Shen Huan was pestered by one person,Seems to be unavoidable。

but,Shen Huan suddenly took it back,The player who exhausted his strength to contend with Shen Huan,The front is suddenly empty,He plunged to the ground。
And Shen Huan made a wonderful turn while holding the ball,Quickly escaped the arm of the second player。
Seeing in a small space,Shen Huan is about to hit the opponent’s third player,But he didn’t even look at the right side,A dexterous light throw,The empty right side quickly jumped up with a player in the same red jersey。
A violent dunk just showed up。
“nice shot!!”
Jordan couldn’t help but thumbs up。
The player who succeeded in the smash thought Jordan was cheering for himself,I raised my head and yelled。
But Osic knew,Jordan was just applauding Shen Huan。
as expected,Boss Joe commented like this the next moment,“Good confrontation ability,Passing is also very smart,The vision is also very broad。”
“Then do we have to think about it?”Osic asked Jordan。
He is one of the people who know Jordan best,Know that Jordan likes to shop for bargains。
“Not urgent,Look again。”Jordan shook his head。
However, even Jordan didn’t expect,After the first quarter,Shen Huan’s second quarter was even more crazy。
Whether it is confrontation、Extraordinary、Pick and roll、Pass,Still fighting for rebounds、Shot、Three points,Shen Huan is almost omnipotent。

“.”Xu Xuan mumbled and walked up。

“Turn around slowly!”
“Let you transport,Why do you want twice?”
“My legs are short.”
“Fake action faster,Are you shopping?”
“Walked walked!Let you retreat where did you retreat?I won’t stop you,Are you going to run across?”
Half an hour later,Two men lying on the ground panting,Disorderly clothes,sweating a lot。
“What do you think i learned carmelo?”Xu Xuan couldn’t help but ask。
“.”Melon was silent for a while:“Xu,Do you want to think about it,Is it possible that you are really suitable for making salted fish.”
“cut!”Xu Xuan sneered him up.Thumbs up:“Carmelo, you have never heard of God closing a door for you,Will definitely open another window for you?”
Melon tilted his head and thought about it,After a long while shook his head:“I have never heard this sentence。”
His tone is very serious:“I only heard,When God closes another door for you,Will close that window by the way.”
Xu Xuan:“.”

I will coach this young man,What would i do?

I do not know!
He watched Xu Xuan’s scout report and game video many times and still couldn’t find any clues.
If you come to see it from D’Antoni or Old Nelson,Xu Xuan’s attributes can even be called excellent,But in the hands of a defensive coach,This attribute.Can’t say bad,but.Doesn’t match!
Vogel’s headache,Xu Xuan’s main threat is on the offensive end,And what I do best is defense.The two are not on the same channel at all。
What to do?
Larry·The person that Bird is coming here personally,Also paid such a high price,He can’t just let it go。
And Vogel also appreciates Xu Xuan in his heart,But how to use it is a big problem!
It’s fine if the pickled pepper is not hurt,Can form an outside attack with Xu Xuan“Double tap”,In this way, the Pacers don’t have to stick to the inside on the offensive end.,You can bloom both inside and outside.
That’s pretty good,Vogel thought for a while。
But now the pickled pepper hurts,Xu Xuan is alone outside.Can he hold it up?
correct,There is also a starting list.Is also a big problem!
He never thought of letting Xu Xuan play as a substitute,Even if he wants,Estimated Larry·Bird would not agree,But who gets down is also a question.
Too many questions!

The Lakers just12month8Great Western Forum Arena at home defeated Timberwolves,Short-lived13day,12month21day,The two teams are about to meet again。

Although the Lakers killed the Timberwolves in the first two games,But so far,This young team is getting better and better,After Stephen Marbury’s integration into the team,He injected fresh blood into the team。
Stephen Marbury and Kevin Garnett’s pick-and-roll linkage,Played a very wonderful effect。Many media have commented,They think this young pair,Will be the next historical pick and roll combination,Like Stockton and Malone。
indeed,Marbury’s ball feel and explosive combination are quite good,The first step through the pick-and-roll is pretty quick。Especially he has both shooting ability and finishing ability to the basket,After he combined the team more than indulged in personal offense,He and Kevin Garnett’s pick-and-rolls created a lot of subtle cooperation。
This is Kevin Garnett’s second year,His body has gradually become fleshy,Adapted to the intensity of the NBA,Compared to poor performance in the first year,In the second year, he began to show off on both ends of the offense and defense,Excellent height with comprehensive skills,Formed an excellent power forward。
Kevin Garnett’s registered height is2.11Meter,But Kobe thinks this guy definitely hides something,He falsely reported his height in order to avoid playing center,Real height is about2.16About meters。Such a tall player,At the same time have outside level speed and skill,Projection range covers the entire three-point line,The defensive range also covers the entire three-point line。
Kobe knows,Just give Garnett an inside meat shield,Garnett, who plays the role of mopping up, completely played the performance of top defensive players。And on the offensive end,Kevin Garnett’s pick-and-roll quality is not as high as he later,At present he is still a big man with weaker confrontation ability。Whether it’s the pick and roll position,Or the choice of internal cutting and external demolition has a very large space to improve。
Current Kevin Garnett’s technology and physical needs2,3Years of growth,As a high school student draft player。He is far from his peak,The media think that as long as Garnett and Marbury mature,The Minnesota Timberwolves will transform into a truly strong team,Get rid of the impression of perennial fish belly。
Timberwolves are89Entered the league in,The record so far is very bad,Never made the playoffs。there are many reasons,Poor draft vision,Bad luck drawing,Also, the cold weather is very difficult to retain good players,All players yearn for the climate like Miami on the East Coast or Los Angeles on the West Coast。
“Damn,Why we are12Moon came to this damn Minnesota!”Just off the plane,This time it’s not only O’Neill,All the players felt a chill.。
12Minnesota,The average temperature is ten degrees below zero-Two degrees Celsius。This is too different from California’s annual warm temperature,even if12Month of winter,California’s daytime temperature will also be15-22Celsius,Even at night5-10Between Celsius。
Kobe shivered,Minnesota connects to Canada to the north,As the northernmost point of the continental U.S.(north latitude49degree23Minute)In the state,So Minnesota is called the North Star State。
There was heavy snow when the Lakers landed,The players who came here from California’s warm Los Angeles even wore hoodie sportswear。This Minnesota dressed in this season will definitely feel extremely cold。
“Aye!”O’Neill sneezed。
“FAK,Damn fat guy away from me5Mi Yuan!”Kobe took out the mask from the backpack pocket,Put it on quickly。
“This is just a sneeze!”O’Neill looked wronged。
Kobe ignored,He doesn’t want to catch the flu,Avoid contact start with me。
The group hurried to pick up their luggage,Then take the bus to the hotel to rest。
Fortunately, the indoor environment like buses and hotels,All have heating supply,This makes the Lakers players feel much better。

The voice fell off,He immediately bowed deeply to Mo Xiaosheng。

“Uncle Mo,What are you doing。”
Mo Xiaosheng was suddenly startled by his sudden behavior,Quickly reach out to help him up,Smiled at him:“Weiwuncle,You can let me treat Aunt Zheng,It’s my honor。”
Wei Xu’s throat moved,Tears in my eyes,what you want to say,But it’s in my throat,Finally, Mo Xiaosheng waved his hand,Face sideways,Two lines of tears rolling down。
He was so to Mo Xiaosheng two days ago,Mo Xiaosheng has no grievances,He even gave him face,He Wei Xu,Shameless!
ten minutes later,Mo Xiaosheng, Wei Xu and others returned to Zheng Xia’s ward。
Mo Xiaosheng got Zheng Xia’s pulse again,The condition worsened slightly,But the problem is not big,Still under control。
Mo Xiaosheng let Zheng Xia lie down,Lift up the clothes,Showing belly,Then I took the dragon and phoenix silver needles in the medicine box,To Zheng Xia:“Aunt,It might hurt,You bear it a little bit。”
“Do not worry,Auntie is not so squeamish。”Zheng Xia smiled,Squeezed Wei Xu’s hand,A little nervous。
Mo Xiaosheng is more serious in acupuncture this time than ever before,I picked up all 20 cm long needles,Concentrated on Zheng Xia’s abdomen and started acupuncture。
Five silver needles finished,Twenty minutes have passed,Each one reaches the cancerous lesion in the stomach。
Mo Xiaosheng twisted five silver needles with his fingers in turn,Slowly transfer the spiritual energy in the body like Zheng Xia’s stomach lesions,Kill cancer cells through spiritual power。
Its essential effect is similar to chemotherapy in western medicine,But compared to chemotherapy with greater side effects,This method is safer、more directly,No side effects,And the pain is very light,Greatly alleviate the patient’s pain during treatment。
Half an hour passed,Mo Xiaosheng’s forehead was already covered with dense beads of sweat,White lips,Obviously a manifestation of physical exhaustion。
“Niche,Are you OK?”Wei Xu hurriedly said。
Mo Xiaosheng let out a sigh of relief,Pulled out the needle,Then I prescribed a prescription,Let Wei Xu go to Jishantang to take some medicine,Decoction for Zheng Xia sooner or later,To play a role in consolidating the treatment。
“Niche,Can this method work??”Zheng Fan saw Mo Xiaosheng put a few needles and he was done.,I’m very worried。
“Zheng Fan!”

But her brother is a man of great affection。If he is as numb to love as himself,Never have absolute hope for things around you,He won’t be an actor。What actors need is input,Put yourself in a role,Feel the love and love of a character。If Shen Zhiyue can’t feel the characters’ feelings,He won’t act well。

The youngest child is a treasure in the hearts of parents,And the same in her sister’s heart。Although Shen Zhiyue is bigger than her second brother,But after all, her brother。Since my brother brought it up,She will agree。
“it is good,I cooperate with you。But afterwards I will still say a few words about Lu Shanshan,Don’t feel bad when the time comes。”
Shen Zhiyue is a little nervous:“What are you scolding her,She did nothing wrong,I asked for it。”
Shen Zhiyu Yingdao:“do not worry,I just think,Since she wants to replace your role,Then you have to do it well。I hope her performance can be worthy of your body。”
Shen Zhiyue does not deny,My sister is right,Lu Shanshan does have many flaws,So far,The two will not exchange back in a short time,Then Lu Shanshan must adapt to Shen Zhiyue’s identity。
“She is now the third young master of the Shen family,Too stupid。”
Shen Zhiyue is a little nervous:“sister,Don’t force her too much,She has limited brain capacity after all。”
Shen Zhiyu also expected:“I know this。I have eyes,I can see how foolish she is。”
Although Shen Zhiyue feels upset,But he also had to admit,My lover is really not smart。
Lin Tong and Zhou Qihua see Shen Zhiyu in the rumors。Look closely and Shen Zhiyue is indeed a bit like,But the brows feel colder than Shen Zhiyue。
Shen Zhiyu looked at Shen Zhiyue on the bed,Helplessly shook his head,I hate iron but not steel。Shen Zhiyue doesn’t matter,Staring straight at sister。
Lin Tong broke the deadlock first:“Hello, Miss Shen,I am Shanshan’s mother,Shanshan and Zhiyue have been dating for a while,I’m sorry that Shanshan has caused you so much trouble。I just want to take advantage of your free time today,Please come out for dinner and apologize。”
Shen Zhiyu looks at Lin Tong,Looks like a weak woman。This kind of person can stay at home and be a canary,Coming out of society is looking for death。
But the other party is an elder after all,No matter how bad, she’s the mother of the younger brother,Future in-laws,Shen Zhiyu is still polite。
“It’s our incomplete thinking,Should have invited you to dinner。The two of them are really good,Just occasionally a tendon,but it does not matter,I will watch them from now on。Aunt,You just watched,Look bad,You have to rest。”

So I’m still talking about business。

Although Wang Zhen is stupid,With a little naivety,I’m not good at many people,But because of her innocence,So for《Yearning life》Such location and arrangement,More simple and natural。
With Shen Huan’s memory《Yearning life》Compared to,Wang Zhen’s version is bigger,And do it more naturally。
For example, the place she looked for,There are dozens of villagers’ houses not far away,From the perspective of building a house,Smoke can be seen at dusk in summer。
Not like《Yearning life》A little deliberate like the first season。
No one lives in the country,As a result, there are no houses around,No villagers or neighbors,Are you a temple?
It’s with the big coffee Li Xiaoqi in the short video、The village life of Xiaolu and others is similar。
More natural and rustic,But the breath of life is oncoming。
but《Yearning life》The next two seasons changed this shortcoming,Went to the real village for a show。
“You are the best!”
“These are so beautifully done,Matches your style very well。”
“Had such a good start,How could the show be unsuccessful??”
“I look forward to you becoming a gold host with your own ace show!”

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Chapter Fifty Nine Luban,Let’s fall in love
Dong dong~~~
Gu Qiao opened the door,I saw Lu Ban standing at the door holding a bunch of flowers,Slightly stunned。
“How did you come?”
“Kong Xi said Auntie asked me to come over for dinner,It’s for you,Hope you like it。”
Lu Ban passed the flower in his hand。
Gu Qiao hesitated,Reach out,Then let Ban Lu into the house。
Inside the house, Kong Xi is sitting on the sofa watching TV,Mango Channel’s hot dog blood drama,She waited for Gu Qiao to put the flowers on the table before she saw Lu Ban come in。
“Flowers you bought?”Kong Xi asked narrowly。
Ban Lu gave a light cough:“Can’t come empty-handed,I don’t know what to buy,Just bought a bunch of flowers。”

The main reason is that the upper limit of Kobe’s player is really raised.,The upper limit of the Lakers team is entirely supported by Kobe.。Kobe’s miraculous and epic performance,It’s hard to have the confidence to strangle him completely。

But the Bulls can’t focus all of their defense on Kobe。
Jordan and Pippen once teamed up to strangle Magic Johnson,But Kobe’s range is nearly twice as far as the magician!
There was no sky hook around the magician at that time,And Kobe is surrounded by the peak Shark O’Neal!
The first few rounds of the Lakers series,Kobe’s performance is obviously better than O’Neal。
But for the bull,It’s hard to say which of Kobe or O’Neal is more destructive。
Tim Hardaway went crazy in the first two rounds of the series,But Jordan sealed him off by himself,Instead, it was Mourning who showed mediocre performance in front of him.,Continuous outstanding performance。
O’Neal is capable of killing the Bulls!
The story two years ago, no one on the bulls wants to experience it again。
Must be flanked!Bull and rocket,Jazz are all different。
The Bulls can’t find a player who can defend O’Neal alone,Langley used his strength and height to block O’Neill’s first move,But O’Neill can easily defeat him with agility。
Then the task of defending Kobe is completely entrusted to Michael Jordan,Jordan not only needs the offensive end to act as the absolute core,Least cut30+,And also blocked Kobe on the defensive end!
Such a bull can be said to be able to win steadily。
Michael Jordan chewing gum,Smiled confidently。
He can’t wait to play tomorrow’s game。
These challenges and pressures are for him,It’s just a stimulant。
come on,Kobe。
I will let you understand。
Me in the finals,And me in the regular season,It’s not a player of the same level at all。

“You are Mo Xiaosheng?”

The thick pink woman looks Mo Xiaosheng up and down,There is a sneer in his eyes。
“you are……”Mo Xiaosheng frowned,Looking at her with a puzzled face,I seem to have never seen her before。
“I can’t even recognize me?Your brain is really not so good。”The thick fan snorted。
“you are……Sanyi?”
Qiao Yiyi couldn’t help being a little surprised after seeing her。
Although I haven’t seen each other for years,But her third aunt hasn’t changed much。
“Yiyi,You still know me?”Dong Xiumi looks at Qiao Yiyi up and down,Said:“Has the little girl grown up?,The more tired you are, the more beautiful you are。”
Although she is complimenting Qiaoyi,But the tone is quite sour。
“Sanyi is also a resident of youth。”Qiao Yiyi replied lightly。
For this third aunt,She has no good impression,A typical master who dislikes the poor and loves the rich,Since marrying into a rich family,She doesn’t even recognize her mother and family,Even some are ashamed of her humble maiden family,Except for going back twice after her grandma died,Qiao Yiyi almost never saw her again。
Qiao Yiyi didn’t expect to meet her here at first,But I don’t feel surprised after meeting her,Because Qiao Yiyi knows,The rich man she married,Also in the jewelry business,It is also the top ten jewelry brand in the country。
“I really did not expect you to come to this kind of exhibition,Are the tickets for this kind of exhibition so easy to get now??”Dong Xiumi said coldly,Subconsciously touched my hair bun with a silver hairpin inserted in gems,Quite ostentatious。