“I certainly didn’t mind,If i mind,Are the six of them still standing here and talking to me??I can’t get up early。”

Qin Aotian said disapprovingly。
“That is,That is,”
Qin Liang hurriedly agreed。
“father……Sit down and talk。”
Shen Ruoxi whispered softly……
“You are Shen Ruoxi?Is my daughter-in-law?come,let me see。”
Qin Aotian said rudely。
Shen Ruoxi can’t help it……I had to walk to Qin Aotian’s face shyly,But shy,She is still always noble,Elegant,Dignified look。
“Yep,Not bad,Qualified to be my Qin’s daughter-in-law。”
Qin Ao looked up and down Shen Ruoxi carefully,Then finally nodded and said。
“Thank you。”
Shen Ruoxi let out a sigh of relief,Answer with a smile。
“That dad,Now that you are satisfied with this daughter-in-law,Can you spare me?”
Qin Liang immediately asked with a shy face……
“She is her,You are you,Two different things。”
Qin Aotian didn’t even look at what Qin Liang said。