After Guo Miaomiao’s reminder,Fang Hao just realized this2000The biggest significance of Wan Capital is not money itself,But because of the admission of Jinshan Investment Company,He has a talisman。

As long as he is still a contract artist of Haoran Culture Communication Company,That means his boss is Gu Mu。
Who wants to hack him,That’s against Gu Mu。
Who is Gu Mu?
Is the one who has the most cash flow in the country in the legend,none of them。
The resources available are not just money,There are also various forces with bright and dark。
Although Wang Xiaochun has a certain influence in the entertainment industry,But out of circle,It’s just a commodity that can’t be on the table,There is no way to compare with Gu Mu。
This makes him even more excited,Said quickly:“Thanks boss Gu,do not worry,Your investment will definitely get rich returns!”
Gu Mu laughed:“on2000Million investment,Is there any return,How big things can be?Tomorrow I will let people from the company go to your company to do this,Then I will announce on Weibo,Let everyone know,you,Now the person under my cover。”
“Thanks boss Gu!”Fang Hao can only thank you again。
I still have some disgust to stay here,Now I think it’s pretty good to stay。
Gu Mu didn’t lie to him either,As long as he really promises to be with Guo Miaomiao, he will help him,This is not,Right away2000Wan smashed down?
He used to think that Gu Mu was a local tyrant who bullied others,I feel great with two bad money。
Now he realizes that he has a big misunderstanding of Gu Mu,This is clearly a spoiler,Nice guy!
Gu Mu said again:“Our company does not invest in many domestic industries,Don’t have too much hope on the advertisement,But the company where Miao Miao works is wholly owned by our investment company,Can make you an endorsement,Endorsement costs are the same as the previous one。”

After all, Chen Fei’s reputation has been heard for a long time.,Compared with this brother,Chen Fei is definitely more than twice as stronger than him。

at this time,Blond curly hair,Doctor Strange with an unusually high nose,Come out of the meeting room。
The corridor is crowded,Everyone knows,immediately,This doctor Strange is going to pick a patient,Operated on him on the spot。
In the auditorium,Doctor Strange enters the door,Sitting silently in the guest table aside。
The crowd of Wuyang Wuyang followed Strange into the auditorium,The auditorium was filled in an instant。
Dean walks on stage,Hand holding microphone。
“First of all,We applaud,Thanks to this doctor Strange,Come to our hospital for guidance!”
There was thunderous applause in the audience。
Including Chen Fei in the second row。
In Chen Fei’s eyes,Shining。
at this time,Do not know why,Strange wears a medical mask,But his eyes swept back and forth among the crowd,As if looking for something。
“Nowadays,Doctor Strange will pick a patient,Do a complete operation for him,For reference by doctors in this hospital!This is a landmark event in Nancheng First Hospital,Is also of epoch-making significance!”
“I believe the doctors and nurses of the First Hospital,After Mr. Strange’s teaching,Medical skills will definitely go to the next level!right now,Mr. Strange is invited to select a candidate for the demonstration operation!”

“Uncle Hao,You joked……”

There is still no emotion in Xu Sheng’s words……
Chapter Sixty One Old disease!
“Kid,you,Joined the Wuhun Hall, right??”
Tang Hao finished,From his eyes,An unstoppable anger is breaking through the shackles……
“Ok”Xu Sheng replied coldly。
He knows that Tang Hao is celebrating the festival with Wuhun Palace,But what about?
Just one sentence?Just let him leave the Wuhun Hall?
“Kid,I warn you,Wuhundian and me,There is also a misfortune for Xiaosan,If you quit the Wuhun Hall by yourself,I can spare your life……Otherwise don’t blame me for not remembering my old feelings!”
When Tang Hao said this,,Really started killing Xu Sheng!
He will never forget what Wuhun Palace did in his life!

“He is my husband,You look down on him,Just look down on me。I can’t divorce him,Where will he be from now on,Where i am。”

“You are stubborn,Why do you have to be with him?,What can he bring you。”Holly persuaded,
“Zhang’s kid is so good,Returnees don’t say,But still a senior business manager,Regardless of net worth,He still looks better than him。”
“I still don’t dislike you,What can you pick you。”
Qiao Yiyi looks at Holly,Fire in the eyes,
She knew that they wanted to divorce her and Mo Xiaosheng,To marry that Zhang family boy,Actually, it’s just for their business,In order to cooperate better with Zhang’s family,Use her as a chess piece。
“I say it again,Qiao Yiyi has only one husband in this life,That’s Mo Xiaosheng。”
“it is good,You have backbone, right,go,Never come back。”Jory gave out a rage,With a bang, he picked up a teacup and fell to the ground severely。
Qiao Yiyi’s marriage with Zhang Family Boy was still his idea,Now Joey doesn’t agree,Naturally, he will lose face。
Qiao Yiyi didn’t bother to pay attention to them,Pulling Mo Xiaosheng directly out of the house。
The two just walked out,Suddenly heard the sound of banging things from the back home。Qiao Yiyi stopped for a moment,Tears can’t help streaming down anymore。
Mo Xiaosheng held Qiao Yiyi tightly in his arms,Mo Xiaosheng is not incapable,I just don’t have time to fight on my own。
“rest assured,I will give you a warm home。”Mo Xiaosheng promises。
“Ok。”Qiao Yiyi nodded。
After the two left the community,I opened a room in a nearby hotel and stayed temporarily。As for buying a house,I also need to see it soon。
On the second day, Zheng Fan came to pick up Mo Xiaosheng,Went to the hotel together。
There are a few in black standing in the hotel lobby,Man in suit wearing headphones,After learning that Mo Xiaosheng and Zheng Fan went to the presidential private room on the top floor,Searched them,After confirming that there is no problem,Then took them into the elevator。
After arriving at the Presidential Private Room,Two people have arrived in the living room,One of the fat guys in his fifties,Looks ruddy,Slightly greasy,Another is a man in his forties,Very simple to dress,I wear a pair of black sunglasses on my face。
Zheng Fan was a little surprised after seeing the two fat guys,The fat man immediately sank when he saw him,Glanced at him coldly,Did not say anything。
“Mr. Zheng,This should be your competitor?”Mo Xiaosheng said in a low voice behind Zheng Fan’s ear。

Wu Tingwei was choked to death,But in front of so many people,Especially Zhong Manxia said he was stingy,That’s so shameless,Had to pretend to be a random way:“I have too many gadgets,Give it away。”

My weird way:“I am quite withered,You are too interesting!I just said that this brooch is the most expensive in the whole city,Once again said it was a gadget,You lie open your mouth,What do you want us to believe in?”
What rebuttal Wu Tingwei wants to say,But I held back,Forget it,Anyway,Let him go。
Other people don’t give him face,See him being held back like a monkeyPEye-like face,Another burst of cheerful laughter。
I looked at his Harley locomotive:“I am quite withered,I don’t think your words are true,Is this a fake??”
Wu Ting became prestigious again:“This is an original product imported from the United States,10Ten thousand yuan,how about it?You give me Zhong Manxia,I give you this car。”
I feel angry,This kid is still wicked,Really troublesome,So:“Who knows if you are true or not,By your nature,It’s worth hundreds of dollars。”
“by,I have an invoice as proof,As long as you give her to me,I’ll get the invoice for you right away!”
I shook my head,I can only compare wealth with him,Otherwise this kid is still entangled,Headache,I can’t just hit him with a fist!
“How about this,Tomorrow afternoon3point,I have no class,We are richer than anyone here,alright?I am quite withered!”
“it is good,A word!”He was overjoyed。
“I rely on!”People around feel that today is definitely the most exciting day in life,Surround me,This big show is one after another,It didn’t end today,There will be more exciting scenes tomorrow,Make a decision,Tomorrow is the sky and the knife will definitely come over。
Time is already12It’s half past,In addition, there are a lot of people watching the fun,I apologize to Zhong Manxia:“It seems I can only go to the cafeteria to eat separately,Otherwise, a bunch of people will follow us to eat,I will be poor!”
She smiled:“You should be poor,Who called you so generous1Give away anything more than 10,000 yuan!”
I am annoyed:“So you regret this brooch,My heart hurts so much!”
Her airway:“You badass,What do i mean,Ignore you,go for meal!”Laughed again after speaking,Pull Li Xiaohong and leave。
Going to work this afternoon,Looks like you have to ask for leave again。
I bit the bullet and called Fang Xianjing,Demanding,The voice is very gentle:“Hey,Sister!”

Result next moment,They burst out screaming again。

Shen Huan represents the highest state of Chinese basketball,It is also the highest glory of Chinese players in the basketball industry。
Even a great center with such an excellent historical level as Dayao,There has never been the honor Shen Huan has now。
So Shen Huan is now recognized as the number one basketball player in China,none of them。
“Thank you all for your cheering and encouragement in China in the past two months。”Shen Huan took the microphone and said,“You also know,I represent more than myself。And I can proudly tell you,in this world,The best player in basketball,We are Chinese!”
The people below are even more excited,A lot of people are squeezing forward,police.Uncle Cha almost couldn’t hold back the scene。
Wang Zhen and the camera team are also on stage,They sent this scene to the users of、Inside the computer。
See the skyrocketing number of online people and lively scenes on,Jiang Zhenkun has mixed feelings。
You said such a good superstar,Why did you come back?Why don’t you play basketball?
We at originally expected you to bring more world-leading news、match,it’s good now,All gone!
Fortunately, the acquisition negotiations have been going through,The most sincere Beidou Holdings still agrees with the development model of,For the user group of,Also made a good valuation。
Otherwise, I really have suffered too much!
But I still can’t give up the hot spot of Shen Huan in the future。
Nothing else,Within three to five years,It is impossible for all basketball fans to forget him,Then there is the value of hype。
In addition, Shen Huan’s other identities are also very interesting,It will also arouse the concern of netizens!
While Jiang Zhenkun was thinking about it,,The staff next to him pulled his clothes:“Mr. Jiang,It’s almost time for you!”
Jiang Zhenkun, who had recovered his thoughts, nodded,I took the ball covered in red silk from my assistant,Stepped onto the stage。
Shen Huan has been talking for a while,The emotions below have always been very exciting,I saw Jiang Zhenkun carrying such a thing on the stage,Even if you don’t know who’s a fan,Also guessed what it is。
“Golden ball!Golden ball!!……”

Although I still can’t make money back to buy songs、Propaganda、ShootMVCost of,But at least it made Ning Wu feel at ease。

Follow this posture,The income Shen Huan said,Really can make the cost back,And also make a fortune。
Since I won,Then the next step is to maximize the fruits of victory。
Ning Wu also read various comments on the Internet these days,Found that Shen Huan set Guan Yili“The Prince of Love Songs”Development route,Really suits him。
Arrange the audience in the future15-20Around the age of,Try to get closer,In two or three years,Guan Yili will definitely become a new generation of little king,Tied with Fu Bufan。
Actually,According to the current level of Guan Yili,Is already treated by the little king。
What he lacks,Just a good album,To completely establish one’s position。
After all, I want to be a little king,A single is not enough。
What Ning Wu is going to do now,On the one hand, we will try our best to expand Guan Yili’s influence and popularity,Let him keep going。
On the other hand, I quickly find a good song for Guan Yili。
You have to spend money to find a good song,Hundreds of thousands of a good song is definitely necessary,Expensive can reach millions。
Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s song is very good,But now he sees《tolerant》Earned so much,Willing or not200I might sell songs to myself。
So Ning Wu not only can’t use the money,I have to work hard to get Guan Yi to go to the show、notice、Activities to make money。

Sijiuchengli,It was originally gossip flying all over the sky。

Such an interesting thing now,Both parties are very famous people,Why do you say that people do not talk about it?
Bring Shen Huan back to Youzuo Hutong,Uncles and aunts who enjoy the cool under the tree,Stopped him,Asked about the truth or not。
Just that,They are more purely interested。
Simultaneously,After Shen Huan won the game,,The act of making Ruan Dashao donate to charity,Also admire。
Even Yang Feng deliberately spread the news,It means that Shen Huan’s three copybooks have been collected by him and his friends,8000Million purchase cost,Were all donated by Shen Huan“Rural school construction plan”Inside the project。
This makes people’s attention,Greatly removed from the emerald。
Shen Huan hasn’t rested these days。
On the one hand, copy a lot of copybooks at home,On the one hand, the jade gambling material was opened。
The harvest this time is not bad,Probably offered value1Jade,There is also a two-color jade,But not big,Shen Huan is directly ready to use it on the Spirit Gathering Array。
Anyway, the jade is in Shen Huan’s hands,That’s wasted。
If you are in a hurry,Fu Lu Shou Xi four-color jade and Shen Huan dare to stuff them into the spirit gathering array。
Wait until Xin Changkong called,Shen Huan cleaned up and went out。
At this time, military training is almost over9Mid to late month,I think I will start my university life for the second time in a few days,Shen Huan still looks forward to it。
another world,Shen Huan went to a second-rate university,Four years after university,I don’t know what I learned,Then I found a class casually,if nothing unexpected happened,It’s just so plain and regretful to spend a lifetime。
When people only look back,How many opportunities have been missed,How many years wasted,But they have no chance to correct and redeem。
But Shen Huan is lucky,He has this opportunity。
Although he doesn’t have to go to college,Can be glorious for a lifetime,But review this happy student life again,Still quite interesting。
I took a taxi to the appointed cafe,Enter the agreed box,Shen Huan saw Xin Changkong and a thin, quiet man,sit together。

“no, I’m fine!”

Zhou Lexiang almost didn’t think,Direct way:“They haven’t started shooting,I just agreed,The crew hasn’t been formed yet!I just pushed them over,You must leave this role to me!”
“Sister Xiang,You do,Does it have a bad reputation??”Shen Huan asked in surprise。
“Hey,Is my reputation good?They told me that I almost became a bus!”Zhou Lexiang laughed at herself,“But this scene is really okay,If the show starts,Then I can’t apologize to them。But now they haven’t gotten it right,If I quit,Trouble at most,Won’t cause too much trouble!
Characters and actors like me,There are so many alternatives。Not to mention that I have to pay them a liquidated damages,With liquidated damages,They can’t lose anything。”
Watching her so positive,Shen Huan feels very comfortable。
Others would rather push the heroine,I will come to you to play a supporting role,This is not what loyalty is?
“Ok。”Shen Huan laughed,“After you are ready,Go find Xin Changkong,He is still the director and producer!”
Zhou Lexiang said seriously:“thank you,Teacher Lu,Thanks for giving me another chance!”
“You’re welcome,Behave well!”Shen Huan responded with a smile。
When Shen Huan hung up the phone,Zhou Lexiang jumped up from the sofa suddenly。
The beautiful beauty leaped for joy,Make a disheveled,Like a little madman。

Announced that he has transferred all power to Gu Mu,He will not deal with any company-related matters in the future,Gu Mu is solely responsible for everything。

I left half an hour to answer some reporters’ questions。
The main thing is to explain why we should transfer power to Gu Mu.。
“My body is really bad,”Wang Yongyuan said,“The doctor said that I can only live for half a year at most,If i continue to manage the company,Maybe it won’t last a month。So I have to finish this thing。”
“When I found my son,I don’t want to manage the company,At that time the doctor told me,If I start to cultivate with peace of mind from that time,I can live for three or four years。But I am worried that Gu Mu can’t manage this company,It can only be delayed for more than a year。Now transfer power to him,On the one hand, I want to spend the rest of my time at ease,on the other hand,His performance during this period also convinced me that he has that ability to manage this company well。”
He needs to express this idea to the outside world:
One,This is a normal transfer of power,He volunteered,Instead of Gu Mu persecuting him。
two,He is optimistic about Gu Mu’s ability,Think he can manage this company well,Manage such a huge asset。
After the press conference,Wang Yongyuan is already very weak。
He said to Gu Mu:“child,I have some more private words to tell you,You follow me。”
With Gu Mu’s support,He walked to a house。
That house is one of the four villas here,Very big,Looks like a Buddhist temple。
He walks,And said to Gu Mu:“I sometimes make some mistakes,I will feel uneasy,So I built a Buddhist temple here,Hope to reduce some sins。”
“Now my time is running out,There are some things,I should also tell you,This way I can leave without worry。”
Gu Mu felt a little bit in his heart:“Is this going to showdown?”