Qin Liang wants to talk,But he forcibly swallowed what he wanted to say!This Fluttershy is stupid and naive,You think everyone is as rich as your family,Can I live in a villa with a private swimming pool?
Most people have to go to the public bath even to take a bath, OK?……
But in this case,Qin Liang won’t know how to say it,Doesn’t that mean you are arguing with Xiaodie?,He’s not so benzene。
“correct,Speaking of swimming,When you were swimming with me at home the day before yesterday,Deliberately let me beat you,Right?”
Xiaodie suddenly remembered what happened the day before yesterday……
“what?How did you find out?”
Qin is surprised,He thinks he has covered up well enough,How can I be seen by Fluttershy?
“Benzene you!Didn’t you wake up the next day and ran to swim by yourself?I peeked at you taking a shower,Haha……”
Xiaodie finished this sentence,I was stunned immediately!Why do I call peeking at swimming a peeking at a bath?!This is a big embarrassment!
“what!what did you say?You peeked at me taking a shower……Oh my God!”
Qin Liang knew Xiaodie must have made a slip of the tongue,But he deliberately immediately yelled in panic!
“no no!I was wrong!I watched you swimming,Not peeping at you……”
Xiaodie hurriedly waved her hands to explain,The little cheek instantly blushed to the neck!
“You actually watched me take a shower!I’m at a loss!No way,I want to go back to your house with you tonight,Then I want to watch you take a shower!”
Qin Liang has caught Xiaodie’s handle now,Immediately cheeky and confidently asked loudly,Can say such shameless words so impassioned,Qin Liang is probably the only one in the world。

“Yes,What I said is real。”

Ye Xuan sees this,He said very calmly。
But now,Other things,In fact, there is still this need to be solved properly.。
But here,Actually for these,Ye Xuan’s heart,The more I think about it, the more I feel,How should this be solved?。
Actually just these things,It’s a lot more important。
But now,These things,Actually, there is no need to continue to struggle。
Because it looks like in Ye Xuan,On the contrary feel,These are actually pretty good。
“All right,This matter has been resolved。”
When Ye Xuan was talking here,obviously,at this point,What should I do。
Actually just such a thing,It makes people feel,In fact, it’s quite critical。
As for Ye Xuan,Is talking:“Manage well,Don’t care about the Emgrand Building。”
“anything,I am responsible。”
Ye Xuan patted his chest,Don’t forget to say here。
When I heard Ye Xuan say that,,Lin Qianqian’s heart,With a touch of warmth。

Bao Bao is very serious,“I can’t tell what is really smart,But i think,Cherish everything in life,And treat all these people kindly,Are the real smart people。Just like me,I think i’m pretty smart,Mother is also very smart,Because mom loves life very much,Love my family very much,Bai Ling certainly doesn’t know how wonderful it would be to love someone sincerely。”

“Our family,I think,All smart,Are living seriously,Not like Bai Ling,Living in a cage for twenty years。Doesn’t she know what kind of person Si Shoujing is??Doesn’t she know that eldest brother is very gentle and excellent?Doesn’t she know that her daughter is hypocritical?She must know.Because know,That’s why I became more evil。It’s smart?This is called being lost。”
Baby Ou really worked very hard to convince his family,In case they really think Bai Ling is very smart,Worth learning,How good is that!!!
“.”Ou Zhaozhao’s mother and son are almost ashamed of themselves。
There will be holy light on my little angel。
but,Shameful!!Super shame!!!!
I was thought to be bad at school,Then I was comforted by my dear exhortation,This feeling of being cherished and loved,Although good,But still,Shameful!!!
Ou Zhaozhao blushed,Wash yourself quickly,“This one,Pro treasure,we,me,I definitely won’t learn Bai Ling like that,Such a person,Bad,What’s interesting。I am from the perspective of a third party,Sigh.”
Sigh,“you know too,In the eyes of others,Our house was pitted by Bai Ling,Tricked。Don’t we think we’ve been pitted??”
Si Guangnian nodded,I’m worried that if outsiders find out,Ou Jia。This is the bad influence he brought to the family。
Yu Ze Supplement,“Look at the movie,The bad guys got punished and retributed in the end,Good people are compensated and rewarded,This is the mainstream concept and thought。But you see now,Isn’t the bad guy getting what he wants,Are the good guys still being cheated by the bad guys??Not at all,Not happy.”
Huai Ye nodded in agreement,But still don’t want to admit that I envy Bai Ling,“I don’t recognize Bai Ling’s smartness,I’m just not reconciled。Obviously a bad guy,How could we lose to her?.The bad guys should be thundered,Not so dead!!”
“.”Baby Ou is even more confused,“I’m the one who watches movies and TV shows all day?Why are you more poisoned than me?”
“.”Shame again。
Mother Ou Zhaozhao blushed again。
The point is,“You are your typical unwillingness?”Baby Ou thinks that,Some not so good,“It’s impossible to win all games without winning.,It’s impossible to be a man and everything goes well,Mother is so strong,Don’t you keep being cheated by men?”
“.”Ou Zhaozhao covered his heart,Heartbroken,Daughter,Really a daughter,Heartbroken。

of course,This is because he rented a house in Liucheng District, Jincheng where the training base is located,Not too far from the training base,If you take the bus,You can get there at eight stations。

If he lives at his home in the central city of Jincheng,Then he has to leave at least two hours in advance every day,In order to ensure that I will not be late for training。
In fact, after Wang Guangwei joined Shining Star as a youth team player,Most of the time I live in the dormitory of the training base,It’s more convenient to train like that,It’s just that every weekend if there is no competition,He chooses to live at home。
And since he was completely promoted to the first team this season,No longer stay in the dormitory——After all, the dormitory building has limited rooms,Give priority to youth team players,Like the first team players are all trained,Naturally, I can no longer stay in the base。
So he rented a two-bedroom house in Liucheng District。
Even though I am in the same city as my parents,But basically living a life of separation between the two places,Unless there is no competition on weekends,He will go home for one night,More often, he stayed in his rented house in Liucheng District。
This suite is surrounded by Liucheng University Town,Liucheng campus with three universities nearby,Wang Guangwei usually goes to the stadium on the university campus to relax in the morning before going to training.。
Go home and take a bath in half an hour,Eat breakfast,Take a break after breakfast,Get dressed and go out and take the bus to the training base to start a day of training。
Life is very regular。
No. 12 bus enters the station,He uses his mobile phone to swipe his card to board the car,Then walked to the back half of the bus and found an empty seat to sit down。
Wang Guangwei, who just sat down, is about to put on headphones to listen to the song,But caught a glimpse of the multimedia screen in the front compartment,There will always be some news or other content videos,To let the passengers pass the time。
But most of the time,Because of the noisy environment,Basically, I can’t hear the sound from the speakers around this multimedia screen.。
Today because of few people,Wang Guangwei clearly heard the news being broadcast on this screen:“……After the summer transfer window opens,Flash Star Football Club signed three players in one go,Qin Lin、Xu Wentao and Hu Lai。The club will host a welcome ceremony for the three new players tomorrow afternoon。One of the most eye-catching is the former national team captain who transferred freely from the South China Tigers of the Chinese Super League.,Qin Lin on the court……”
Although the name is hidden in a lot of information,But Wang Guangwei’s ears still heard it accurately.,Let him focus on the screen。
He saw a picture of Hu Lai on that screen。
It was indeed the Hu Lai he knew,The sly smile on his face made him think of the unbearable past of this kid pulling his hair when he first went on the court……
And just because it was Hu Lai he knew,Wang Guangwei was particularly surprised——Why did he come to Flash Star?!
The picture of Hu Lai flashed by on the multimedia screen,May not wait for two seconds,Next is the video of Qin Lin wearing the Chinese national team jersey。
On the bus,Not many passengers have also noticed this news,Someone just started talking:“My day,I can get Qin Lin back,The flashing star is going to rise now!”

but,Because she wants Qiao Yue to destroy the set,also possible,Destined to touch Qiao Xing’s interests。Let yourself stand opposite her.

This is not what Ou Baobao hoped。Before they harm her family,She doesn’t want to be an enemy of anyone in this plot。She just doesn’t want to mix this book,There is no script for the role of their family。Don’t count Daou。
and so,Qiao Xing and Qiao Yue,How to contact them,This is also a question she needs to consider。
Xie Yunchu didn’t understand why Qinbao suddenly mentioned a stranger,But want to come,Kindness,Let her treat these strangers,Very complicated ideas。
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Chapter Two Hundred and Eleven Surprised
Baby Ou heard a knock on the door,Tell Xie Yun,Hung up。
“what’s up?”Ou Baobao re,Take up the shelf,Sat back in the chair。
Jin Yao is also a little confused,“A research institute contacted Xianyan Technology,Say they can provide technical support,You can make the best use of the machinery in the production workshop。”
Baby Ou frowned,and so,“The machine model purchased first along with the technology,Passed out?”Knock on the table,“I remember that,On the contract we signed with Shenzheng Research Institute,About the model of the purchased machine,Was finalized。Although not confidential,But it’s classified。Because I don’t know the contract content,It’s impossible to know the machine model.”Bao Bao’s unforgettable ability,In the workplace,It’s also very useful。
Jin Yao nodded,I am very proud that my treasure can be so capable,“It is indeed the case。and so.”
“Definitely want to see you.”Baby Ou’s brows never let go,“Can i wait for mom to come back?”
Jin Yao felt distressed instantly,Put down the tablet and folders in your hand,Come and pat Bao Bao’s head,“I know you are very hard,so much pressure。But now,You also know,Time is important。We need to fight as soon as possible,otherwise,Evidence and things that are good for us,Less and less.”

The instinct of human nature is self-interest。From breathing this very ordinary little thing,Can see the essence。And within a group of interests,There must be competition。family,To some extent,Is also an interest group,Everyone has their own role,Has a role in the family again。After the two overlap,There will be thousands of complicated family phenomena。

and,Who doesn’t want to be the one preferred?
Yuze understands these things,I also understand the root of my sister’s curiosity。Knowing that you are favored will definitely be happier。But this happiness,Is vicious。
but,He didn’t want to put these facts,Tell her。Partly because I don’t want my sister to be at home,Establish a sense of competition prematurely。another part,It’s Yuze’s selfishness.
Once consciousness is formed,It’s like being planted a seed。And this seed will grow good or evil,Yu Ze is uncertain。Sister is kind and naive,But still too small,Besides,Kindness and innocence does not mean that you will not be stimulated and hurt.Yuze only hopes that the family is happy.Wait until my sister gets older,You can have more mature judgment,To think about this problem,She will have a more proper solution。
because,Mom obviously prefers sister the most。Uncle and Auntie too。
under these circumstances,Once my sister has a sense of consciousness and competition,Then,Whether it’s him or Ono,Will fall into a very bad family environment。some of,Naturally also my sister herself,And the biggest victim,Just the younger sister。
Yuze will never allow this to happen。Because he also prefers his sister.He hopes his sister will be happy forever,happy.Is true happiness,Not viciously short-lived。
Mom knows she prefers her sister,And didn’t tell her directly about her preference。Should have the same idea as him。
Yuze was thinking,Stupefied,I seem to be stimulated by my sister accidentally,Grow up a lot.
Auntie asked him to find the balance,perhaps,He has found it——See the big from the small,See the big。
Just when Yuze was going to sleep in a daze,Suddenly found a small gap in the door,And mother’s figure seems to flash by.
“Your time,Eavesdrop at the door?”In the afternoon, I took my sister and brother to fish,Yuze took the time to ask Ou Zhaozhao。
Ou Zhaozhao wears a big sun hat,Drinking a drink,Took a look at the eldest son,“Why am I eavesdropping?.”I’m openly listening!!
Yuze naturally heard another meaning in his mother’s words,Roll your eyes,“It was a whisper between me and my treasure,You listened,What’s going on!!Do not listen to evil!Don’t do this in the future!!”Just love to do this overhearing the corner。
Ou Zhaozhao does not agree,But I also know I’m not authentic,“Anyway,Before you come of age,No way!”She originally wanted to talk to her son about the conversation with her daughter,did not expect,The girl is one step ahead of her,then,She will naturally overhear.
Yuze wants to refute,But still didn’t say anything。Underage.Actually, mom treats them,Already tolerant a lot。It’s like even though they are all underage,but,As long as you go to elementary school,Begin to have a social situation that requires independence,Every month there is a partial dividend from the family industry,Let them do whatever they want。He has received it for five years。Waiting for my sister to go to elementary school,Also start to receive。
This is a lot of money。Completely at the disposal of the minors themselves。