A moment later,First, the brief information of all the instructors of the martial arts school is sent,Wang Hong sat in the guest room and looked。

Another quarter of an hour passed,More than a dozen detailed materials have also been transferred,The content is so rich that even these instructors have a few concubines,My concubine’s home situation is marked。
“Although the Fengyu Pavilion is asking for quite a bit,But intelligence capabilities are indeed powerful。”Wang Hong put down Lin Qi’s information,Can’t help but sigh in my heart。
Such a mid-innate warrior,Spirit power is far beyond the same level,Fengyuge found so much information。
I just discovered their spies by accident,Just be complacent and underestimate each other,It’s really arrogant。
Clear up your emotions,Wang Hong looked at other people’s intelligence。
Although Lin Qi is good at alchemy,Mental power is also very strong,There is still some power in Mingcheng,But after Wang Hong read his information,I gave up without hesitation。
Because this person is not only a woman,Life in private is still quite slutty,There are four people raised in Mingcheng alone。
Although Wang Hong is not a virgin virgin,But if I face such a teacher every day,That’s really embarrassing him。
Pick and choose,Wang Hong found two more。
A man named Li Shaozong,Early Innate Warrior,Good at body refining and knife skills。
This person has been teaching at Mingcheng Martial Arts Academy for more than ten years,Indirectly controlled more than 30 food shops in the city,You salt sauce and vinegar are all on sale,Once in the door,Wang Hong selling refined salt will be very convenient。
It’s a pity that Li Shaozong himself is an offshoot of the Canglin Li family,Wang Hong does not want his industry to be linked to the Canglin Li family。

obviously,Du Lei is afraid of Aunt Qiao“Jealous”,To make time for Ding Yi to report to his father,Deliberately pulled her mother-in-law into her house。

Ding Yiyong saw that Aunt Qiao was gone by Durella,She shrank her neck at dad,Whispered:“The police left……”
Ding Naixiang smiled,Winking at her daughter,Also whispered:“After eating, let’s go back to the house and say。”
After Ding Yi is full,After tidying up the dishes on the table,Came to the study with dad,Ding Yi rubbed his belly,While walking in the house,Said:“dad,Let me report to you about my personal affairs,I……”
She didn’t finish her words,I was stopped by my father。
Ding Naixiang said gently:“I know everything about you,I also know about Jiang Fan,Dad doesn’t ask about your process,Just want to know the result,What i want to know is,Do you have any specific plans??”
Ding Yi knew that his father would not object to them,at this point,When she returned home in Singapore,,Dad once told her。Thought of here,She has a sense of happiness and relief in her heart,She sits opposite to dad,Said:“He said he wanted to propose to Dad in person,Beg my dad to marry him。”
Ding Naixiang smiled,Said:“This shows that he is still a gentleman,Not taking advantage of my absence,Secretly married my daughter。”
Ding Yi said:“how can that be possible?Don’t say he doesn’t marry,Just he wants to marry,I won’t marry either,I want to wait for my father to come back to marry。”
Watching her innocent and lively,Ding Naixiang smiled,he knows,No matter how old the daughter is,Always a child in front of him,Shouldn’t be depressed,It should be so naive and lively,This is his daughter。
The old professor sighed,Reach out and touch her head,Said:“You can take care of dad’s feelings,I am very happy,Also very pleased。and so,I just said he is a man,Is a gentleman。Another point,I need to declare to you,A change in my attitude towards him,Not because he became the mayor,Because of him……”
“father,do not talk,I know this in my heart,He also knew。”Ding Yi lowered his head,She doesn’t want to discuss Jiang Fan’s identity with her father,That will talk about Jiang Fan’s past。
Ding Naixiang saw her daughter reluctant to mention Jiang Fan’s past,Just said:“Ok,Someday invite him home,Have a meal,Meet everyone officially。”
Ding Yi raised his head,Surprised to see Dad smile,Two rows of white teeth gleamed with shreds:“father,He meant the same。”
Ding Naixiang feels her daughter is still cute,I touched her little head again,Smile and nod,Say:“You come down to ask him,Pick a day when he is not busy and you are not on the live broadcast.。In addition,I will stay for almost two weeks when I come back this time,I went to the province to hold a seminar on Hong Kong,The duration is two days,Report the day before,It takes two and a half days,After the meeting,I might delay in the province for an extra day or two,Want to meet some old friends,I have to go to school to handle some things,Also meet some old friends,But all these things make way for your things,how about it?”
“Thank you dad。”Ding Yi deliberately nodded and said。
Father is happy,Said:“When is he going to come to our house??”
Ding Yi thought about it,Said:“I won’t be on the live broadcast tomorrow night,If he’s okay,Can i let him come home tomorrow night?”
Ding Naixiang thought for a while,Said:“Don’t worry,I can come back from a meeting,But you arrange it,I have nothing to do tomorrow,Day and night。”
Ding nodded,Said:“Let me ask him,There are a lot of jobs in the city recently,He is in his first year,A lot to do。”

Xia Jihan came to the breakfast area,I saw Ding Hai beckoning to himself,Liu Mei is sitting next to me。She walked towards them。Liu Mei picked up the bag on the next seat,Motioned her to sit next to her。Ding Hai said:“Xiaoxia,What to eat,I’ll take it for you,Liu Mei has been talking about you for a long time。”

Liu Mei is pregnant,And the signs are obvious。Yesterday Liu Mei and Xiao Shan、Yu Jie and the others have been on the bus behind the news interview,There are reporters from Jin’an and provincial media on this car。
Xia Jihan smiled at Ding Hai,Said:“I’ll do it myself。”She stood up,I saw Yu Jie and Xiao Shan also walk in。So a few young people sat together again。
Shan Yong said while eating:“Xiaoxia,I heard you performed well yesterday?Praised by the governor。”
“Correct,I also heard,summer,Tell us about。”Yu Jie said。
“Still talking,I’m so nervous,A leader always asks some tricky questions,I can’t answer at all,Fooled and said a few words。What’s right,It’s fine if there is no cold。”Xia Jihan said。
Shan Yong said:“That’s not what I heard。”
Xia Jihan quickly interrupted Shan Yong,Said:“I can’t bear to look back now。Don’t talk anymore。”She has such a character,Introverted but not ostentatious。
First191chapter Accompany the secretary night tour
Yu Jie said:“You can refuse to answer,You can ignore him if you are beyond the scope of your work。Pinshu Some leaders are just idle,Like to have staff, especially girls。Today you ask me to do what I said,Just ignore him。”
Xia Jihan didn’t know what to say after hearing what Yu Jie said.。At this moment,I heard Ding Hai suddenly say to Liu Mei:“Gosh,Liu Mei,Why are you still eating?You just sit here to eat when i come,Two groups of people are here,Why are you still eating??Not enough?”
Ding Hai’s words diverted everyone’s attention,They all laughed,Yu Jie said:“She can eat now,Feed two people with one mouth,Of course you can eat it!”
Xia Jihan noticed,Liu Mei was obviously fatter than when she was pregnant。Although she is now the mayor’s wife,And pregnant,But no privileges are shown at all,Still running around and interviewing everywhere。I heard that Zhao Gang told Suo Quan,Liu Mei does not enjoy any extra care,How did you treat it before。
Zhao Gang and Guan Hao have one of the most valuable qualities is a strong sense of self-discipline。According to Wang Ping, it is comparison“phase”(The native language of Ducheng,Often used to make fun of those who follow the rules、Polite and serious person)。

The little man gave Ling Xiaoyun a fist,Greet him humbly。

“sit down。”
Ling Xiaoyun waved his hand in a complicated mood,Motion to someone to sit down。
“Ling boss,We lost our hands at the concert,Now our people have been scattered in Haishang City, looking for places to hide,Our boss asked me to ask you,What should we do next?Please give us an idea,We can’t stay like this forever。”
The little man said with a pious look。
“Ugh,Brother,You shouldn’t come……”
Ling Xiaoyun said with a wry smile。
The little man asked confusedly。
“You are here now,There is no way to leave……”
Ling Xiaoyun answered him,While thinking of all kinds of ideas quickly in his head,Even for a moment,He even thought about the idea of killing people!
But this idea just popped into my mind,Ling Xiaoyun dismissed it。It won’t help to kill this little man in front of you,The people watching outside must have seen him enter his home,Come here to ask for someone,How to explain?
And even if you kill him, you deny that no one has been here,There is no way to deal with his body……
“I can’t leave when I come?What does this mean?”
The little man stood up from the sofa alertly。
“It’s not that i won’t let you go,It’s the army and the police everywhere outside my villa,They are monitoring my house,I can’t hide my every move from their eyes,Can you come in and meet me,They let you in on purpose,You want to go out again,I’m afraid it’s harder than climbing to the sky……”
Ling Xiaoyun said as if he was dead,A trace of despair flashed in my old eyes。
“How……How could this be!”
The little man was stupid immediately,Panic asked。

“decide as things go。”

Shen Ruoxi said reservedly,She doesn’t want to show that she really wants to sleep with Qin Liang,That’s not a lady!
Next is to arrange things at home,Very simple,Yang Zhi is temporarily in charge of leading the other girls of the Mo Army in the family,It’s not the first time anyway,And Yang Zhi himself is a very good military commander。
It only took half a day to prepare,Everything is ready,Murong Shan is here,Booking air tickets is also very simple and easy,This secret service team,Will depart in the morning of the next day。
In the evening,Yang Shiyun arrived with a small suitcase,Everyone is a family,You don’t have to be polite to each other,Greeting。
“nice,Now that you have actions, I have to go with you。”
When I saw Qin Liang,Yang Shiyun joked。
“That is,You are now a dual agent,On the one hand, the director of public security,On the other hand are special forces,Do those who can do more。”Qin Liang said social jokes,One side took Yang Shiyun’s suitcase,Took her upstairs together,now,Shen Ruoxi and Murong Shan are preparing dinner for everyone in the kitchen,Yanzi is leading the regiment girls for the last regiment meeting,Du Shanshan and Yuer,Murong Xiao
Key is also listening。
There is no third person upstairs……
If Yang Shiyun knew that she and Qin Liang were the only people upstairs,She will never go upstairs with Qin Liang!Unfortunately she doesn’t know!
“I miss you,Give me a kiss。”
Once in the bedroom,Qin Liang put down the suitcase of the week,I immediately reached out and hugged Yang Shiyun!
“Oh my God!You are too brave!Don’t make trouble!”

“in fact……Actually I’m not very good at talking,I divide people,Like you,Then I’m absolutely talkative!Do not,Should not be said to be easy to talk,It should be said to be very obedient,Hehe。”

Zhao Tuo actually started to learn to be glib in one night!
The magic of love is really amazing!
“In fact, when I first met you before,I’ve always been scared of you。”
Yuanyang said with a guilty conscience。
“fear me?Why?”
Zhao Tuo’s puzzled question。
“because……Because I saw you fight with my own eyes!Wow! You are amazing!One person can hit so many people,and……And if he was injured like that, he can continue to fight!So I am more afraid of you。”
Mandarin Duck is very frank。
“Silly girl,Actually, if it wasn’t for the bastard boss to threaten me with you,Just by them?Can’t hurt me at all。”
Zhao Tuo replied with pride and conceit。
“I know,Ugh,I made you tired that day,Made you so badly hurt,Almost……Almost never saved。”
That’s it for Mandarin Duck,I probably remembered the scene that day,So the smile on my face is gone,It was replaced by a sad look。
“Don’t you think so,I’m not the one who caused you!In that situation,Even if it’s not me,I’ll save you if I change someone else。”
Zhao Tuo hurriedly said,Actually this is just his words to comfort the mandarin duck,In that situation,Unless it’s like him who has the ability to fight dozens of masters,Who would dare to save mandarin ducks instead of ordinary people??Even if I have the guts to save her,I can’t save her!
“Hero saves beauty”,It’s not that anyone can save beauty,In addition to courage and righteousness,There is still a way to see the uneven,The ability to draw a knife to help,otherwise,Not only can’t save beauty,I have to catch myself too!
“how is this possible!except you,So many people were there that day,I haven’t seen anyone stand up to save me!”
really,Yuanyang immediately began to refute Zhao Tuo……
“amount,This one!”


Shen Ruoxue answered nonchalantly。
“Ugh……Good culture,If you are educated, your sister can bully your sister。”
Liu Xiaoyun suddenly sighed funny and sighed。
Shen Ruoxue was amused immediately。
“Why are you laughing?Am I wrong??Really is。”
Liu Xiaoyun complained with an aggrieved expression,Of course everyone knows that her grievances were pretended。
“Of course you are wrong,It has nothing to do with culture,No matter if there is no culture or not,My sister wants to bully her,This is the truth。”
Shen Ruoxue said so seriously。
“How about we discuss it,Take turns to be sister, OK??One person for one day。”
Liu Xiaoyun pleaded with Shen Ruoxue with a pitiful look。
“not good,Quit,Not negotiable。”

Peng Changyi said:“I’ll make you a glass of water,You will be a reporter from now on,Uncrowned king,I can’t afford to offend。”

Peng Changyi looked at her,Say:“You really think so?”
Peng Changyi noticed this detail,Just said:“Ok,You can tell from your shaking feet that you are really happy today。”
“Haha。”Peng Changyi laughed。Said:“I’m glad you can see the problem like this,Also nice to see you happy。”
Peng Changyi no longer explains,But handed her a folding fan,Say:“Power outage today,Hot?”
Peng Changyi made her water:“Make do and drink,It’s definitely not as good as your brew。”
Peng Changyi laughed,Said:“Don’t be so heartless from now on,What your taste?This is easy to make people think。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Tea is made with boiling water,Didn’t your master tell you that you can’t drink the water after boiling??Don’t say you didn’t pay attention,Lai me hot。”
Peng Changyi felt that Ding Yi was a little absent-minded,This girl,Maybe there is someone else in my heart,Otherwise, I won’t say a word,She panicked like that?
“How come back?Came back by car。”She actually repeated his words。
Ding Yi secretly rejoiced that the section chief did not ask her what car she came back,Then she really doesn’t know how to answer。She is a little weird Jiang Fan,Why don’t you teach her what to say in advance?She is afraid that the section chief will continue to ask,Just said:“Section Chief,Is Zou Zijie waiting for us at home or in the field??”
I heard Ding Yiwen and Zou Zijie,Peng Changyi didn’t look good at Ding Yi,If she cares,I can definitely find the pain that is hard to hide in his eyes at this time,He looked up at the sky,Think about it:“Where to wait?I really forgot,Anyway, the record of that village is waiting for us in the village committee office,Let’s find him there。”
Peng Changyi nodded,Said:“Did you take the water glass?”
Peng Changyi said:“You must bring a water glass when you go out,The reporter goes everywhere,Can’t just drink other people’s water。”Talking,Take out a paper box from your cabinet,There is a double glass vacuum flask inside,turn on,After scalding with boiling water several times,Pour water again,Gaiyan,Upside down,Shaking,No water comes out,Said:“Give you,Count me bribing you on behalf of Beicheng。”
“You want to have a second time?”Peng Changyi said deliberately。
“No way,The female reporter went out to ask for something,The impact is extremely bad,If you want something,Remember to follow me,Don’t ask outsiders,That would be looked down upon by others。”Peng Changyi seriously ordered。
Peng Changyi thought for a while and said:“This is,You won’t be like them。let me tell you,People on TV now have a problem,To commemorate,You are not allowed,Don’t let me look down on you!”
“Haha,Correct。”He wanted to reach out and touch Ding Yi’s little head,but none。
Ding nodded,She saw Shen Fang,I thought it was the staff of Beicheng,Just smile at her,Downstairs first。

Don’t know,Shen Fang doesn’t understand Peng Changyi’s humor at all,She looked at Peng Changyi,Raised his voice and said:“Peng Changyi,What do you mean?How can we hope that our couple quarreled??”

Peng Changyi looked around,Said in a low voice:“I’m not kidding you,Let you pay attention?This kid is so good at words,Your word,She can analyze what you are thinking,Don’t always treat her as a child,She is like a puppy now,I’m always observing you and I am happy today,Still angry,and so,You have to pretend to be in front of the child,Or she was thinking of you when she arrived at school。Girls are different from boys,Girl is careful,And Nana was brought up by you since we were young,Especially kiss you,Your every move is under her observation。”
After listening to Peng Changyi’s words,Shen Fang’s nose is sour,Because she is wearing sunglasses,Peng Changyi can’t see her eyes,But sure,Her eyes are red,Because her nose is red。
At this moment,People come to greet Peng Changyi and Shen Fang from time to time,Shen Fang tried to calm herself down,Said:“Who do you think this kid takes,Why so clever?I found this problem long ago,You just want to lie to her,Can’t fool,its me,I can only rely on her in this life……”
“How about Lao Kang?Really can’t make it?”Peng Changyi asked deliberately。
Shen Fang looked at Peng Changyi,Tilted his head and said:“Can you control?I’m getting better with Lao Kang,Don’t listen to the child telling you,How can a couple not quarrel,I often quarrel with you too?Normal!”
Peng Changyi knows Shen Fang too much,Stiff mouth。
Shen Fang said again:“You were right,I can’t tell her everything from now on,This girl is too ghost!”
Peng Changyi nodded,Said:“Ok,Pay attention。”
At this moment,The bell rang after class,a while,The doors of the classrooms upstairs opened,The children crowded out the door。
Nana saw her father and mother a long time ago,She waved at them,Follow the classmates downstairs。Waited in the courtyard downstairs,She started running,Ran to them,Grinning from afar,Said:“Why are you both here?Who should i go with you?”
Shen Fang said:“I came to ask you,Whether to go to your grandma’s house,Grandpa’s birthday today,Everyone went to eat。”
After Nana listened,Just look at dad。
Peng Changyi said:“Go with mom to celebrate grandpa’s birthday,I’ll pick you up in the evening or tomorrow morning。Give me the bag,Don’t do homework if you don’t come back at night。I’ll pick you up early in the morning。”
Nana says:“Then who have you been with?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“You just leave me alone,If you don’t come back at night,I’ll find someone to drink,If you come back at night,I’m just waiting to pick you up。”
Nana obviously doesn’t know what to do,She look at mom,Look at dad again,Don’t seem to want to disappoint them,Just say:“How about this,I’ll go with my mom to celebrate grandpa’s birthday,Pick me up tonight。”
Peng Changyi said:“Row。”Talking,Took the schoolbag from my daughter’s shoulder,Carry on one’s shoulder,Then put her daughter on Shen Fang’s back seat,Ask daughter,Hug mom。
Shen Fang puts away the umbrella,Put it in the front basket,Said:“Sit down。”

“Come,young married woman,The last piece of meat is yours,I continue to bake。”

Qin Liang reached out and put a large piece of fragrant fish on Shen Ruoxi’s plate……
When Shen Ruoxi ate the first bite of fish in his mouth,She forgot everything immediately,because,It’s so delicious……
After a few people eat up this fish,,Raised their faces and looked at each other,The three girls immediately started laughing,Because everyone’s mouth is black,Looks so funny。
“how about it?How is my craft?”
Qin Liang asked proudly。
“Brother-in-law,So when you were performing tasks outside,Can still eat something so delicious!”
Shen Ruoxue said vaguely,The next piece of fish in her mouth has not been swallowed。
“You think too much,When performing tasks,In addition to weapons and necessary combat equipment,You thought you would bring a tent and seasoning?”
Qin Liang smiled and said to Shen Ruoxue。
“Tents are not allowed?What about sleeping?”
Shen Ruoxue’s eyes widened in surprise。
“Hungry to eat compressed biscuits,Finished compressed biscuits。Eat raw any small animals you can catch,Small insect,Sleep wherever you can lie down。”
This time Yang Zhi answered Shen Ruoxue’s question。
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun looked at each other。