Ding Yi felt,Yajuan’s voice is actually very deep、Vicissitudes of life,I didn’t expect Yajuan to sing a song with a male voice.,She listened with interest。

I always can’t sleep every time it’s late at night
I wonder if it’s just me that doesn’t get better tomorrow
Who will know what the future holds
Is happiness just a legend I will never find……
Sing here,Ding Yi felt,Yajuan seems to sing with tears,Then the song suddenly entered the Gao Dynasty,Ding Yi was shocked by her。
I am a little bird
I want to fly but I can’t fly high
I am looking for looking for looking for a warm embrace
Is this requirement too high?……
Ding Yi’s heart was suddenly moved by this song she had never listened to,Seems to resonate with her,She was a little excited,Yajuan is a little hysterical,In her voice,Obvious whimpering tremor。
I am a little bird

“I certainly didn’t mind,If i mind,Are the six of them still standing here and talking to me??I can’t get up early。”

Qin Aotian said disapprovingly。
“That is,That is,”
Qin Liang hurriedly agreed。
“father……Sit down and talk。”
Shen Ruoxi whispered softly……
“You are Shen Ruoxi?Is my daughter-in-law?come,let me see。”
Qin Aotian said rudely。
Shen Ruoxi can’t help it……I had to walk to Qin Aotian’s face shyly,But shy,She is still always noble,Elegant,Dignified look。
“Yep,Not bad,Qualified to be my Qin’s daughter-in-law。”
Qin Ao looked up and down Shen Ruoxi carefully,Then finally nodded and said。
“Thank you。”
Shen Ruoxi let out a sigh of relief,Answer with a smile。
“That dad,Now that you are satisfied with this daughter-in-law,Can you spare me?”
Qin Liang immediately asked with a shy face……
“She is her,You are you,Two different things。”
Qin Aotian didn’t even look at what Qin Liang said。

“How the hell do i know what to do!Now this building must have been heavily surrounded,We’re afraid it’s hard to fly……”

Brother Hu sat down on the chair in frustration,He seemed to have seen it a few years ago,The scene of the Tiger Gang being annihilated in one fell swoop,that time,He and these other brothers,Luckily escaped,But today,He feels that he never has that good luck anymore。
“How the hell is this?This place is so secret,Why did you miss the news?How could he bring the army back?”
Another leader asked with anger,Voice is rushing。
“Now you are still in the mood to ask this?Hurry up and find a fucking way to go。”
Master Jiang interrupted him dissatisfied。
“You think I fucking don’t want to go?You tell me where to go?How to go?”
The big brother immediately replied。
Lord Jiang has nothing to say,Because he doesn’t know what to do now。
The big brothers have no idea,My brothers are naturally more headless,So they started each“escape”Up,Ran out into different passages separately。
“Boss!No more,They hit us with tanks and artillery,Brothers can’t resist at all!”
A little boss covered in blood ran into the hall,Ran in front of the big brothers and said to the big brothers in a panic。
“Fuck,Even tanks and artillery are used?It’s fucking complete this time!”
Brother Tiger shouted in despair,His heart is completely cold。
“Tiger brother,Let’s run back,Run one step count one step,Maybe the sky is endless……”
Dongzi ran to Brother Hu and whispered to him。
Hu was reminded in the panic,Made a decision immediately,Then turned and ran to the door behind the hall first。

Murong Shan couldn’t cry,now,She is no longer that dazzling superstar,No longer a popular idol,She is her,Mother of a child。

“lady,Stop crying,The young lady was so scared just now,You have to think about Miss……”
Look at the mother and daughter crying endlessly,Liang Feng couldn’t help but stepped forward to comfort。
“Yes,Your daughter’s condition has not recovered,You better not let her be overjoyed and sad,That’s bad for her recovery。”
“what?Not healed?Recovery?”Murong Shan raised her head,Looked at Qin Liang confusedly,Then he looked down at his daughter again,Nervous question;“Key,You are hurt?Where did it hurt?Tell mom。”
“mom,I am not injured。”
The little princess sobbed and answered Murong Shan。
Murong Shan looked at Qin Liang again。
“Oh,Is such that,Your daughter was suddenly shocked,Panic,Plus she was forcibly injected with narcotics by the robbers,She is now because of self-protection,Temporarily lost memory selectively……”
Murong Shan immediately rolled down her face with tears,She reached out and took her daughter into her arms,Hug her tightly,I feel so distressed,Love and affection。
“All right,Little girl hasn’t eaten yet,I guess I’m so hungry now,Get her something to eat first。”
Qin Liang felt sorry for this little girl too,Plus so many days of getting along,The little princess is simple and cute,He has naturally had a family-like affection for the little princess。
“fast,Go cook,Go quickly。”
Murong Shan immediately ordered the servants,Even if the sky is falling right now,Is the most important thing for my own daughter。
“lady,I heard from Miss just now,Mr. Qin saved the lady。”
Liang Feng, who is good at humanity and sophistication, reminds Murong Shan。
“what?Mr. Qin saved the little girl?”

“Oh my god!why you!When did you come back?”

Chen Hao cried out in surprise,The cup of tea in my hand almost fell to the ground……
“Hello。Manager Chen,long time no see。”
Qin Liang greeted Chen Hao with a hippy smile。
“come on in!Only you?where are they?Didn’t you come back together?”
Chen Hao hurriedly put down his teacup,Greeted me quickly。
“Yep,I’m the only one,Don’t disturb your work?”
Qin Liang pretended to ask,Even if I really interrupt Chen Hao’s work,,He won’t withdraw either,So this sentence is basically like asking。
“Of course not to disturb,You come in。”
Chen Hao was overjoyed and said,Pull Qin Liang into the office,I closed the door easily,Before she turned her body back,Qin Liang hugged her from behind!
“Hey!This is in the office,Let me go……”
Chen Hao whispered,My heart beat faster。
“If i don’t let go?What can you do to me?Hehehe”
Qin Liang’s voice rang in Chen Hao’s ear,Immediately he squeezed Chen Hao’s small ears dishonestly……
“Don’t make trouble……itch。Let go!”
Chen Hao flustered and avoided Qin Liang,A heart crashed like a deer。
“Come,Let me see if it’s beautiful again。”

Yang Shiyun moved!

She flashed forward,A punch in the face knocked the smelly man back several steps,An instant long nose,Hung up!
“Fuck,You little girl,Shame on you!Dare to beat me!”
The smelly man became angry,Reached out and wiped the blood on his face,Rushed to Yang Shiyun!
Yang Shiyun flashed up again,A beautiful and precise wrist wrap,Took the man’s wrist,Pull him in front of you,Raise leg,He pressed his knees against the guy’s stomach fiercely!
The man couldn’t help but lay down,Yang Shiyun raised his knees again,Waving arms at the same time,Slapped his head on his knee with a slap,The man immediately fell down……
“Beat this bitch!”
Seeing that the boss was beaten to the ground by the girl in front of you,The bodyguards of the ugly man blew up immediately!Swarm up,Pounced on Yang Shiyun!
Yang Shiyun opened up,Fight with them,Qin Liang gave a long roar,Go over,Also joined the clan!
Where are the real bodyguards?!It’s just some gangsters who can fight,Although they are crowded,There are seven,Eight,But even if it’s a group fight,Far from being Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun’s rivals,In a blink of an eye,I was knocked down one by one……
But Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun didn’t make a big move,Because this is on the main road,And it’s still at the gate of the hotel,Many people have gathered to watch the excitement,Many hotel security has also rushed over。The hotel restaurant manager saw that Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun were only two people,But he beat so many bodyguards into a mess,Greatly prevailed,So he stopped the security of the hotel……What he meant was to let Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun beat up this bunch of garbage first.

When the ugly man gets up from the ground,He saw the bodyguards brought by him,I’ve been beaten by that pretty girl and the other man beside Ling Mofeng so much that I can’t resist!
Saw the master stand up,The bodyguards retreated behind the ugly man one after another,Looking at Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun unwillingly……
“Who are you two?”
The ugly man asked suspiciously,Even if he is stupid,At this moment he also knows that the two people in front of him are definitely not ordinary people!Especially the beautiful girl,A soft girl who looks delicate and cute,Can actually fight a group of men alone without losing……
“We are two of Ling Shao’s bodyguards。”
Qin Liang said coldly on purpose。
“You are……Ling……Ling……Bodyguard?”
Ugly Fatty’s eyes widened in disbelief,Stuttered and asked。

“Pull it down……Just a little salary for both of you,Save it as a dowry later,Don’t have to fight with me,Contention is useless。”

Qin Liang made a joke,Took this topic easily。
“But this is our police business!Liangzi is the criminal we caught,How to make you spend money……How faceless we are then!”
Meizi said innocently。
“soy Mujer,I remind you again!You and your master are now dragon soul fighters,So as long as it’s the Dragon Soul Warrior,That’s my Qin Liang business,understand?Don’t need me to repeat it?”
Qin Liang pretended to be unhappy and said。
“Forget it……plum,Stop fighting,We can’t compete with him。”
Yang Shiyun helplessly stopped Meizi from continuing to talk,She knows,Qin Liang will never ask for their money,Fighting is also for nothing,Why bother。Yang Shiyun has worked long hours,Now he is the chief of public security,So her salary is much higher than Meizi, who just started working,If you really want to say it,She can still afford the treatment cost of tens of thousands of dollars,But plum is different,Even if she only pays half
In the case of children,Almost all her small savings have been spent。But Qin Liang is different……Even if you don’t take money from home,Qin Liang himself is now an invisible rich man,The money for Liangzi’s treatment,For him now,It’s really not a problem,Not even a dime!
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One thousand seven hundred and twenty-three chapters Above the world
? But no one knows how much Qin Liang has now……Even Shen Ruoxi doesn’t know this,Of course Qin Liang didn’t mean to conceal his property from Shen Ruoxi,Just with Shen Ruoxi’s pride and self-esteem,Don’t say she won’t ask,Even if Qin Liang wants to take the initiative to tell her,she also
Won’t listen……

Qin Liang took the conversation again。

Liu Xiaoyun sighed,This topic seems to be over for a while,An innocent and cute childish ghost,Add another guy who just wants to flatter himself,Talk about this topic in full swing,Unstoppable rhythm。
“Cloud baby,Will you be tired from standing like this??Do you want me to bring you a chair??”
Qin Liang asked Liu Xiaoyun half-truth。
“Can we stop talking about this topic?Two。”
Liu Xiaoyun asked blankly。
“Oh,Today you are the boss,What are you talking about,What are you talking about,Let’s not talk about anything。”
Qin Liang nodded immediately and agreed。
“wait for me!”
After Shen Ruoxue said this, she suddenly turned around and ran back.,Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun looked at each other,I can’t think of what tricks this girl is going to play with again。
But Shen Ruoxue appeared again in a blink of an eye,She actually moved a chair back!
“Come,Dear,Sit down and chat with us。”
Shen Ruoxue took care of Liu Xiaoyun carefully。

“Forget it,I won’t tell you,Watch it for yourself later,Ugh……”

Meizi replied helplessly。
“I know there used to be mammoths in this world,Is there still a mammoth cat??”
Swallow with solid eyes,He was so stupid, he followed up and asked。
Meizi laughed again,But she immediately held it back forcibly,Shen Ruoxue and her are sisters,She jokes about Shen Ruoxue and naturally there will be no problems,But Yanzi is her other“master”,Of course she can’t laugh at Swallow。
“Why are you laughing?”
Swallow frowned,Asked Meizi awkwardly。
“No mammoth,It’s a medium-sized beast called the original cat,Original cat,Is the original meaning of cat,Is the ancestor of all domestic cats,It’s the real cat。”
Meizi hurriedly spread the knowledge to everyone in a serious manner。
“Medium beast?”
Qin Liang also asked casually in surprise,This one“The original cat”,He has never heard of it。
Chapter three thousand two hundred and sixty seven I see who of you dare to laugh
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Chapter three thousand two hundred and sixty seven I see who of you dare to laugh
“Correct,Medium beast,The same size as a leopard,Looks almost exactly like a leopard,But it is indeed a cat,And it’s the purest cat。”
Meizi answered very seriously。
“Ok,I’m curious,I’ll take a good look,I really never know what the ancestors of cats looked like。”

Yin Nini added,“and also,Many schools are like ours,There are school flowers and school grass and so on,Excellent good-looking student,Naturally there will be many admirers。It’s almost like chasing stars,All like good-looking ones,Attractive。then,Comparing heart,Don’t want to be alienated.For example, I saw that my classmates were in love,You don’t talk,You are alien。Others’ boyfriends are handsome and study well,Others’ girlfriends look good and dance,I also want to find something like that.”

“Put it all together,This has also achieved a lot of love at our age。so,love,Simple is also simple,Complex is also complex。Adults,Love in adult society,Always said to be complicated,in fact,Love at our age,Not easy.”
Yin Nini pulled her finger,“Looking for someone with a decent face,You have to be someone in the same class who can talk and meet at any time,Learning similar,Similar interests,Tall,There must be no conflict between my family and my family,You won’t even break up。These are the most basic conditions,But if all are satisfied,It’s also extremely difficult.”
Zhou Xuan thought of Qiao Xing,“Like Qiao Xing just now,Obviously I want to come to our school to communicate,Find a boy who can change her birth class。Like Pei Huan,I can only fool Qiao Xing to our circles,Don’t understand。otherwise,Look at so many girls in the school,Except for Pei Huan’s face,Like medicine,Who can see Pei Huan?”
“No family background,An unexplained estate,After he became an adult,I don’t know how much is left,If it’s not negative, then it’s the accumulation of virtue。The father wanted him to die,The mother doesn’t care about him。In the eyes of Qiao Xing,He is Duo Jin’s handsome son,But in our eyes,Is a bereaved dog。He is more than enough to match Qiao Xing,But after Qiao Xing knew his true situation,It may not be the same as now to please the pursuit.”
“.”Baby Ou is among the words of the three little girls,Got a big shock。
First of all,“I remember that,Before Pei Huan’s parents were alive,In the food industry,Well done,Their fast food,I have seen commercials on TV。Not a small company。Even if his parents are gone,The company is still there now?Does Pei Huan have no inheritance rights??”How can you be a bereaved dog??“Step back,Business is gone,That Pei Huan is at Pei’s house,Some of the property can be inherited, right?And the inheritance his parents gave him,Already insured, etc.”
The money,It should be quite a lot, right??
Zhou Xuan glanced at Yin Nini,No words。
Yin Nini sighed,“You think,Pei Huan alone,What can be held?”
Baby Ou was taken aback,understood。grandparents,Uncle and aunt,may,Are no longer his relatives。
Tell him today what money is needed to buy a procedure,Otherwise, he can’t inherit smoothly,Tomorrow, I said I need to pay taxes, fines, etc.。The day after tomorrow I said what you did,How much property to lose。
These means,Ou Baobao, a big Ou Tai child,Can be easily operated。
Kind words,These inheritances will be dissipated in four to five,Heart is not so good,One year,Can clear everything。If my heart is no better,Become indebted,Also very normal。
Baby Ou has this in his heart——Legacy issues,It may also be an important reason why Pei Huan became a paranoid male partner。
Secondly,“Qiao Xing is to change his birth class,I like Pei Huan?”
Baby Ou naturally understands this is extremely possible,but,“So many boys in the school,More accessible than Pei Huan,Pretty good family background,There are many,Why did Qiao Xing find Pei Huan??Pei Huan’s character,Obviously it won’t be the kind of person who is easily approached?If Qiao Xing really likes him,,He will find out?”