“you’re lying,Then why is it red?”

Peng Changyi looked at Ding Yi’s lips,Really red,Coquettish。He saw Ding Yi blushed at the sight of their father and daughter,Just told my daughter:“Nana,Who has red lips。”
“Auntie’s pretty。”Nana looked at Ding Yi and said。
Ding Yi glanced at Peng Changyi,Smiled embarrassedly,Said:“You look better,Little beauty。”
Nana was praised by a beautiful aunt,Look very happy。
Looking at the laid-back father and daughter,Ding Yi can’t disturb them anymore,I walked out of their sight after saying goodbye to them。
Peng Changyi turned around,Went to smoke that book again,Just noticed,Ding handed this book upside down。He glanced at the door subconsciously,I only saw Ding Yi’s back when he went out。
It’s dark,Peng Changyi is back holding the handlebar with one hand and Nana,Nana fell asleep as soon as she left the bookstore。
Shen Fang did not come back,Peng Changyi put Nana on the bed,Take off your shoes and socks for Nana,Undress her again,Tucked,Waving sore arms,Come out again,Put the bicycle in the small house next to it,Just enter the house。He closed the door,Not tied,He kept it for Shen Fang。After washing yourself,It’s almost nine o’clock,Shen Fang hasn’t come back yet,I wanted to call her house,Think again,I dismissed this idea。
Lying next to her daughter,Peng Changyi couldn’t sleep,He picked up the postgraduate textbook,I fell asleep after watching。After my daughter woke up in the middle of the night,Didn’t see mom,Just awake him,Said:“father,I’m looking for mom。”
Peng Changyi opened his eyes,After letting my daughter lie down again,Said:“Sleep first,Mom came back at dawn。”
Daughter said:“I’m going to call mom。”Talking again。
Peng Changyi said:“Nana obedient,Mom is sleeping,Call tomorrow。”
Shen Fang didn’t sleep well this night。She left her daughter for the first time,My heart is also up and down。After she came back crying yesterday,After mom asked the reason for the quarrel,Very seriously criticized Shen Fang。Said:
“Peng Changyi hit you wrong,But you have something wrong。Peng Changyi is a filial son, you should know,You never called mom when his mom was alive,He has grievances,It’s not right for you to grit your teeth like that。The past is over,Why mention。You also kneel,Mom called too,What’s the point of going back again。How many times have i criticized you,Just don’t listen,Whether at work or at home,All suffer,It’s amazing but not really amazing,If this goes on, you will make him bored with you。”
Shen Fang’s mother was sitting in the room,Speaking solemnly while drinking tea:“Your mouth is too broken,What can’t be said on time,Don’t forgive him if you catch it,Don’t disturb when you are ignorant,When it’s reasonable,Same as your dad,I’ll suffer for a lifetime。”
Shen Fang’s father is sitting beside watching TV,I said after listening to my wife:“I said you don’t knock down a big piece, okay,Say Xiaofang means Xiaofang,Why are you taking me?,I provoke you?Don’t make trouble。”
Shen Fang’s mother glared at him,Said:“You heard that,Your daughter was beaten back to her family,Did you say something hard??”
“Say what?Xiaofang is wrong。Although it’s wrong for Peng Changyi to beat people,But Xiaofang is wrong first。Say you go say。”

Yuan Jincheng looked up at the winding road on the lawn,He stopped,Looking back at Jiang Fan,Seriously:“Since you have no objection to my proposal,Then you can make arrangements for Lang Zhu,I won’t give you too long,But please remember,Before receiving an official transfer order,Must be kept secret,Because it doesn’t just involve you alone。”

Jiang Fan nodded solemnly,“Yes,I know。”
Yuan Jincheng looked at him,Said:“That’s it,I’ll go back soon,There are many things in the province。”
Jiang Fan was anxious when he heard it,Said:“How does that work?You didn’t drink a drop of water,Didn’t eat a bite of rice,Didn’t even enter the room to rest……”
Yuan Jincheng interrupted him,Said:“Over the past two months,You may have heard something,Jingzhou now,No better than before……All right,Stop here,I am leaving。”
this moment,Jiang Fan saw the fatigue on his face,He said embarrassedly“This……”
Yuan Jincheng waved at him,Said:“Many things,Don’t care about form,Care about the essence。”
Jiang Fan heard this,Don’t hold back,He understands what the governor means。
Jiang Fan followed the governor to his car,Open the door for the governor,He politely put his hand over the door frame,Protecting the governor into the car。
After getting in the car,Governor Yuan Jincheng stopped talking to him,But sit tightly,Look ahead,The secretary just turned around and asked what,Just listen to his low voice but decisively and forcefully:“Back to the provincial capital。”
Watching the governor’s car go away,Jiang Fan just stood in place like a fool,long time,He just moved。
The governor came to Langzhu for the first time,Did not drink a sip of water,Did not eat a bite of rice,Didn’t even sit in the guest room,Just walk with him on the grass,The world in less than twenty minutes,In such a short while,Determined Jiang Fan’s next political destiny。
Speaking of,The person he should thank most is Yuan Qipu。

He Pengfei also said sincerely:“Xiaoding,I don’t want to get married,I really have no relationship with marriage,The person i want,People don’t want me,Who miss me,I don’t want people,also,I am not too old now,If it’s really very old,I will close my eyes,Just be a woman。right now,I always feel that I haven’t made it to that point,There is still time to pursue dreams,and so,I know how to do it。”

Ding Yi looked at him and smiled。
He Pengfei said again:“What about your married people??you are married,Du Tao knotted twice,Left twice,Didn’t you let the old man fool with grandchildren??Don’t you have no children yet??For nothing,What do you mean by your marriage,What’s the difference with me who is not married?I’m worried another day,Maybe you have a baby before you,Then finger belly for marriage,Haha,Ding Yi,You have to hurry!”
Ding Yi didn’t expect that he knew the problem like this,If it’s because the old man is making money for his grandchildren,Didn’t she always let her father hold her grandson??Don’t say,She really can’t refute him。But she vaguely felt that He Pengfei said he“There is still time to pursue dreams”,Seems to be a metaphor that she has a chance without children?As Ding Yi,Of course she can’t ask this question,Just thinking in my heart,She took a sip of coffee,Don’t continue this topic,But to ask:“Why did Du Tao get married twice and leave twice?”
He Pengfei said:“I know you don’t know,He left the host in your station。”
“Weng Ning?separated?”Ding Yi was a little surprised。
“When did you leave?”
“It might be a while,I was still in the U.S. He called me and told me,You are still a unit,You don’t even know?”He Pengfei asked。
Ding Yi said:“Ha ha,I really do not know。”
“It’s normal if you don’t know it。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Is Du Tao empathizing again??”
He Pengfei said:“Is not,This time he was cucked,That man is your city leader。”
“City leaders?”Ding Yi asked in surprise。
He Pengfei said:“Yes,But don’t panic,This person is not Jiang Fan。”
Ding Yi looked at him,Staring at him strangely。
He Pengfei smiled,Say:“What are you doing,Eyes wide open?Ding Yi,Wouldn’t you let me tell you who this person is??”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Although I have enough curiosity,But if you don’t want to say,I won’t ask,Who makes me special,If i am not where i am now,If you wanna tell me,You will tell me before I ask。”

Xie Baixing smiled,“Guess,Who is coming?”

Tang Liang can’t guess,But let her guess,It must be someone she knows,“Mary?”Ma Li,Now called Mary。
“Xie Jian。”
“.”Baby Ou stopped drinking tea,Xie Jian?
“He said he is the agent of my biological parents,I just want to see if the child is doing well,Didn’t want to take me back,But I hope I can go with him to meet my biological parents,Live together for a few days。The family is already very upset,Hear this,Even more unhappy。Directly rejected,Also told me,If i don’t obey,Send me to boarding school.”
Xie Baixing now speaking,Still feels ridiculous,“Turnable,The police are coming,Said that the family abused me,Xie Jian also disappeared。In the end this incident became an abduction case,And the family doesn’t like me,Sent me back to the orphanage。If just send me back,Actually nothing,But because I lived with them for years,They can only fabricate evidence of my theft, violence, etc.,To send me back smoothly.”
“I don’t hate them either,just,I can’t treat them as my parents。Because of the perjury they fabricated,I became a target of severe discipline and bullying in the orphanage,They said I would hit people,Will steal things,Say i’m a demon.”
Xie Baixing’s hand on the table,Clenched into a fist,“In that more than a year,I seem to have lived so long.”
“later,Accidental fire,I was accused of being a criminal,To be sent to the correctional facility。At that time,Xie Jian appeared again,He took the lawyer,Let me get rid of the crime,Then he told me,This is not suitable for my existence。Just this sentence,Not suitable for my existence。He took mefAn orphanage in China,Said he would help me contact my biological parents。I remember him,Also asked him,Why didn’t you take me away last time?”
Xie Baixing looked at Tang Liang,“You know what he said?He says,Because my biological parents don’t like me,They have another child to raise.You also showed me the photo of you taking Xie Nina together in the amusement park.He says,Because I’m not suitable to be the child of my biological parents.I say,They abandoned me like this,Is illegal。But he said,no one knows,and so,Nobody cares。He let me stay in the orphanage,He will visit me once a year,Bring me pictures of you and Xie Nina.”
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Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Three newborn
Tang Liang heard this,Scream,Lying on the table,Trembling from crying。
Baby Ou really doesn’t understand the intention of Xie Jian’s operation。He hurt his daughter,This echoes his personality,but,Why do you want to show your daughter Tang Liang’s picture??Let Alice,Oh,Let Xie Baixing grow up in the future,Revenge for Tang Liang?But then,His father,I can’t hide it。and,Even pulled Xie Nina in,I don’t care if she will be hated.

“Xiaoxue, you hate it!Said don’t interrupt,Shut up!Sister Yanzi, keep talking。”

Liu Xiaoyun cried out impatiently。
“I don’t know who the person in front of me is,So I ignored him,But he told me again:People are gone,Are you planning to just stand here and cry until he comes back obediently to find you??”
“I was shocked immediately,Thought:Who is this person!How would he know about me!”
“Next,That person doesn’t care if I like to listen or not,Just take the mistake I just made,Told me one by one,He wants me to know,Why would that person run away under my nose,Then what issues should I pay attention to next time,What mistakes to avoid。”
“I stupidly said to him:Everyone has run away,What’s the point of teaching me these now?!”
“Then I remember he laughed,Smiling happily,After laughing, he answered me:Since I’m all here,How could he still run?Then he took me back to the man’s previous home,My incredible discovery:The guy who ran away from under my nose,He was tied up and lay on the ground firmly!”
Swallow stopped here again。
The girls were relieved to choose immediately……
“I got it!It was my brother-in-law who suddenly appeared to help you get that man back!”
Shen Ruoxue exclaimed happily。
“Shen Ruoxue,Are you really stupid or fake?!Sister Yanzi said,She doesn’t even know that person, okay!If it’s brother-in-law,May she not know!Is your mind flooded with you!”
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Chapter three thousand eight hundred and six You promised
Liu Xiaoyun immediately commented on Shen Ruoxue。

What else to say?

This person is born with a big heart。
So blow to death!
Don’t worry about whether this will bring any pressure to Hu Lai!
Speaking of Chen Xingyi,Zhao Kangming also brought Hu Lai:“……I know that the two of them have known each other since they were student players,That’s why I arranged for Chen Xingyi and Hu Lai to appear at the same time,I want to see if the two of them can generate some sparks。The result is as everyone sees,That goal is really beautiful,They are no longer sparks,But ignited a raging fire!”
Speaking of which,The reporters burst into laughter,Zhao Kangming also laughed。
Actually after the game is over,Chen Xingyi was asked by reporters about the relationship with Hu Lai。
“Know him well?Be it……We really knew each other when we were student players。Did you think that there would be a goal before the cross??Actually I didn’t think so much when I passed,I just thought about passing the football over,Hu Lai will definitely be in the middle。It turns out that Hu Lai did not live up to my passing,He feels really great in front of him。Like to be active on the side or in the middle?It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not,The coach let me play anyway,I will complete the task the coach gave me,I can play either on the side or in the middle。What do you think about your performance in this game?Okay……I will continue to work hard,Hope to continue this state。”
So what does Hu Lai think of Chen Xingyi??
“We have a good relationship,How good is the relationship?I don’t need to look at him on the court,Just run,I knew he would pass the football to me。So does he,Don’t watch me just pass it,I knew I would show up where he passed the ball……Yes,Just so tacit understanding!I only practiced for ten days?What’s wrong?The tacit understanding between the two of us is not cultivated in how many days we train together!”
“Turned out to be like this!”
Chen Xingyi, who was eating, heard the opposite father suddenly put down his chopsticks,Patted the table lightly。
“What turned out to be?”He asked strangely。

“That well,That metal disc,Is the time tunnel。”

“.”The Ou family was silent collectively。
it is good,Good second。
Baby Ou’s face is full of words,So many people actually believe it?Before it was a bloody romance drama,Now it’s a horror science fiction drama???
The plot is so reversal.
Zhou Jin continues to be ashamed。He is not a researcher,He doesn’t believe it either!!!!Why are you looking at me like a second fool?!!!I’m innocent too!!!!
“what do you mean,If i died then,Just through the luminous time tunnel made by the metal disc,Go through?”Ou Zhaozhao asked silently。But she knew in her heart,That’s a time tunnel!!!!The one who saved her,I walked through that time tunnel,Then,Combine Zhou Jin’s research and investigations,that person,It’s probably the Yu family.
“Wait。Even if there is a time tunnel,This theory,Science aside,In simple logic,It just doesn’t work。”
Interrupted,Speak directly,“My mother was seriously injured,If there is no magic well water,That’s going to die。But if the metal disc is a time tunnel,So why do you want to make another magical water that can save people??Isn’t this a contradiction??The way it activates is death,But the environment in which it exists,Well water that really saves people,This logic,Pass it?It can’t live with itself?”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty One purpose
“and also,If you really die before you can walk through the time tunnel,Many people died in the Yu Family,Isn’t it cremated??Were all thrown into the metal disc?This way of crossing,Is it too cruel?Dead here,After passing through,It’s not dead?This is not a time tunnel, right,This is Hades Palace。You all believe there are aliens,Why don’t you think about Hades’ Hall??Maybe we can still open the door on the Mid-Year Festival.”
At the end,Baby Ou couldn’t help but spit out his tongue。Because I really don’t want my mother and brother involved in these absurd speculations。Too ridiculous!!!
“or,Go over there,Is the end of the world,Everyone is a zombie,If this side is dead, it is directly a zombie,Maybe you can become the zombie king,Then the crystal nucleus energy in the head is particularly sufficient。After all, I traveled through the past,Golden finger.”Ou Baobao is addicted to complaining,Even wrote the script。

“Oh。I know,You rest assured Ruoxi,I will help you take care of him。”

Chen Hao smiled secretly,Unexpectedly, Shen Ruoxi who has been so cold,Now I have learned to be so considerate,interesting,Very interesting。
“I’m not in these days in the company,You are tired,I will treat you to a big meal when I get better。”
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Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Eight Chen Hao Dinner
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Chen Hao Dinner
Shen Ruoxi really hasn’t taken care of the company for a long time,This is also inseparable from her absolute trust in Chen Hao。
“We are good sisters,No need to tell me this,Take care of your body as it is more important than anything else,Don’t make me worry about you。”
Chen Hao is here,I feel a little sour suddenly。
The two chatted like this,I chatted for almost an hour,I can’t finish whispering,Like this,I can’t finish talking for three days and three nights。
This is still Chen Hao since joining the company for so many years,Talking on the phone during work hours for the first time,And also talked for so long,But strictly speaking,This is not entirely a private call,After all, Shen Ruoxi is not only Chen Haoxi’s best friend,Or the real boss of the company。
Finish the phone call with Shen Ruoxi,Chen Hao began to ponder,No matter how good the food in this canteen is, how nutritious it can be?Instead of letting the cafeteria set up a small stove for Qin Liang,It’s better to take him out for a bite,Really make up for him。

“We are here to increase the relationship with the good。”

Liu Xiaoyun said happily。
“forget it!You two are better than Jinjian now, okay??How to increase the relationship?Just have an operation to combine you two into one,Get it alone。”
Shen Ruoxi joked。
“Is there still this kind of surgery??Dare to love!Koyuki,Should we merge into one?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked Shen Ruoxue with a smiley face。
“That won’t work!In that case, we both suffer too much!I can only have one snack in the future,I can only receive one red envelope。”
She Ruoxue replied immediately。
Everyone laughed again!What Shen Ruoxue said is so cute,Although the words contain naughty ingredients,But everyone just likes to hear her talk like this。
“Snow sister,Sister cloud,There is another very important issue you two overlooked……”
Ling Mofeng, who has been silent all the time, suddenly spoke。
“What’s the problem?”
Shen Ruoxue asked curiously。
“Both of you are beautiful now,The beauty of the country,But if the operation is combined into one,I’m afraid you two will lose their beauty!Think about it;The looks of two people are mixed together,Is that still pretty??”
Ling Mofeng was talking nonsense seriously……

  “Where did we talk just now?”

Chapter three thousand six hundred and twenty five Face is crying
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Chapter three thousand six hundred and twenty five Face is crying
Yang Shiyun looked at Shen Ruoxue with a complicated mood,She began to secretly doubt in her heart:Shen Ruoxue is sure just“Mania”,And is there no problem mentally??How can I feel that her way of thinking is completely different from normal people??
“Why when talking about your future husband,This is your reaction?”
Shen Ruoxue looked at Meizi with a curious look and asked,I don’t know if she is really curious,Still pretending to be playing again,Her acting skills are getting better,It’s starting to make it difficult for everyone to distinguish between true and false。
“Please!You said I was a baby just now,Where’s the future husband from??Aren’t you contradictory?”
Meizi retorted dubiously。
“I’m talking about your future husband,I didn’t mention your current husband,Contradictory shit,You are deliberately changing the subject,Deliberately not answer me。”
Shen Ruoxue continued to talk nonsense,It’s really hard for her,From morning till now,She just kept talking all kinds of things,Not tired at all……
“Nonsense!Where’s the current husband!You started talking nonsense again!”
Meizi’s face is red,Whenever it comes to this topic,She can’t stand the rhythm。
“Don’t you have a husband now?Boyfriend always have?”
Shen Ruoxue has dug this pit for Meizi endlessly,The rhythm of her vowing to never stop in the pit。