These 6 hormones determine that you lose weight into unsuccessful

These 6 hormones determine that you lose weight into unsuccessful

Hormones can affect your appetite, metabolism, weight. but don’t worry, as long as you learn to control, it can also help you lose weight successfully!

  Hormones play an active role in regulating mood, affecting appetite, and controlling metabolism, enabling the body to reach a healthy state.

However, it is also likely to affect.

Unbalanced hormone secretion can damage the body’s balance.

In other words, its main task is to convey information to certain organs, what to do, what not to do.

For example, it will send a signal to the brain to work for a day to sleep; or tell the stomach that you need to eat something.1.

Two major factors in insulin-stimulating appetite affecting appetite are: insulin secreted by the pancreas and plasma proglucagon.

They are all a kind of hormone.

  When you eat, the fracture secretes insulin, helping the nutrients quickly reach the inside of the cell and transform it into energy for the body to consume.

If prolonged fasting, or after exercise, the millennium will secrete micro-glucagon.

At this time, people will have a sense of drought, and even their appetite is better than usual.

  Eating abnormally or eating too much sugar will increase blood sugar levels and then increase the increase.

And the increase in insulin will stimulate you and want to eat more sugar.

Just like a vicious circle: eating sugar – more and more – want to eat more sugar.

The result can be imagined: the waist circumference increases in a circle.

  Solution: Replenish energy in time after work or exercise.

Especially for lunch and dinner, be sure to eat on time.

Of course, what you eat is also very particular.

It must be nutritious and not too much sugar.

Vegetables, fruits, cereals. these low-level foods are a good choice.


Insulin – the higher the age, the more likely it is to get too fat and often eat too much, which can lead to a vicious circle: crushing requires more insulin to be processed to treat the food.

At the same time, because the big aunt block is not easy to be broken down, when the weight is increased, the body needs to secrete more hormones to help digestion and absorption.

To make matters worse, long-term insulin levels can cause diabetes.

In recent years, the increase in the number of children with diabetes has been mainly caused by overnutrition and unhealthy diet.

  As you age, the effects of insulin are reduced.

Scientists believe that this is also the reason why women tend to gain weight after being older.

  Reason: If you don’t want to grow older and get fatter, you need to balance the relationship between diet and exercise.

Eating only low-calorie foods is difficult to achieve weight loss. Only by combining exercise with diet can the side effects of hormones be eliminated.


Cortisol – Under heavy pressure under pressure, the adrenal glands secrete a hormone called cortisol, which ensures that people have enough energy.

Without the help of leather alcohol, it is difficult for us to maintain a tight working condition under great pressure.

Unfortunately, leather alcohol also stimulates the body’s desire for food, especially sugar and sugar.

In fact, scientists have found that women with high work stress have higher levels of cortisol in the body than ordinary people. They prefer to eat and eat more than ordinary people.

  Even if the pressure is bigger and the work is busy, the transitions you eat will not be consumed.

Over time, the gradually growing lower abdomen gradually became larger, gradually rising, and the “swim ring” appeared at the waist.

  Solution: Exercise every day.

Not only can regulate the secretion of hormones, but also relieve the pressure of work and life.Scientists pointed out that in order to maintain optimism and healthy physiological state, exercise at least 5 times a week, not 30 minutes each time.

Walking slowly, yoga. are all ways to relieve stress.


Estrogen-Promoting Physiological Period Increases Diet From the week before the physiological period to the end of the physiological period, women will unconsciously become interested in snacks such as sugar and chocolate.

Weight has increased quietly in these days.

In fact, these changes are not easy to find, or you simply don’t realize that you have eaten a lot.

Because, not the brain tells you to eat, but the hormones are doing tricks.

It will affect your appetite and make you make a subliminal action.

  Prevention: During this period, due to the influence of estrogen, the increased body weight is actually the water accumulated in the body.

In general, after the physiological period, the body returns to normal working condition, the accumulated water is excreted, and the body weight returns to normal.

Therefore, it does not make sense to limit the diet at this time.

To lose weight, you don’t have to deliberately avoid the physiological period. Whenever the method is correct, you will definitely receive the expected results.


Estrogen – A full-fledged female body that acts as a sex hormone. Estrogen helps women prepare for fertility.

Even if you don’t have a plan to have a baby, estrogen will affect your body shape after physiological maturity, and gradually fill your chest, abdomen, buttocks and other parts.

Adults hoarding these areas can even protect the fetus and maintain a normal physiological cycle.

  This characteristic of women is determined by genes and gender.

Therefore, it is basically impossible to try to completely change the body curve.

Excessive exercise, or not eating at all, can cause sexual indifference, infertility and other symptoms, which will lead to diseases such as osteoporosis.

  Reason: If your body mass index (BMI) exceeds 25, then you have a high risk of heart disease, chronic diseases such as cancer, and you should lose weight properly.

However, as long as you are healthy, don’t overdo the slim body.

Too thin, it is not good for bones.

  * BMI calculation formula: body weight (kg) ÷ height (meter) squared 6.

Gastric Ulcer – A recent study that makes dieters more obese: The cause of weight loss, even if dieting, is partly due to the role of consciousness.

In addition, it is also associated with a hormone that is suffering from ghrelin.

This hormone secreted by the stomach can increase appetite.

During your diet, the amount of gastric ulcerin will increase.

Those who take a dieting method to lose weight, the content of gastric ulcerin in the body is 24% higher than normal.

At this time, their appetite is also more vigorous, and it is easy to eat more without knowing it.

This is the first priority for dieting to lose weight.

  Solution: Why gastric ulcer can destroy weight loss, but not all dieters will face this problem.

If you can maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, the weight loss process will be easier and more thorough.

Weight loss experts encourage everyone, as long as you insist on exercise, not overeating, and maintain a positive attitude, you will definitely get a healthy body shape!

Test who you will fall in love with

Test who you will fall in love with

Translation: You decide to move out and live alone, but the apartment is empty. What do you want to buy first?


Curtains 2.

Bed 3.

Washing machine 4.

Phone answer analysis: 1.

If you choose “curtain”, you will interact with honest and reliable people. Closing the curtain is your two-person world. It doesn’t need to be flashy, simple and simple.


If you choose “bed” and choose this answer, you will interact with people who are wild and unruly.

Some people say that the bed can grind a person’s enjoyment of life. You are a person who feels very heavy, and the wild and unruly opposite sex can attract you most.


Choose “Washing Machine”. If you choose this answer, you will associate with romantic people.

You want more time to create romance with your loved ones, so the more complicated the housework is, of course, the better.


Choose “phone” and choose the person who answers this question. You will interact with cheerful and outgoing people.

Chat with friends and family, and social occasions of all sizes will bring you joy, so the cheerful and talkative opposite sex is the most interesting to you.

Things to watch out for when practicing hot yoga

Things to watch out for when practicing hot yoga

First, practitioners should strengthen the moisturizing care of the throat to avoid damage to the respiratory system; second, the high temperature environment makes people’s metabolism very strong, which is a kind of consumption in itself, it is recommended to do some less powerful yoga exercises;People with severe cold, fever, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, hypertension should not practice hot yoga; Fourth, those who have recovered from a serious illness or have just undergone surgery should not practice hot yoga; Five, do not have difficulty during the physiological periodToo much movement and upside-down posture; six, severe smokers and excessive alcohol drinkers should not practice hot yoga; seven, you can take vitamin B before practicing hot yoga to prevent dehydration, absorb vitamin C and E after class antioxidant; eight, take cold medicineOr people who lose weight should not practice hot yoga. Nine, if the body trembles, is tight during the exercise, or the original action can not be achieved, it means that the muscles have begun to fatigue, you should rest in time; ten, during the exerciseIn the middle, we must obey the coach.

There are many benefits to eating shiitake mushrooms in winter!

There are many benefits to eating shiitake mushrooms in winter!

Shiitake, also known as shiitake, is a tonic food for the winter season.

The flavor of shiitake mushrooms is Gan Ping, which is recorded in Chinese medicine books.

“Bencao seeking truth” said: “Shiitake mushrooms are sweet and flat, powerful and beneficial to the stomach, and help to urinate.

“Daily Materia Medica” said: “Yi Qi, not thirsty, cure wind and blood.

“Mushrooms have the effects of nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and supporting acne, and are suitable for diseases such as chronic illness, weak appetite, frequent urination, hypertension, diabetes, anemia, tumors, and arteriosclerosis.

  The mushroom contains 20 grams of protein per 100 grams of dried product, and the fiber is estimated to be 31.

6 grams, 30 sugars.

9 grams, 20 grams micrograms of carotene and linoleic acid, trehalose, adenine, various vitamins and trace elements.

  In recent years, it has been confirmed that the interferon-trapping organisms contained in shiitake mushrooms can induce interferon production in the body and prevent colds.

Ergosterol contained in shiitake mushrooms can be converted into vitamin D in the human body to prevent rickets in children.

The polysaccharides in shiitake mushrooms have anti-cancer effects.

After cancer surgery, 10 grams of locust can be used, decoction, once a day, as an adjuvant treatment.

In addition, shiitake mushrooms also contain a nucleic acid substance that can inhibit the rise of serum and plasma in the liver, prevent vascular sclerosis and lower blood pressure. It is a good food therapy for patients with hypertension, arterial rest and diabetes.

  Fragrant lice and wild toadstools are easily replaced.

There are more than 80 types of tumors, which contain muscarinic and oncolysin. They will be poisoned or even die after eating. They should be distinguished strictly.

Eating sushi can measure your love charm

Eating sushi can measure your love charm

You accidentally eat spicy wasabi sushi. When the spicy punches your brain, what will be your next move?

  A, drink tea or boiled water B, do nothing, just bear with it C, enjoy the spicy feeling D, drink a large mouthful of Cola E, eat other dishes and change to taste A, drink tea or boiled water love 40 points:Persevering you will only give it blindly, and you will not wake up until you love wrong.

This type of person knows how to tolerate each other, and hopes that their silent efforts can touch each other, but if you do not find the right person, your emotional path will be tortuous.

  B, do nothing, just put up with 80 points in love: you can afford to let down your feelings, and you will never suffer for love.

This type of person was once trapped in love, but now they have turned into cocoons, and think that it feels best to be free and comfortable.

  C, enjoy the spicy feeling 55 points in love: lie to the dead you are not worthy of life, like to “sweat” each other with sweet words.

This type of person is romantic and simple, and feels that both parties must be able to share their feelings when they are in love.

  D, drink a big mouthful of Cola love, 99 points: you know how to show your charm, and fascinate each other.

This type of person has the characteristics of a peacock. As long as he has the opposite sex, he will show his strengths and try to fascinate the other person.

  E, eat another dish and change the taste of love 20 points: the tighter you stare, the tighter the pressure, the other party will only escape the farther and farther.

Once this type of person falls in love with the other person, they will give up all their feelings, but this will make the other party feel very stressed, which leads to the idea of wanting to escape.

7 small ways to stop snoring

7 small ways to stop snoring

Most people are accustomed to snoring and don’t take it for granted, and some people think of snoring as a sound sleep.

However, frequent snoring may cause severe hypoxia in the brain and blood, and suffer from hypertension, arrhythmia, and myocardial infarction.

Recently, the US “Maximize News” network health channel summarized several methods to suppress snoring, and everyone does not hinder reference to one or two.

  Wear double stretch socks during the day.

If too much blood accumulates in the calf during the day, the blood will return to initialization when lying down, causing snoring.

The University of Toronto study found that people with chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs can reduce calf blood accumulation by wearing elastic socks during the day, and snoring can be reduced by half when worn for two weeks.

  Take a shower before going to bed.

If the nose is always not ventilated at night, you may wish to take a hot bath before going to bed to help open the nasal cavity. You can also use saline to clean the sinuses and reduce snoring.

  Pillow up.

Lying on your back will press your tongue and chin against the back of your throat, narrowing your airways and triggering snoring.

If there is snoring in the supine position, it is recommended to switch to the side position, or put a book under the pillow to raise it.

  Get a new pillow.

Pillows are prone to ash accumulation, breeding mites, causing allergies and causing snoring.

If the pillow is used for more than half a year, it is recommended to replace it with a new one; the pillowcases and sheets should be washed with hot water every week to remove mites; hard core pillows and soft cores are not likely to cause snoring.

  Use a humidifier.

Dry air is prone to snoring. If the bedroom is dry, a humidifier is recommended before bedtime.

  Sing every day.

Singing can strengthen your throat muscles and help prevent snoring.

Studies have shown that snoring will decrease if you sing for 20 minutes a day for 3 months.

  Don’t drink at night.

Alcohol can numb the throat muscles, hinder breathing, and make it easier to snore, which is why some people sizzle when drunk.

It is recommended not to drink alcohol 4 hours before bedtime.

  If you still snoring after trying the above measures, you may have problems with sleep apnea, etc. We recommend consulting your doctor.

Snowman is gone

Snowman is gone

Knowing that the story will end in sorrow, I doubled my attention to the happiness when I was with the Yeti, doubled my cherishment, and doubled my emotions . this is the most fascinating part of the fictional emotional experience: even tragedy can bringCome happy.

  ”Snowman” is a wordless book that tells a great story.

  One winter morning, when the boy woke up, he found snow falling outside the window.

He impatiently put on his clothes, shoes and hat, and rushed out of the house.

What is the happiest thing to do on such a heavy snow day?

Of course-haha, you see-he made a great snowman, which is twice as big as himself!

The hat and scarf on the snowman, the big big briquette button, the special small briquette eyes, the most fun is the red orange nose.

By the way, I still have a mouth, so I draw one with my finger, and both sides of the long mouth are raised upwards.

The snowman laughed!

  The boy loves his snowman so much that he always lies at the window to watch the snowman.

At night, my mother managed to coax him to sleep.

But that night, something magical happened.

At 12 midnight, the boy awakened from his sleep. He quietly walked down the stairs, opened the door of the house, and found that the snowman was alive. He was taking off his hat and greeting him!

  The boy enthusiastically invited the snowman to his home.

The icy giant was so excited that he sat by the fireplace like other guests.

What, the fireplace!

The snowman was terrified by the fire in the fireplace, and the boy quickly pulled him away.

Yeti thinks everything in the house is amazing. He is curious to watch TV, turn on the lights, turn off the lights, turn on the lights again, and then turn off the lights . the best place is the kitchen.

Guess what the snowman likes most in the kitchen?

  It turns out that the refrigerator is the “fireplace” of the snowman.

The boy took the snowman to visit various places in the house. The snowman also tried on his mother’s hat and his father’s suspenders.

They went to play in the garage again.

The boy also invited the snowman to have supper. It turned out that the snowman’s favorite food is big ice cubes.

  Next, it was the snowman’s turn to take the boy out to play.

The snowman pulled the boy out of the gate and set foot on the vast snow.

They ran all the way, and then flew into the sky, just like the wind.

  They flew over the wasteland, across the city, I don’t know how far they flew, and finally flew to a highest rooftop platform, a magnificent snow scene in front of them!

Later, they saw a touch of red in the east. Not good, the sun was coming out.

The snowman hurriedly flew the boy home.

  The beautiful night is about to pass, the boy really can’t bear it!

  The next day, when the boy woke up, it was already sunny outside.

The boy ran down the stairs and rushed out of the door-he couldn’t believe that there was only a pile of snow, a hat, a scarf, and a few briquettes underground.

What about his snowman?

  This book does not have a single word, but the story in the picture is particularly clear. It can be understood by children as young as 3 years old.

But the book I bought for myself at first, every time I read it, it always makes me remember, it reminds me of many things when I was young, happy and sad.

  On a hot evening in the south, my daughter found the book from the bookshelf, so we shared it together.

We read slowly, each telling the story pointed out in the painting.

Finally, when we saw the pile of snow, a hat, a scarf, a few briquettes, and the boy’s back in the snow, the daughter was quiet.After closing the book, for a while, she asked quietly, “What about the snowman?”

Where did he go?

“At that time, my daughter was almost five years old.

She went to the north to see the snow and made a snowman once.

Obviously, she knew that the snowman in the story had melted, but she still had to ask, because that was not the answer she wanted.

Actually, I also asked myself this question, maybe everyone who was moved by this story would ask.

  The painter Brigger must have asked this question.

When telling the previous story, he did not hesitate to paint more than 160 large and small frames, each page is very rich, and brought us into this romantic snowy day, reluctantly.

But on this last page, he only left a small picture frame, there was only a small pile of snow in the picture, and even the boy only showed us the back view.

The entire page is empty. If it is expressed in words, it can only be a lot of ellipsis . It is not an easy question to answer in words.

I can only carry my daughter and gently say to her: When winter comes, let’s go to the north to watch the snow together, and go to make a snowman together.

  I like to tell hilarious stories to my children, but sometimes I also like to tell some slightly sad stories.

In addition to “Snowman”, some “Dinosaur Warm Stories”, “I have a friendship to rent”, “Rainbow Flowers”, etc., are somewhat sentimental.

To children, the story is like a window, letting them touch the world, and at the same time discovering their own hearts.

The story is fictional, but the emotional experience that is reproduced is real. A good story can not only give us this real experience, but also bring it beauty.

  How many parents are worried about whether the fictional emotional experience will adversely affect their children?

Of course, you don’t have to worry too much. Just as the child naturally accepted “Santa is fictional” when he grows up, the child will naturally distinguish between reality and fictional reality as he grows up.

They can also understand the fun of fiction, and many older children are also happy to play with adults to “coax” children with Santa.

  I once told my daughter a “Lion in Love”, which is a story about a dog mother adopting a baby lion. It looks very simple on the surface, but when she heard that the dog mother died, she burst into tearsout of hand.

I just realized that for her enthusiastic “puppy fan”, she must not read the story of a puppy’s death, which is intolerable to her, even if the story is no better.

Well, do n’t talk, do n’t talk about it, the emotional experience does n’t have to be deliberate.

A day and a half watermelon to cool down and relieve heat, anti-aging

A day and a half watermelon to cool down and relieve heat, anti-aging

When the heat comes, eating a few watermelons will quench thirst and relieve the heat. No wonder people call it “the king of fruits”.

Watermelon is rich in vitamins, proteins, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and other minerals, as well as glutamic acid, arginine, fructose, etc., are rare and good fruits.

  There are many kinds of watermelons, and the following are common in the market: First, the black beauty. The watermelon fruit has a long oval shape, the melon is smaller, the peel is dark green, and there are not obvious stripes.

Generally large and precocious, the peel is thin and tough, and the flesh is tender and juicy.

  The second is the flower-skinned watermelon, which is oval in shape and relatively large in size. The color of the skin is light green and dark green. It is more common in the north, late ripening, crispy, and high in sugar.

  The third is special Xiaofeng, which is the representative of the small watermelon of Huang Huang. The fruit is neat in shape, the flesh is crystal yellow, the meat is extremely tender and crisp, sweet and juicy, less fiber, and not resistant to storage and transportation.

  According to experts, seedless watermelons are crossed with two kinds of seeds. “Ordinary watermelon seeds have two sets of chromosomes, called diploids. After treatment, the diploids become tetraploids.When crossed, a triploid watermelon is produced, which has no reproductive capacity and therefore has no seeds.

“Experts said that a day and a half of watermelon can cool down and relieve heat, and have an anti-aging effect.

Gastrointestinal problems and diabetic patients should eat less.

Foot massage is both health and treatment

Foot massage is both health and treatment

The doctor treats the patient by massaging the reflex area of the soles of the feet.

  Reflexology services from traditional to modern, Chinese medicine clinics, reflexology parlors, modern spas, health products companies, etc., all provide services to customers (patients), which shows the popularity of reflexology.

  The Principle of Foot Massage is briefly described in the “Foot Heart” of “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”: all organs and organs of the human body have reflection areas on the soles of the feet, and massage is used to stimulate the reflection areas. Through blood circulation and nerve conduction, it can regulate the functional balance and restore organ function, Received the effect of retired fitness.

  According to TCM theory, people have “four roots”-ear roots, nose roots, milk roots, and foot roots, of which the roots are the roots of the four roots.

The old feet of the human body decay first, and the dried roots of the wood are exhausted first, showing the nature of the feet on the human body.

  Lin Yuxin, a physiotherapist who uses the reflex area as a treatment, said that foot massage is a way of health care, and some doctors treat patients by massaging the reflex area of the foot.

  He said: “Feet on the ground, gravity cannot keep the blood from flowing back. Through foot massage, it stimulates blood circulation and allows blood to come back up to strengthen the body.

  ”There are tens of thousands of nerves and blood vessels on the soles of the feet and toes. Even if it is not massaging the reflex area, just massaging the soles of the feet has a health effect.

“In the treatment method, the foot massage is to stimulate the points, lines, bands and zones on the soles of the feet and legs. It is not just purely massaging the reflex zones on the soles of the feet.

  During massage, someone feels pain. Is the problem with the masseur or the patient?

  ”Usually, the patient needs to feel comfortable during the massage. If the patient feels pain and retracts his feet, it means that the massage is too powerful.

  Don’t feel pain when massaging. “The masseur should pay attention to the foot massage of patients with hypertension. Don’t make the patient feel pain. The strength must be reached till the patient is comfortable.

The patient yells, has an overloaded heart, and has abnormal blood pressure, which may have adverse effects.

“The feet of diabetic patients are often sawed off due to the worsening of the disease, and the key is the problem of the peripheral nerves of the feet.

Patients with diabetes should often receive foot massage to allow blood to reach peripheral nerves.

  Kidney patients should also do more foot massage.

If the patient’s muscles are necrotic or ulcerated, foot massage is not suitable.

  Foot massage is most beneficial to chronic patients, such as those who often suffer from insomnia and frail constitution. After foot massage, the effect is significant.

  You don’t need to massage the foot every day. Since it’s so good, can you do it every day?

Lin Yuxin said: “The patient (customer) does not need to do foot massage every day, it will damage the muscles instead.

After one massage, the muscles are relaxed and the blood is circulated. The effect is still available the next day. You can do it again every other day.

“There are many types of foot massagers sold on the market, and their functions provide stimulation at the acupoints of the feet, including promoting blood circulation, soothing joint discomfort, stiff hands, and promoting metabolism.

  Lin Yuxin said that these health care products basically have a supporting effect, which can relax the muscles and make the blood system circulate well.

  ”However, users have to perform foot massage according to their constitution, and it takes too long.

How to make your baby choose healthy sweets

How to make your baby choose healthy sweets

Bread, biscuits, snacks, candy, which baby can resist these sweet temptations?

However, we all know that eating too much processed food is not good, and candy can damage your teeth. How can you make your baby choose healthy sweets?

  Isn’t sweetness at all good?

of course not.

Sugary sweets also have a lot of health benefits, and their effects are not small.

In addition to providing the baby with the heat it needs, the sugar in the sweets also participates in a variety of metabolic activities in the body cells of the baby, responsible for maintaining the normal function of the nervous system and promoting protein synthesis.

At the same time, sugar is almost the only fuel in the brain. The baby’s brain can continue to work stably thanks to its energy.

Giving your baby proper sugar can improve their attention, responsiveness, memory, and understanding.

  Do you have tooth disease if you eat sweets?

  Many babies have broken teeth because they love sugar and do not pay attention to dental hygiene.

Bacteria in the mouth and residual food form plaque attached to the teeth. The sucrose in the food is decomposed by the bacteria to produce acid. Over time, the acid remaining on the plaque slowly erodes the protective layer on the teeth-enamel.
Enamel is damaged by long-term erosion of acid, forming dental cavities and forming broken teeth.

  However, it is also very sweet for the baby, or the baby who loves sweets must have bad teeth.

As long as parents help to strengthen the protection of your baby’s teeth, you can reduce or even completely avoid the trouble caused by “molasses” to your teeth.

If you want to brush your teeth immediately after eating sugar, your baby’s risk of dental caries can be greatly reduced.

In addition, taking the baby to the dental department regularly to check the teeth and find out if the problem is dealt with in a timely manner is also a step to protect the children from sugar above the teeth.

So, a baby over the age of two should have at least two teeth checked every year. Think about it, did your baby do it?

  Will eating sweets necessarily become a malnourished fat man?

  Sucrose is absorbed quickly in the body and can easily be converted into adults for storage. Therefore, if you eat too much sugar and are unwilling to exercise, you will naturally become a fat person.

And scientists have also discovered that sugar is not a very good nutrient other than providing thermal energy. Nutrition is called sugar as an “empty energy” food.

Eating too much will affect the baby’s normal appetite, leading to insufficient intake of other nutrients such as protein, resulting in malnutrition and affecting the baby’s growth and development.

  However, if parents can help their babies to correct their eclipse habits, consciously learn their baby’s balanced eating habits from an early age, try to eat less sweets and snacks between meals, control the baby’s single sugar intake, and reduce the number of sugars,You can have a good grasp of your baby’s sweets recipes and help your baby build a healthy view of sweets.

  What is “Sweet Food Syndrome”?

  Scientists have found that babies with too many sweets often pay attention to lack of concentration, mood swings, crying, and lose their temper.

The reason is because the sugar intake is too much, the glucose is not completely oxidized, and the intermediate product of oxidative insufficiency is produced.

Kinds of substances affect the activity of the central nervous system of the brain.

Experts call this symptom “Sweet Food Syndrome.”

  To avoid “sweetness syndrome”, the key is to control your baby’s intake of sweets. In addition to candy, including sugary foods such as pastries and drinks, you must also control your food intake.

  How old can a baby eat sweets?

  After 4 months, your baby starts to add complementary food.

But before the baby is 1 year old, try to avoid eating all sweetened or artificial sweetened foods.

Because of excessively processed sugars, excluding vitamins, minerals or proteins, the baby’s appetite is affected. After eating sugar, he doesn’t want to eat anything, which prevents eating healthy foods.

Corn syrup, glucose, and sucrose are also sugars. They are often used in processed foods. Avoid feeding your baby foods with this addition on the label.

Sugar is also contained in breast milk or natural foods, which is enough for babies 6 months ago.

  I heard that baby can’t eat honey?

is that true?

  Honey is a kind of natural sugary food like fruit, but it is almost 100% sugar, so it will also cause other sugar problems. Baby should not eat honey under one year old, because honey containsA type of porter toxin that is not controlled by antibodies in babies under one year of age.

Molasses is also pure sugar, which is also not good, and refined sweet products are also suitable for babies under one year old.  The most suitable time to eat sweets: Give your baby some sugar when he is emotional can also promote the soothing effect.

  Give your baby some sugar when he participates in sports games, which can supplement the energy consumed by the baby’s body.