obviously,Du Lei is afraid of Aunt Qiao“Jealous”,To make time for Ding Yi to report to his father,Deliberately pulled her mother-in-law into her house。

Ding Yiyong saw that Aunt Qiao was gone by Durella,She shrank her neck at dad,Whispered:“The police left……”
Ding Naixiang smiled,Winking at her daughter,Also whispered:“After eating, let’s go back to the house and say。”
After Ding Yi is full,After tidying up the dishes on the table,Came to the study with dad,Ding Yi rubbed his belly,While walking in the house,Said:“dad,Let me report to you about my personal affairs,I……”
She didn’t finish her words,I was stopped by my father。
Ding Naixiang said gently:“I know everything about you,I also know about Jiang Fan,Dad doesn’t ask about your process,Just want to know the result,What i want to know is,Do you have any specific plans??”
Ding Yi knew that his father would not object to them,at this point,When she returned home in Singapore,,Dad once told her。Thought of here,She has a sense of happiness and relief in her heart,She sits opposite to dad,Said:“He said he wanted to propose to Dad in person,Beg my dad to marry him。”
Ding Naixiang smiled,Said:“This shows that he is still a gentleman,Not taking advantage of my absence,Secretly married my daughter。”
Ding Yi said:“how can that be possible?Don’t say he doesn’t marry,Just he wants to marry,I won’t marry either,I want to wait for my father to come back to marry。”
Watching her innocent and lively,Ding Naixiang smiled,he knows,No matter how old the daughter is,Always a child in front of him,Shouldn’t be depressed,It should be so naive and lively,This is his daughter。
The old professor sighed,Reach out and touch her head,Said:“You can take care of dad’s feelings,I am very happy,Also very pleased。and so,I just said he is a man,Is a gentleman。Another point,I need to declare to you,A change in my attitude towards him,Not because he became the mayor,Because of him……”
“father,do not talk,I know this in my heart,He also knew。”Ding Yi lowered his head,She doesn’t want to discuss Jiang Fan’s identity with her father,That will talk about Jiang Fan’s past。
Ding Naixiang saw her daughter reluctant to mention Jiang Fan’s past,Just said:“Ok,Someday invite him home,Have a meal,Meet everyone officially。”
Ding Yi raised his head,Surprised to see Dad smile,Two rows of white teeth gleamed with shreds:“father,He meant the same。”
Ding Naixiang feels her daughter is still cute,I touched her little head again,Smile and nod,Say:“You come down to ask him,Pick a day when he is not busy and you are not on the live broadcast.。In addition,I will stay for almost two weeks when I come back this time,I went to the province to hold a seminar on Hong Kong,The duration is two days,Report the day before,It takes two and a half days,After the meeting,I might delay in the province for an extra day or two,Want to meet some old friends,I have to go to school to handle some things,Also meet some old friends,But all these things make way for your things,how about it?”
“Thank you dad。”Ding Yi deliberately nodded and said。
Father is happy,Said:“When is he going to come to our house??”
Ding Yi thought about it,Said:“I won’t be on the live broadcast tomorrow night,If he’s okay,Can i let him come home tomorrow night?”
Ding Naixiang thought for a while,Said:“Don’t worry,I can come back from a meeting,But you arrange it,I have nothing to do tomorrow,Day and night。”
Ding nodded,Said:“Let me ask him,There are a lot of jobs in the city recently,He is in his first year,A lot to do。”