[How to do excessive masturbation]_ excessive masturbation _ how to solve _ solution

[How to do excessive masturbation]_ excessive masturbation _ how to solve _ solution

Although masturbation is a normal masturbation behavior, if masturbation is replaced too much, it is easy to cause adverse effects on health, may cause sexual dysfunction, impotence and erectile dysfunction, etc., so of course we must pay attention to changing thishabit.

1. Masturbation is a normal masturbation behavior of mature men.

Masturbation itself is not harmful to the human body, but it is too frequent and too fast to cause other diseases to affect the body.

2, supplementary masturbation, long-term congestion of the urinary and genitourinary system, local immunity decline, which leads to urethritis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc .; excessive masturbation, excessive excitability of the sexual nerves, leading to sexual nerve fatigue for a long time, resulting in decreased libido, Impotence, weak erections, etc.

3. In addition, if masturbation is eager to ejaculate during masturbation, ejaculation is short, so if it goes on, it will change the sexual reflex time and cause habitual premature ejaculation.

And if masturbation forms a habit, it is easy to lose interest in normal sex life, which will affect your married life.

The energy consumed by another masturbation or sexual life is equivalent to the energy consumed by a 100-meter athlete in a 100-meter race. Therefore, over-frequency can easily lead to weakness.

Coupled with the inability to correctly understand masturbation, blind pursuit, or fear, it has caused stress and influence on one’s psychology, and for a long time, caused symptoms such as neurasthenia.

4, so I suggest you watch less irritating movies, books, actively read books with positive meanings, strengthen your self-cultivation, and strengthen physical exercise.

Actively participate in social activities.