Smokers often eat broccoli to help remove harmful substances from the lungs

Smokers often eat broccoli to help remove harmful substances from the lungs

Eating more broccoli, kale, kale, pakchoi and other cruciferous vegetables can help the lungs eliminate harmful bacteria. This is what the researchers tested in mice.

  Smoking can damage the lungs. American researchers have discovered that sulforaphane, which is implanted in cruciferous plants, is a common antioxidant that activates a signal channel, allowing cells to play a “sweeper” role, keeping the lungs cleanTo prevent infection.

Smokers and patients with chronic chronic lung disease (COPD) have lost this cleaning function.

  Although current trials of cancer have not been able to determine whether sulforaphane can treat lung diseases, we are reminding you that cruciferous vegetables are indispensable in the diet of smokers.

Sensitive muscle group safe and mild whitening season_1

Safe and mild whitening season for sensitive muscles

In the early spring season, the skin sensitivity problem becomes more serious. While seeing those healthy MMs doing their homework for whitening, their inner heart is constantly worried . It doesn’t matter, Xiaobian recommends several gentle medicinal makeup for you. Sensitive you can alsoDo enough whitening homework!

  Seasons alternate, early spring season, sensitive skin will be plagued by many problems at the same time. For the time being, better soil is needed: (1) Wash your face with cold water to increase the skin’s resistance. If the skin is not suitable, use warm water (20 ℃ -30)) Then gradually reduce the water temperature. Use a facial cleanser made of natural materials or a small irritating soap. It is best to use an allergy-free facial cleanser. (2) Use skin care products made of natural plants, such as skin care products or masks made of vegetables and fruits.Nutritional skin care products and masks containing drugs or animal proteins are prone to allergic reactions due to the skin (3) When using new skin care products, apply on the forearm or behind the ears and observe and observe if the swelling, blisters, and itching occur after 48 hours.Skin and skin care products must not be used for allergies. Otherwise, you can use it without any local reaction. It is best not to apply more makeup and change cosmetics easily. (4) Skin that is allergic to cold wind and ultraviolet rays should protect the skin.To prevent cold wind from invading, you should use an umbrella or a sun hat on your face and apply sunscreen to prevent sun exposure. (5) Night skin care时应用水果汁或蔬菜汁护肤既补充营养皮肤的作用又防止皮肤过敏(6)定期到美容院做皮护对改善皮肤的条件增加皮肤的抗敏性有更好的作用fancl果味饮料  参考价格:RMB 298 / box of 50ml x 10 bottles containing artichoke extract for sensitive skin. New method: whitening can be used internally and externally, not only external application, but also internal conditioning, drinking beautiful skin, new natural ingredients unique to whitening and spotting beverages.Artichoke extract can effectively block the signal generated by melanin due to ultraviolet stimulation, stabilize the release of melanin, combat the culprit that causes melanin increase from the source, block the formation of pigmentation, and let you easily “drink” the white and flawless skin.

  Suggested content: One bottle per day, supplemented with freeplus pure white beauty liquid after meal. Reference price: 30ml / 280 yuan both inside and outside to get a better whitening effect. Sensitive skin needs perfect whitening to reproduce whitening confidence!

Freeplus Pure White Run Series can suppress the production of melanin, concentratedly care for the pigmentation and freckles caused by the sun, and prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the skin.

Whitens skin while hydrating, leaving skin clear and radiant.

At the same time, strict selection of high-quality and low-irritating ingredients does not add any burden to the soft skin.

  How to use: After applying lotion, press the nozzle about 2 times to the palm of your hand, and apply lightly to the entire face.

  Avene whitening freckle milk ml30ml RMB 380 sensitive skin whitening also rejects blemishes!

How can fresh facial skin tolerate the appearance of spots?

Avene whitening and freckle cream diminishes and reduces the appearance of dark spots caused by sun exposure or aging.

It can prevent and repair pigmentation caused by congenital and acquired factors such as melasma, age spots and freckles.

Whitening and brightening overall.

With a content of 73%, Avene protects live spring water, stabilizes pure live vitamin C precursors, vitamins, and sodium hyaluronate.

  Vichy Double Chance Run White Night Cream Reference Price: 50ml / 288 yuan during the day care, do the same homework at night, day and night non-stop protection in order to provide a solid foundation for the aforementioned whitening.

Vichy Double Essence Whitening Night Cream can effectively rebuild the sebum barrier on the surface of the skin, nourish and moisturize deeply, refill nutrition and energy for healthy fresh cells, and make the skin glow from the inside out.Material skin care plant essential oil, especially suitable for skin texture and metabolism needs.

After rest in the evening, better whitening and repairing!

Top 10 anti-hair loss foods from old Chinese medicine

Top 10 anti-hair loss foods from old Chinese medicine

The replacement of a blade of hair is really annoying.

All kinds of pressures in life are coming, making many people keep losing their hair.

How to recover?

Quickly eat anti-hair loss food.

What do you eat when you lose hair?

Old Chinese medicine reveals top 10 anti-hair loss foods.

  One: Whole grains Whole grains are not only good for tooth health but also for healthy hair. Whole grain foods include wheat bread and enhanced breakfast cereals, which are rich in zinc, iron and vitamin B.

It is recommended to add a small amount of whole grains before meals as a supplement for work breaks.

  Two: Poultry Long feathered poultry, chickens and turkeys can provide exquisite protein to ensure the health of your hair.

Not enough protein or low quality protein, lack of enough protein will lead to brittle hair and easy to break.

Poultry can provide high bioavailability of iron, which means that the body’s better absorption of iron is good for hair.

  3: Carrots Carrots are an important source of vitamin A for people, which can promote the health of the scalp and give the scalp a good appearance.

A healthy scalp is a guarantee of shiny hair, your food can be cooked in many forms, and oil-burning carrots are better for absorption.

Overall, a balanced estimate is good for hair health.

When it comes to the effects of eating on healthy hair and beauty, in fact, there are many ways to achieve it.

  Four: Oysters The reason people know it may be too much is the aphrodisiac’s medicinal properties.

It can also give you a hair, how can you not love it?

Of course, zinc in oysters is really something to love.

This is a really powerful antioxidant.

If oysters cannot be called regulars at your table, don’t despair!

Foods like whole grains, nuts, beef, and lamb are also rich in zinc.

  Five: Nuts often eat nuts for the health of hair.

Brazil nuts are the best source of selenium.

The most important minerals for scalp health.

Walnuts are rich in alpha linolenic acid and omega 3 fatty acids can help improve your hair quality. At the same time, they are a source of zinc.

Cashews, almonds, and walnuts are all recommended foods.

Therefore, the above foods should appear regularly in your recipes to maintain your health.

  Six: Skimmed milk Skimmed milk, like yogurt, etc. Taking off your aunt’s milk is a good source of calcium.

This is a mineral that plays an important role in hair growth and development.

  They are usually whey and casein (casein: a phosphoprotein, the main protein in milk, and the main ingredient in curds and cheese.

With reduced acid it can be precipitated from milk and become a white amorphous substance.

It can be redissolved after adding base or excess acid.

The rennet (and other coagulated milk enzymes) will affect the decomposition of casein into soluble derivatized casein (parasein). In the presence of C ++, derivatized casein will be converted to insoluble curd (insoluble derivatized casein or byCasein) Calcium).

Casein (usually in the form of calcium, potassium or sodium) can be added to other foods to increase the protein content of the food.

Note: In the British nomenclature casein replaces caseinogen (caseinogen), and paracasein (derived casein, paracasein) casein is an important source of two types of high protein.

For the health of your hair, please get yogurt in your refrigerator and work place and replenish the brakes in time.

Remember to add linseed (oil) or walnuts to your hair to help your body replenish omega 3 fatty acids and zinc in a timely manner.

  Seven: Dark green vegetables Spinach is good for hair health, as well as broccoli and Swiss chard are good sources of vitamin A and C supplements.The skin needs to produce sebum, an oily substance secreted by hair sacs.

Keep your hair natural, while dark green vegetables can be iron and calcium.

  Eight: beans Some people doubt the benefits of beans on hair.

But the fact is beyond doubt!

Like kidney beans, lentils should become an important part of your food.

It can not only provide rich protein and promote hair growth, but also iron, zinc and vitamin H (English: biotin).

The absence of these elements will cause brittle hair.

The American Diet Therapy Association recommends eating three cups of legumes a week to stay healthy.

  Nine: Salmon Fish (Salmon) Because of the omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and iron in the salmon bulbs, it is also the source of our high-quality protein.

The essential omega 3 fatty acids support scalp health.

If absent, it leads to a dry scalp and gives people a serious appearance.

What about vegetarians?

Please add flaxseed (seed oil) to your daily recipes. This is a good plant-based omega 3 fatty acid.

  Ten: Eggs are good for hair health. No matter which way you like egg cooking, it can provide a better source of protein. This is one of the ways we can easily obtain protein in our daily lives.

Eggs with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin H.

This is an important beauty nutrient.

  In summary, if you really don’t want to get involved in hair loss troubles, you should quickly eat these hair loss prevention foods to keep your hair and your health.

Dry skin in winter


Dry skin in winter

Make your skin more perfect at all times, and do the basic work of skin care. Remember to apply a mask every week, exfoliate, deep clean, and the skin is better every day.

  Orange grenadine is a dry, aging problem.

Basic maintenance countermeasures are to choose basic moisturizers with high moisturizing and skin care products that promote the proliferation of collagen in the skin. It can help the skin to replenish moisture and then promote the regeneration of the skin, which can alleviate the problem of dripping pores.

  1. Choose a makeup remover. Remove makeup. Because of aging skin, the skin texture is dry, so it is recommended to use a makeup remover to massage the facial skin to remove makeup, and then wipe it off with a moistened facial tissue.

  2. Use a facial cleanser with moisturizing ingredients to wash your face, then choose a facial cleanser with moisturizing effects to clean the facial skin again.

  3, high-performance lotion wet compress the essence-concentrated lotion and wipe the entire face, and then apply the cotton pad soaked with lotion to two areas prone to aging pores, about 5 minutes.

  4. Apply the essence with firming effect, such as vitamin a, a product that can promote collagen growth, and apply the entire face evenly from the bottom up.

  5. Apply the moisturizing cream to lock the skin’s moisture. Finally, choose a moisturizing cream with a high degree of moisturization, apply the entire face evenly, and then use your palms to align your cheeks. Use the temperature of the palm to help the skin absorb.

  Maintenance countermeasures: Once a week, exfoliating skin on the surface of the mild exfoliating skin will cause dullness, poor metabolism and dry skin. It is recommended to choose a mild exfoliating product and use it once a week.

  Apply 1 a week?
2 times of moisturizing mask Dry skin is the enemy of aging, so in addition to the daily fixed base care, it is recommended to choose a moisturizing mask with a high moisturizing essence, use 1 a week?
Gives skin full of moisture twice.
  Apply 1 a week?
In addition to the moisturizing mask, it is recommended that you choose a firming mask that has the effect of lifting the skin, to help the skin become firm and elastic, and make the pores not visible.

Office Fitness Helps You Relax Your Office Breast

Office Fitness Helps You Relax Your Office Breast

Guide: Office fitness helps you to relax easily in the office. For women who are busy in the office and not rich in income, occasionally going to the gym to exercise is generally an illusion.

One is insufficient time, and the other is expensive gym fees, so they tend to be intimidated.

And when they saw the demeanor of other MMs, they were unavoidable.

Here are some “invisible” tricks that allow you to perform breast enhancement exercises at work and unknowingly upgrade your cups.

  The chest exercise on the OL chair is shallow, sitting about 1/3 of the chair, holding the back of the chair with both hands until it feels leaning to the back muscles, slowly exhaling and holding it forward for 5 seconds.
  As before, sit shallowly in the chair about 1/3 and grab the edge of the chair with one hand.

Exhale deeply, and lean your body and head to the other side, with your center of gravity also on the inclined side.

Feel that the arm holding the chair is contracting and hold it for about 5 seconds.

Change sides and do it again.

  Praying Buddha ‘s movements, breasts, quietly and straight body, hands folded, left and right palms simultaneously force and push each other, pause when inhaling, exert force when exhaling, exercise for about 1 minute every day, can make the chest and arm muscles closerIn fact, at the same time, it can effectively eliminate the unnecessary excess under the arms and prevent the occurrence of “collateral milk”.

  Fill the used beverage bottle with water and grab a plastic bottle with each hand.

Lift up at the same time.

Repeat this action.

Do it 15 times.

  Warm reminder: Women who work in the office all year should take appropriate time to exercise. In addition to the purpose of breast augmentation, can proper exercise ensure physical health.

Six folk small recipes for oral ulcers

Six folk small recipes for oral ulcers

To treat oral ulcers, you can actually gargle with hot ginger water, or grind vitamin B2 into a fine powder, mix with an appropriate amount of sesame oil to form a thin paste, apply on the surface of the ulcer, or gargle with strong tea or puncture with a needleVitamin E capsules, squeeze out the liquid medicine and apply it to the mouth ulcers . hurry up, let’s take a look together.

  1. Ginger Mouthwash Mouth ulcers Mouthwash with hot ginger water, daily 2?
3 times, usually 6?
Nine ulcers can converge.

  2. Vitamin B2 Grind vitamin B2 into a fine powder, mix with an appropriate amount of sesame oil to make a thin paste, and apply it on the surface of the ulcer, 4 times a day?
6 times.

Vitamin B2 is not bitter, astringent, fragrant, non-irritating, can relieve pain, use 2?
Within 3 days, oral ulcers were healed.

  3, strong tea gargle with strong tea, because tea contains a variety of vitamins, can be a variety of ulcers, to the healing of oral ulcers, have a certain auxiliary treatment effect.

  4. Take 2 raw radishes from radish mash, wash fresh mashed mashed mash and slag, gargle with juice, 3 times a day for 4 days.

  5, vitamin C tablets will be pressed into the face of vitamin C, coated on the affected area, once or twice effective.

Vitamin C can also be ground into a powder form. If it is a small ulcer, just remove it and place it on the affected area. If the ulcer surface heals, you should first gently scrape the ulcer surface infiltration and then apply the powder.

Daily medication 2?
3 times, for those with small ulcers 1?
2 times, heal, those with large ulcers take 2?
3 times, pain can be significantly relieved, 2?
The ulcer surface can be cured within 3 days.

  6. Vitamin E pierce the vitamin E gel pill with a needle, squeeze the medicinal solution and apply it to the oral ulcer, keep it for 1 minute, apply it 4 times a day, use it after meals and before going to bed, usually it can be cured within 3 days.

  Patients with oral ulcers should pay more attention to their daily diet. They should not eat spicy and spicy condiments such as pepper, vinegar, ginger, shallots, star anise and so on.

Because these foods will aggravate the patient’s pain, the ulcer wound will be further enlarged through stimulation.

Expert Tips: It’s better to eat better to sleep

Expert Tips: It’s better to eat better to sleep

Human sleep and human diet, sex constitute three major instincts.

About 1/3 of a person’s life is spent sleeping. If there is a problem with sleep, a series of mental and physical symptoms will occur.

Sleep is the most important way to rest.

During sleep, the brain is basically in a state of stopping work, that is, a state of rest. After sleep, the fatigued brain is transferred back to normal functions, thereby ensuring brain health.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has always understood the science of sleep, thinking that “sleep and diet are both important for health” and “sleepers can eat and grow”.

Two scholars in the United States have conducted a study of 7,000 people for up to five and a half years. They believe that there are seven reasons that can affect people’s lifespan, one of which is sleep.

There is no doubt that people can not eat for 7 days, and once they drink water, they can still maintain their lives, but if they do not sleep for seven days and seven nights, they are in danger of life.

  Do not say that long-term insomnia is a long-term lack of sleep, which is also very harmful to health.

This is because of all the rest styles, sleep is the most ideal and complete rest.

Some people say that sleep is a great restorer of nature. This is true. After a long night of sleep, many people wake up feeling full of energy and full of energy.

In daily life, people often have this experience. When you are not getting enough sleep, you will feel tired and lethargic the next day. You will feel dizzy and swollen, and your work efficiency will be low. But after a good sleep, these conditions will follow.disappear.

Someone once said that sleep is like “reserving energy” like charging a battery.

Indeed, energy can be re-accumulated after sleep, replenishing the energy consumed by one day’s activities, and reserving new energy for the next day’s activities.

Scientific research proves that good sleep can eliminate systemic fatigue, restore brain nerves, endocrine, body material metabolism, cardiovascular activity, digestive function, respiratory function, etc., help the growth and development of the body’s tissues and self-repair, and enhance immune function, To improve resistance to disease, so there is a saying “sleep is a natural tonic”.

Therefore, getting enough sleep is the key to people’s health.

Excessive skin care can damage the skin_1

Excessive skin care can damage the skin

Don’t think that all the enthusiasm to do maintenance is to care for the skin.

Maintaining the skin is a meticulous job, and the damage to the skin can be caused by light weight.

“How to use skin care products for many years, but the skin is worse?

“” I don’t know what to use for buying so many cosmetics? ”

“. Don’t worry, calm down, check, is your skin hurt by your” over-maintenance “?

  Test it out, do you have the potential to be overly passionate about your skin?


Look at your skin more than 5 times a day in the mirror (morning and cleaning your face and going to the bathroom are not counted).


Passionate about the topic of beauty and skin care, like to buy skin care products, whether it is a well-known brand or a well-known brand, as long as you feel suitable, you will buy it back and try it.


Apply skincare products in front of the dresser for more than half an hour each day.


I like to study the blemishes of my facial skin.


At the same time, there are more than 2 kinds of essences, 2 or more toners, 2 or more cleansers, 3 kinds of the above-mentioned films . 6.

Dissatisfied with your current situation (work, life), feel better.


There is often no sense of happiness.


Work under pressure and often work overtime.


No good living habits, used to sleep late and get up late, used to survive a full meal, used to not exercise but diet to lose weight.

  it is good!

As long as you choose more than three people, you are in danger of over-maintenance. Stop it quickly and don’t let your excessive enthusiasm burn yourself.

  Be careful, do n’t step into the trap of over-maintenance. All say that “degree” is difficult to grasp. There is no clear number to indicate what is moderate. What kind of skin is obviously “over-focused”?

Look carefully.


Over-moisturizing “Over-moisturizing” is the most abused skin care!

Fine lines appear on the skin, the elasticity is not enough, and the complexion looks yellow . Almost all problems are considered to be due to “dryness” of the skin.

Therefore, a variety of hydrating products are sold, it is unknown that hydrating blindly will only cause more serious consequences to the skin than real dehydration.

  After excessive moisturization, excessive skin excess causes pores to become untensioned and enlarged, blackheads appear, skin elasticity drops to become loose, exacerbated keratinocytes are not easily replaced, the stratum corneum is thickened, and the skin is not shiny.


Over-massage Over-massage directly causes skin relaxation!

The root cause of skin relaxation is the loss of collagen and the decline of elastic fibers. It was originally not related to massage or not. However, excessive pressing and kneading will pull the skin and cause skin relaxation. This is the same as the long-term frown and the formation of expression lines!

  Gentle facial massage can not only help the skin absorb metabolic nutrients, but also restore the skin to its original stretched appearance during a stressful day.

However, if you can’t relax gently, don’t press it!

Over-cleaning In Asia, 80% of women are being harmed by over-cleaning . Inadequate skin cleaning will definitely affect the absorption of nutrients from the skin, but if you use excessively powerful cleaning products, the damage to the skin will also be damagedSexual.
Using excessively powerful cleaning products will ruthlessly damage the skin’s natural protective barrier!

  We should find a mild cleansing product based on our skin texture. The pH value is moderate. Products that do not feel dry after a few minutes after cleaning and do not form a thin film of oil on it are the most suitable products.

Do not use scrub cleansing products, hot water and towels to clean the skin, as this can be very irritating to the skin.


Over-age maintenance Pay attention to oil secretion before 25 years old, prevent aging at 25-35 years old, reserve antioxidant capacity, after 40 years old, supplement cell energy to fight wrinkles . The watershed of age is not without reason.

  Over-age maintenance is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. The more expensive skin care products are, the more effective they are for you. Often high-performance, high-gold content, and highly intensive maintenance products are actually targeted at the skin that has begun to age over 35 years old. If yourSkin condition is good. It is likely that 45-year-old still has only 30-year-old skin vitality.

Therefore, the more effective high-performance products, the more skin tests need to be done and targeted use.

The condition of women’s skin is directly related to estrogen secretion, and estrogen is directly related to age and physical condition, so you don’t need to over-maintenance when you are young!

When you are still young, basic care is enough.


Exfoliating Exfoliating is very easy to exfoliate, especially when you see that your skin becomes smooth and tender after exfoliating.

Some exfoliating products claim to be “use every day”, so how can it be considered excessive?

  Sensitive skin, extremely dry skin, and other pathological skin must not be exfoliated without your doctor’s permission; dry skin, normal skin can replace fruit acids and lactic acid mild exfoliating products. Never chooseScrub exfoliating products and salicylic acid-based exfoliating products!

Fruit acid and lactic acid (low concentration) can remove old cuticles from the surface layer of the skin, but it cannot penetrate into the pores, so it is suitable for dry and aging skin.

  For combination and oily skin, choose salicylic acid products, because salicylic acid can also “drill” into the pores to remove old waste oil cells in the pores. As for certain skin, whether to choose “sandwich” or mechanical typeScrubbing and exfoliating is different from person to person, as long as you always remind yourself that your skin is not implanted.


Excessive nutrition. Look at your facial skin. Are there any “small granulations”?

This is Auntie!

If the skin community gets too much nutrition, it will produce “hyperdermatosis”!

Use several serums at the same time, use several masks . These behaviors may be the culprits of skin obesity.

  Generally, a light cream with normal emulsified skin is sufficient, and the use of the cream should not be excessive.

The metabolic capacity of skin cells is limited, and the thin areas of the skin like the eyes are hard to bear too much supply.

My aunt has constipation again and it is difficult to get rid of it. It takes a long time for you to wait and incorporate the fasting method to let them fade away slowly, or go to a beauty salon for acupuncture to remove it, which is a very painful and terrible experience.

Before the aunt particles appeared, cut off the possibility of it!

  PS: Beauty advice we must believe in the self-healing ability of our skin, do not repeatedly change brands and products, be a smart consumer.

Give your skin a fast on a regular basis. “Hungry and hungry” will empty the skin dirt and strengthen metabolism.

Work and life are stressful, find a healthy way to soothe, don’t let the skin out, our skin is more delicate than our body.

Eat soothing cinnabar magnets?

Eat soothing cinnabar magnets?

Cinnabar is matched with magnet cinnabar. The lowest weight of the magnet is to calm the nerves, but the cinnabar red blood enters the blood and is longer than the calmness of the town.

The two medicines work together to calm down the nerves and capture the floating sun, so that the heart fire is not disturbed, the kidney water can be carried, and the heart and kidney can be transported.

Indications: Heart-heartedness, heart-kidney intimidation, insomnia, tinnitus and deafness.

Common amount of cinnabar swallow 0 every time.


9 grams, magnet 15?
30 grams.

  Ziziphus jujuba with cypress seed and jujube seed Ganping, blood to support the heart, sour taste into the liver, nourish liver and gallbladder qi, cure timidity, upset and sleepless.

Bai Ziren Gan replenishes Xin Run, not cold or dry, can replenish heart qi, nourish heart and blood, cure heart spleen deficiency and insomnia.

The two medicines work together to nourish the heart and liver, soothe the nerves, and calm the yin and dryness.

Indications are deficiency of yin and blood, astonishment of heart and liver insufficiency, sleeplessness, and so on.

Commonly used jujube kernels and cypress seeds 9 each?
15 grams.

Teach you six coups to cope with the cold

Teach you six coups to cope with the cold

The so-called cold spring is the weather phenomenon that the climate rises faster in the early spring (generally referred to as March), while the temperature in the late spring (generally April or May) is lower than that in the normal year.

In the early spring, the climate is changeable, and people with low resistance are more likely to suffer from diseases.

How to prevent the cold from freezing and causing harm to the human body?

Let’s take a look at it: Three people are careful to pour the cold in the cold. The weather is prone to cause a variety of diseases. Pathogens, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms will take advantage of it, leading to a variety of diseases, repeated and aggravated.

The following three types of people are often knocked down by the “cold spring”.

1, the elderly due to the poor heat balance of the elderly, disease resistance, and the circulatory system is weakened, so it is most vulnerable to “cold spring” harm.

Some patients with chronic diseases have elevated blood pressure, the most likely to induce stroke, myocardial infarction, etc., and the incidence of hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage is significantly increased. This is because the sympathetic nerve is stimulated by cold stimulation, and the capillaries of the skin surface shrink and the blood flow shrinks.Increased, resulting in elevated blood pressure.

2, children because of their relatively weak immune function, children are difficult to adapt to the “cold spring”, bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms take advantage of the virtual, easy to suffer from influenza, measles, chickenpox, mumps and other infectious diseases.

3, fashionable women, they tend to be gentle, do not temperature, prematurely reduce the dress, because the female knee is more sensitive to the cold air stimulation, against the cold air, the joints are prone to numbness, soreness and other symptoms, for a long time,Easy to cause rheumatoid arthritis.

Coping with the cold spring health six coups 1, spring 捂 appropriate “spring 捂”.

Do not think that the temperature will temporarily rise, you can immediately take off the winter clothes, the temperature difference between day and night, morning and evening should pay attention to keep warm, especially the joint parts to keep warm.

2, spring exercise should not be too early.

Because the temperature in the morning is low, the fog is heavy, the dust is too much, and the elderly with poor constitution are better to exercise after the afternoon temperature warms up.

In the selection of sports items, it is best to choose a sports mode with less exercise, such as Tai Chi, jogging, mountain climbing, walking, etc.

Once you have been working over a long period of fatigue, or staying up late, it is best to rest moderately and strengthen your emotional regulation.

3, develop a good lifestyle As the saying goes, “There is money to buy old to thin”, obese people should strengthen exercise; do not smoke without drinking alcohol; eat less fried foods.

Drink plenty of water to help keep your blood flowing through your body or reduce the risk of respiratory illness.

4, do self-health for those who have heart disease, do self-health work, once there is long-term stomach pain, chest tightness, headache and other symptoms, you should see a doctor.

5, parents of children need to be alert to children’s colds to allow children to be more active in the sun, breathing more fresh air, reasonable and reasonable, increase the body’s immunity.

The bedding, the clothes should be diligent, and the indoors are often ventilated to reduce and inhibit the survival and reproduction of the bacteria.

6, eat more celery and other flavors in this “cold spring” climate conditions, the old Chinese medicine advice, to prevent typhoid, cold, not only to keep warm and cold, but also to add garlic, onions, celery and other flavors on the dietRushing food, this can prevent colds, cold respiratory infections, high blood pressure and stroke symptoms.