, like other microorganisms parasitizing the surface of the skin, do not cause disease under normal physical conditions, but they can only cause disease when there is a wound on the skin or a problem with the body’s immunity.

Therefore, don’t be scared by the exaggerated advertisement!

  4. A few more layers of foundation can make the skin flawless?

  ”Secret” Source: Japanese movie star Kyoko Fukada Secrets: The stars have flawless skin, is it because the makeup artist has given them multiple layers of foundation?

But imagine that if you dry a face, no amount of powder can make your skin perfect!

However, if you have applied a moisturizing mask or some moisturizing cream, and then quickly apply foundation, the moisture remaining on the surface of the skin and the powder can be perfectly combined, and your foundation will naturally conform, and the skin will alsoIt will naturally be perfect!

  5. Black food will make your skin black, while white food will make you white?

  ”Secret” Source: Big S rumor decryption: This is the famous Big S, but in fact, the black or white grains depend on the amount and distribution of melanin pigment in the body.

Half of our skin color comes from parents and half comes from the influence of acquired factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, before menstruation, pregnancy, etc.

  However, remind people to avoid over-consuming the following foods, such as celery, chives, parsley, red beans and other foods that are sensitive to light. If you eat too much, it will cause dark spots under ultraviolet radiation. For nutritional balance, you should still eat them appropriately.Just eat before going out.

  Similarly, drinking white foods such as milk and sugar cane juice will not whiten your skin; research shows that the same L-vitamin C is calculated based on the amount of skin./ 20.

Therefore, food cannot change your innate color!

  6. Can I avoid wrinkles by sleeping on my back?


hzh {display: none; }  “秘笈”来源:名模希弗   辟谣解密:睡觉的时候,侧睡的确会压皱肌肤,时间久了,皱纹自然会出现在眼周,但如果你仰睡久了,Wrinkles on your neck should be welcome with you!

  Moreover, it is difficult to change the sleeping position in a short period of time. A simple method is to use a satin pillowcase, because it will not compress the skin, and the height of the pillow should not be too high.The height is ideal!

  7. Does lymphatic detox help skin better?

  ”Secret” source: beauty salons to dispel rumors and decryption: have you been tempted by the promotion of “lymphatic detoxification” launched by beauty salons?

In fact, there is no scientific basis for lymphatic detoxification. Lymph circulation is an important part of the body’s circulatory system and plays an important role in the immune response process. It is impossible to completely eliminate toxins from the body through simple guidance.

  Importantly, improper lymphatic detoxification can cause lymphatic circulatory disturbances, varicose veins and stasis of water in the tissues, and even the risk of poisoning.

Therefore, in some cases, as long as the human body functions normally, toxins can be basically discharged.If detoxification is really needed, food conditioning is safer.

  8. If you have acne, you have to apply toothpaste?

  ”Secret” source: The secrets of the friends in the boudoir decryption: Not all toothpaste can work, and it will cause trouble if you apply it wrongly!

Toothpaste whitening teeth often contains hydrogen peroxide. Although it helps promote acne redness and inflammation, improper use can cause skin burns or allergies.

Therefore, I suggest you to replace acne-specific, acne-control products with medicinal formula, which has a direct effect on acne.

  9Can lotion help skin moisturize?

  ”Secret” source: Internet BBS rumor decryption: the main role of lotion is to clean, lotion alone does not help skin moisturizing, if you use alcohol-containing lotion, it is easier to evaporate quickly after application, if you do not rubThe lotion retains water, but I’m afraid that if the skin is rubbed with a single lotion, it will dry out.

  Lotion is the last step of cleaning in Europe. It is the first step of maintenance in the eastern concept of maintenance. It is used as a primer for the next maintenance products and helps the absorption of the products.

  10 tea bags can eliminate dark circles?

  Source of “Secret”: Britney Spears decryption: Although tea contains vitamin C, in the experiment, vitamin C has the function of lightening melanin, but the content is uncontrollable and it does not easily penetrate deep into the skin.
The tannic acid in tea is irritating to the skin, so this method is not recommended to eliminate dark circles.

  For “stubbornness” like dark circles, it is more effective for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic modification.

Emotional prenatal education determines baby intelligence

Emotional prenatal education determines baby intelligence

Experts point out that, in a sense, new, smart and healthy babies must be fathers.

Especially in emotional prenatal education, the role of prospective father integration is very great.

  Emotional prenatal education is to regulate the emotional transmission of pregnant women, make them forget about the troubles and anxieties, create a fresh transition and harmonious mood, and through the role of mother’s neurotransmitter, so that the brain can develop well.

  If the pregnant woman is depressed and highly disturbed during pregnancy, the child will be born with mental retardation, personality quirks, and easy excitement.

  Experts point out that, in a sense, new, smart and healthy babies must be fathers.

Especially in emotional prenatal education, the role of prospective father integration is very great.

  Therefore, the prospective father should do the following four tasks in emotional prenatal education: 1.

Being a “logistics minister” pregnant wife is burdened by the nutrition and life of two people.

If the nutrition is insufficient or the appetite is poor, even if the wife is physically weak, it will seriously affect the intellectual development of the fetus.

Because two-thirds of the material basis of the baby’s intelligence is formed in the early stages.

Therefore, the husband should care about his wife’s nutrition during pregnancy, and make every effort to be the “logistics minister” of his wife and fetus.


Rich life and fun In the morning, I accompany my wife to a fresh environment in the park, woods or fields for a walk, do morning exercises, and assign the wife to bask in the sun during the day.

The wife feels that her husband is warm and considerate, her mood is comfortable and comfortable, and it is also good for the development of the fetus.


Funny and humorous wife because of the great changes in hormone secretion in the body after pregnancy, all kinds of shocking pregnancy reactions, so the mood is not stable, so it is particularly necessary to talk to her husband.

  At this time, the husband should comfort and enlighten his wife with funny language and humorous jokes, which is a good way to stabilize his wife’s mood.

4. Assist the wife’s prenatal education. The husband’s caring and caring for the wife, and the father’s touching and “talking” to the fetus are all effective emotional prenatal educations.

  In general, in the process of prenatal education, the husband should take care of his wife more, let the wife appreciate the warmth of the family, avoid the wife’s negative emotions such as anger, fright, fear, sorrow, and worry, and keep the mood happy and full.

In addition, the husband should actively support his wife’s efforts for prenatal education, take the initiative to participate in the process of prenatal education, accompany his wife to “play” with the fetus, tell stories to the fetus, describe daily work and gains, and let the familiar father have a low and powerful voice, Thus creating a sense of trust.

Love papaya natural nutrition tropical delicious!

Love papaya natural nutrition tropical delicious!

If you want to choose the top ten favorite fruits, it is estimated that papaya must be on the list.

The reason is simple. Just because of its wide range of uses and unique taste, this vibrant little thing makes people love it.

  Tropical style loves papaya, especially its soft and sticky texture. If you put it in the refrigerator and then stutter, it will be smoother than ice cream. It feels wonderful like a first kiss, plus it is mixed with mature milk.And honey, with a bit of sour scent, giving a warm and warm relaxation like the sun, no wonder people in Southeast Asia and Hawaii believe that it has a magical aphrodisiac effect.

I do n’t know, the original papaya is also divided into male and female, generally long strips are male, while the relatively short ones belong to females. For papaya customers who eat it, they usually have a stronger flavor and taste. Female papaya also drips with lemon when eating.Juice is added to the refreshing breath, which can be excessively greasy before.

Usually the papaya on the market comes from Hawaii, Thailand, and Hainan Island. For each flavor, it is difficult to tell who is inferior, because the Hawaiian papaya has the strongest flavor, but it may be more heavily greasy, while Thailand ‘s papayaSweet, Hainan Island’s papaya is the most refreshing, but lacks the sweetness that papaya should have, but they each have their eternal fans.

  The confusion of seeds. Before talking about papaya meat, many people pointed out that the black seed of papaya has an inexplicable fear, and the papaya seed that looks like a black version of pomegranate seeds has no taste, which makes many people misunderstand.Papaya eats seeds but not meat.

The solid wood melon is of course abandoning seeds to eat meat, but papaya seeds do have its magic.

  If you are preparing a big meal while cutting the papaya, you can spread a layer of papaya seeds on the meat while marinating the meat, and then marinate the meat, sauce, and papaya seeds together for about 20 minutes.When you are done, just gently remove the papaya seeds from the meat. Do not rinse with water. The pickled meat will soften the meat because of the natural papaya enzymes unique to the papaya seeds, and the meat will absorb the papaya seeds with a slight sweetness.Fruity, so the meat will be tender and smooth, with a hint of strong aroma.

  Natural nutrition products Papaya is popular in addition to the previously mentioned taste attractive reasons, its nutrition is also outstanding in a variety of fruits, like its natural enzymes make it the most after mealsGood choices, like “One Brother” Yang Guanyi loves to treat his guests with the finest Hawaiian papaya as a dessert.

Because of this unique condition, papaya also makes it a regular guest who appears in the bar on the table.

Like endless papaya fishtail soup, papaya milk, and papaya salad, papaya lactic acid mixed with a Japanese small bottle of lactic acid drink and papaya is popular now, and the healthy family loves to mix corn flakes with yogurt and papaya.
  I don’t know if you have discovered that the finest raw materials like papaya are not needed for cooking and processing. After all, it is really unnecessary to use too complicated forms to sculpt the unique flavor, otherwise it will waste its nutritional advantages., Will also make the taste more chaotic.

It is best to just keep the papaya simple to stir and stew.

  Tips on the nutritional value of papaya1.

Papaya is warm and sour, calms the liver and stomach, relaxes muscles, activates bones, and lowers blood pressure.


The fruit of papaya may have more than 17 kinds of amino acids and calcium, iron, etc., and also contains papain, papaya.


The content of vitamin C in papaya is very high, which is 48 times that of apples.


Papaya can eliminate toxins such as peroxides in the body, purify the blood, and have effects on liver dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension.


Papaya has anti-tumor effect, and can prevent the synthesis of carcinogen nitrosamine, and has anti-cancer activity on lymphocytic leukemia cells.


The enzymes in papaya can help break down meat, reduce the workload of low nitric acid, help digestion, implant constipation, and prevent cancer of the digestive system.


Papaya can balance, strengthen the physiological and metabolic balance of hormones during pregnancy and adolescents and pregnant women.

Minor psychological interventions remain fragile

Minor psychological interventions remain fragile

On October 29, 2008, the China Youth Research Center released the “Report on the Rights and Interests of Minors in China” to the media. The report states that 30% of schools have listed mental health courses as a compulsory course, but the system of psychological intervention for minors is still vulnerable.

  According to the “Juvenile Rights and Interests Survey” of the China Youth Research Center, 34.

0% of schools listed mental health education as a required course, 14.

3% of schools listed mental health education as an elective, 32.

6% of schools offer lectures on mental health education, 15.

Counseling and activities in mental health education were carried out in 3% of schools, 7.

5% of schools are equipped with counselling rooms, only 3.

8% of schools are not replaced by any form of mental health education.

  Slightly, from December 2007 to January 2008, the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences surveyed the mental health status of minors aged 12 to 18 in 15 cities and 17 cities across the country.OK, of which 17.

2% mental health was “good”, 66.

6% are at a “good” level.

In addition, there are 13.

8% have a “poor” mental health status, 2.

3% mental health was “poor”.

  Sun Yunxiao, a member of the “Report on the Rights and Interests of Minors in China”, said that psychological intervention by schools on minors is still fragile.

“Our investigation found that some of the school’s psychological counselors are teachers of politics, some are counsellors, and some are teachers of other courses who have completed a degree in psychology.

In short, when a child has a psychological problem, these counselors are still teachers for the child and it is difficult to provide psychological counseling.

And when the child has serious psychological problems, the school does not have the ability to perform psychological treatment.

Dr. Sun suggested that, referring to foreign forms, routine humanized psychological counseling services should be set up in schools, and the school’s psychological counseling room should liaise with professional hospitals.

The school can contact the hospital in time when it is found that the child’s psychological problems require a professional doctor.

Hand shake fitness is simple and effective, but with good breathing

Hand shake fitness is simple and effective, but with good breathing

Hand shake is a well-established fitness method for teenagers. He Zhongtao, associate professor of the Sichuan Institute of Sports Science, believes that hand shake is a feasible and effective fitness for people who lack motor skills and habits, especially the elderly.Methods can be done at home and outdoors.

  Some studies suggest that shaking hands can regulate the conversion of nervous system excitement and inhibition, enhance the function of the respiratory system, improve blood circulation, move the shoulders, elbow joints, and suffer from periarthritis. It is also a very good exercise method for those with lower limb mobility.

  The shaking hand is simple and the posture is exquisite.

Before you shake your hands, stand upright and relax, with your eyes looking straight ahead, your feet separated by shoulder width, your arms hanging down naturally, and your palms facing inward.

When shaking hands, both arms swing back and forth with the movement of the waist and legs.

When the arms are swinging forward, the vertical line to the body should not exceed 60 degrees, and the vertical line to the body when back swinging should not exceed 30 degrees.

During exercise, pay attention to breathing. You can use the frequency of inhaling the arm twice, and exhaling the arm three times. After a period of practice, you can gradually extend the expiration time.

The intensity adopts 60 swings per minute, and each exercise time is preferably 15 minutes.

  He Zhongtao reminded that it is not appropriate to shake hands after obesity or immediately after a meal.

When shaking hands, the practitioner should consciously adjust the breathing rhythm, breathing properly and slowly.

Measure what works best for you?

Measure what works best for you?

Question: There are a couple of men and women, talking, the girl is smiling, so what exactly does this man say to this woman in your eyes?

  A: You are so versatile and smart B: You are so lively and generous C: Your taste is so good, you are always beautiful and stylish D: You are really gentle A: You are so gentle and really smart: A: You are all-rounded and really smart-hot, moving. You are a person who can express your likes and dislikes plainly. Because you are never afraid to arbitrarily affect your emotions, others are a warm home.

I will actively work hard on the things I desire, the harder it is to achieve, the more I want to complete, I do n’t like the old-fashioned way of life.

  B: You are really lively and generous-cautious, the safe type is a person who often has an unrealistic ranking, but when things happen, decisions must be made and they are quite conservative, but they will faithfully work hard to complete the tasks that have been explained, Will be loved by the elders in the company and at home, and will never resist the elders for their own opinions.

  C: Your taste is really good. You are always dressed up beautifully-rebellious, rebellious. When you are instructed to do things, you will never do it well.

I hate generalization very much, and very talented in creation. I will never give up on what I think is right, and will fight to the end.

  D: You are so gentle-reasonable, intellectual, you may be regarded by your friends as a very cold, ruthless person, because you rarely show overreaction to anything, such as yelling.

Because when you encounter something, you usually analyze, organize, and make decisions from various angles, and you will not be judged by feelings. It is very suitable for compulsory teaching work or judicial administrative related work.

Pediatric tenderness and medication should be harmonious

Pediatric tenderness and medication should be “harmonious”

Chinese medicine believes that children have the physiological characteristics of tender and delicate organs, vitality, and rapid development, as well as pathological characteristics of easy onset, rapid change, and easy recovery.
Therefore, Chinese medicine should pay attention to the following points in the treatment of pediatric diseases.
The main treatment is to dispel the evil, and also to correct the evil. In this way, the symptoms and root causes are treated simultaneously, so that the evil is gone and recuperated.
  Second, we must taste a small amount to win with light.
The medicinal taste should be less, usually 2-5.
The dose is 1/5 to 1/2 of the adult according to the age and weight of the sick child.
  Third, a small number of frequent services to suit the pathology.
Generally fry twice a day for 1 dose, remove the residue and take the juice. After mixing, take 6 warm servings.
Medication should be calculated in time, avoid day and night stop.
  Fourth, the disease should be stopped immediately to avoid injury.
Pediatric medication should be stopped when the condition is healed, and it should never be taken again to avoid damage to righteousness or other diseases.

Stop aging and clear the body’s aging substances

Stop aging and clear the body’s “aging substances”

Lead: Don’t think that aging is a very distant thing. If you don’t pay attention to maintaining your body, one day you may find that your free radicals are trapped and signs of aging begin to appear.
Fighting aging is largely against free radicals. Let’s learn how to fight free radicals together.
  When does aging start: poor memory, presbyopia, and low mood? When any signs of the body appear, you are starting to age?
When we clearly remember the scenes of the past student days, but we are vague about what happened in the previous moment, it means that our brain power has begun to deteriorate.
For example, the capacity of our computer is limited. When you store it for decades, there is no extra space to continue to hold new messages.
  Then, you noticed that as long as you stared at the computer screen for three consecutive hours, your eyes would feel particularly sour, or you could no longer continue to watch movies after reading a book, at this time it is your turn to wear glasses.Reading glasses!
And then, your crystalline lens or retina will begin to develop lesions and cause cataracts and retinal degeneration that are well known.
  However, the most interesting thing is the appearance of small fine lines, dark spots or liver spots on the skin.
Among them, liver plaque is most often misunderstood, and it is often thought that it is a liver problem. In fact, it is only because its color is similar to that of pig liver, but in fact it is due to changes in female hormones.
Another obvious thing is fine lines. Especially European and American people tend to have wrinkles on their faces from the age of 30 to 40. Mainly because they like to bask in the sun, and the longer they are directly exposed to the sun, the more free radicals generated in the body willAccelerates skin aging.
  There is also an aging phenomenon that is often overlooked, that is, the sex hormones in the body begin to decline, which will not only affect sexual life and fertility, but also cause us to feel emotionally depressed.
Do n’t underestimate this point, because in the past you may feel a sense of physical and mental joy and happiness immediately after you ‘ve finished a steak and a plate of fried noodles, but you ‘re over forty years old.It is impossible to return to the former contented pleasure, which is caused by the decline of androgens in the body.
  Modern medicine is developed, and our appearance that has changed due to aging can be improved through medical cosmetology technology or intensive maintenance. However, once the internal aging causes chronic diseases such as:
Cardiovascular diseases, or elevated three high indices (including high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia) can cause stroke or myocardial infarction in severe cases, with the risk of immediate death or disability.
The general public is often horrified by cancer, but I think strokes cause instantaneous disability or myocardial infarction cause instant death. It is more terrible. The two often occur without warning. They may be full of energy during the day and suddenly attack in the afternoon.Unexpected!
  Common signs of aging include gastrointestinal issues, stomachache, flatulence, diarrhea, or constipation. These are all obvious signs.
Others such as joint pain, osteoporosis, muscle loss or obesity are all signs of aging.
Among them, obesity reminds me of an interesting statistic I did when I was in graduate school, and I found that this group of people whose standard weight is increased by 10% has the longest life expectancy. According to statistics from around the world, after 65 years,Those who are underweight often have a higher mortality rate than those who are overweight.
This is mainly because once the human body becomes ill, it needs energy to repair it. If it is too light, it cannot store enough energy to rebuild health. Therefore, deliberately losing weight for the appearance, or even being too light, will not be worth the loss!
  In addition, sexual function will also gradually deteriorate due to changes in sexual hormones. We use the traditional Chinese medicine theory of Huangdi Internal Classic to help memory: general women begin to decline in estrogen at the age of 28, and menopause at the age of 49;In men, the process is slow, and male hormones start to decline at the age of 32, and then enter the menopause stage at the age of 64.
  Free radicals are “single nuisances” in the human body. Actually, the causes of aging come from various levels, including the harm of free radicals, hormonal imbalances (such as anti-stress hormones, sex hormones, thyroid hormones and growth hormones, etc.), and other intestinal deficiencies.Bacteria, enzyme deficiency and excessive saccharification.
  People most often hear “free radicals”. In simple terms, a free radical is a very active and unstable electron on a molecule. When it comes in contact with other molecules, it will pass this unstable electron to other molecules.Will cause the destruction of genetic material in the cell membrane or nucleus.
As an analogy, consider these free radicals as beauties on the road and cause a commotion in front of a group of men. Even if the men are married, they are still attracted to her and start to blame.
In other words, these free radicals are regarded as “single nuisances”. Because they are “single”, they will find another companion from other places, and they will also specifically look for “husband-in-law.”The process of searching for and destroying causes a chain reaction. Once the body does not have enough ability to repair, the destruction will endlessly continue. For example, the destruction of cells will cause cancer, the destruction of blood vessels will lead to embolism, and the destruction of skin will produce fine lines andDark spots.
  Can free radicals be destroyed endlessly?
In fact, as long as you add more antioxidant nutrients, quit smoking and eat less fried food, you can turn things around!
  In fact, in order to prevent the destruction of free radicals in daily life, the prevention work we can do is also very simple!
First of all, excessive exposure to sunlight will generate free radicals, which directly affects our skin and eyes.
所以出门要记得穿上长袖衣服,戴上太阳眼镜及使用遮阳伞这里特别提醒大家防止紫外线有以下方法:  涂抹防晒保养品  如果你真想晒太阳,一天当中请把握两个时段:上午九点Before, after 3pm, try to avoid going out at other times, this is the best principle to protect the skin.
  Furthermore, the environment also contains many toxins that harm the body, such as air pollution, radiation glands, free active nicotine caused by smoking, or fish on the table containing heavy metals. These environmental toxins can also cause aging.
Another very important factor will cause chronic inflammation in the body, such as work stress, fried food at high temperatures, which not only cause cancer or atherosclerosis, but also gradually reduce anti-stress hormones.
  In addition, Dingdong should try to avoid strenuous exercise, because it will produce a lot of free radicals. Therefore, exercise is good for physical and mental health, but you must choose the right way. For example, do more aerobic exercises and grasp the principle.
When you run, if you meet a friend and say hello, if you can still clearly respond to the other without dying, you will find the right aerobic exercise.
  If you want to add more antioxidants through your diet, it is recommended to take more vitamins A, C, and P. These can be obtained from red, yellow, green vegetables, fruits, or low-temperature vegetable oils. Eating more spinach can supplement coenzyme Q10.Can glutathione, lipoic acid, etc. be taken from some nutrients?
They are obtained in health foods, and these help us stabilize free radicals.
  Beware of vascular aging: aging will cause energy changes in our body, but in fact, fatal crisis caused by vascular aging is also a problem that needs to be seriously faced during aging.
First of all, when it comes to vascular embolism, most people will think of high cholesterol, and the lack of pro-methylating factors is also one of the reasons. It usually occurs in people who smoke, so I would recommend quitting smoking or supplementing with vitamin B12 and folic acid.  In addition, inflammation of the blood vessels can also cause vascular embolism, because when inflammation occurs, white blood cells will go to repair, but at the same time, the plasma will be deposited in the same place, eventually causing blood vessel sclerosis and stenosis.

However, certain conditions can cause inflammation of blood vessels?

It is usually caused by excessive blood free radicals or high blood pressure in hypertension patients.

In addition, blood clots are also the leading cause of vascular embolism. Once the blood clots block the blood vessels, they can cause stroke or myocardial infarction.

The formation of blood clots in blood vessels is mostly related to arrhythmia, abnormal coagulation function, sedentary or insufficient water diffusion.

  Therefore, in order to prevent the rise of high blood pressure, it is recommended to eat more high-fiber foods and avoid opening the internal organs, egg yolks, shelled seafood and fatty meat; if you just want to improve and improve in a short time, you can pass the appropriateMedication or taking red pupa to lower cholesterol.

Furthermore, pay attention to the glycemic index. The best way is to control your weight and exercise regularly.

Finally, remind everyone to relieve stress is the most important thing in life, because stress is the main source of all autonomic nervous, physical and psychological diseases.

The more men learn, the more they cry.

The more men learn, the more they cry.

In people’s impressions, when a couple conflicts, it is often women who like to cry.

However, the results of a sample survey of 3,200 married couples in urban and rural areas of young people were somewhat unexpected. Young, highly educated urban husbands were more likely to cry when a couple clashed.

  The survey showed that up to 12% of young husbands who have been married for less than 5 years have cried, while only 5% of men have been married for more than 26 years; 12% of urban husbands have cried before their wives, and only 4% of rural men;11% are educated, and only 4% are educated.

  In cities, men with higher cultural levels often agree more on gender equality. Therefore, when husbands and wives conflict, they often try to overwhelm and dominate their wives with the advantages of natural physical strength and social resources.

People with higher cultural levels often have the expected self-control, leading to a sharp deterioration in conflict situations.

Because being abused, beaten, etc. can easily hurt each other’s feelings and aggravate contradictions, mature, sane husbands often do silly things such as beating people and throwing things. In the essence of irritability and imbalance, theyCrying is one of the other alternatives. Crying is one of them.

  Studies have confirmed that more highly educated husbands use non-violent channels such as sulking, not doing housework, or disregarding children, to repel grievances, significantly more than education-level alternatives.

  Experts believe that this has not harmed the husband’s dignified image of men, on the contrary, it has also improved the mental health of men.

At the same time, crying by the husband may make the wife feel the anger and sorrow of her husband, and her emotions and desires are deeper, and she truly understands the true meaning of “man also needs care”.

The old man wears a bright spring: adjusts the mood to relieve stress

The old man wears a bright spring: adjusts the mood to relieve stress

Dry trees, dark shades, we are easily depressed after a winter.

When spring comes, it is dry and dry, and people are more likely to become anxious and bored.

Especially for old friends, in order to spend a healthy and happy spring, you should change the winter “black and white gray” plain clothes as soon as possible, and put on colorful and new clothes.

  According to the ancient Indian health theory, each color has its own special energy.

From the aspect of warm and cold color, when you see red and yellow, some people will think of flowers, the sun, and have a warm feeling. When you see white and gray, you will think of ice and snow, cloudy, and you will feel lost.

From the perspective of color psychology, spring is suitable for wearing orange, yellow, red or green.

  Green is suitable for all seniors.

Green is the color of spring. In the spring when the grass grows, it is a good choice to adjust the mood with green and balance health.

Especially wearing green sportswear to go out in the countryside, spring tour, you can broaden your mood, ease tension and eliminate fatigue.

  Orange is suitable for elderly people with emotional ups and downs, especially women.

Low pressure in spring is easy to cause disorder of brain hormone secretion. The changing weather will cause people to change their mood earlier, and there are symptoms such as worry, sleep disorder and loss of appetite, especially for middle-aged and elderly women.

Wearing orange clothes can effectively counter these bad emotions, making people feel full of life, but also stimulate appetite and refresh the spirit.

Similar to orange, yellow also makes people feel cheerful and their appetite is wide open.

  Red is suitable for older friends with chronic diseases.

Red is the most vital color, which helps to improve people’s mental state and improve the laziness and lack of energy brought by winter.

Old people with poor health can wear a red dress and feel refreshed, but people with high blood pressure should try not to wear red to prevent blood pressure from rising.

  In addition, some conservative elderly people, if you do not want to wear brightly colored clothes, you can try wearing a top-colored hat, wearing some costumes with floral embellishments, or more with some agate, green jade necklace,Both can alleviate the feeling of depression and adjust the emotions unconsciously.