The Lakers just12month8Great Western Forum Arena at home defeated Timberwolves,Short-lived13day,12month21day,The two teams are about to meet again。

Although the Lakers killed the Timberwolves in the first two games,But so far,This young team is getting better and better,After Stephen Marbury’s integration into the team,He injected fresh blood into the team。
Stephen Marbury and Kevin Garnett’s pick-and-roll linkage,Played a very wonderful effect。Many media have commented,They think this young pair,Will be the next historical pick and roll combination,Like Stockton and Malone。
indeed,Marbury’s ball feel and explosive combination are quite good,The first step through the pick-and-roll is pretty quick。Especially he has both shooting ability and finishing ability to the basket,After he combined the team more than indulged in personal offense,He and Kevin Garnett’s pick-and-rolls created a lot of subtle cooperation。
This is Kevin Garnett’s second year,His body has gradually become fleshy,Adapted to the intensity of the NBA,Compared to poor performance in the first year,In the second year, he began to show off on both ends of the offense and defense,Excellent height with comprehensive skills,Formed an excellent power forward。
Kevin Garnett’s registered height is2.11Meter,But Kobe thinks this guy definitely hides something,He falsely reported his height in order to avoid playing center,Real height is about2.16About meters。Such a tall player,At the same time have outside level speed and skill,Projection range covers the entire three-point line,The defensive range also covers the entire three-point line。
Kobe knows,Just give Garnett an inside meat shield,Garnett, who plays the role of mopping up, completely played the performance of top defensive players。And on the offensive end,Kevin Garnett’s pick-and-roll quality is not as high as he later,At present he is still a big man with weaker confrontation ability。Whether it’s the pick and roll position,Or the choice of internal cutting and external demolition has a very large space to improve。
Current Kevin Garnett’s technology and physical needs2,3Years of growth,As a high school student draft player。He is far from his peak,The media think that as long as Garnett and Marbury mature,The Minnesota Timberwolves will transform into a truly strong team,Get rid of the impression of perennial fish belly。
Timberwolves are89Entered the league in,The record so far is very bad,Never made the playoffs。there are many reasons,Poor draft vision,Bad luck drawing,Also, the cold weather is very difficult to retain good players,All players yearn for the climate like Miami on the East Coast or Los Angeles on the West Coast。
“Damn,Why we are12Moon came to this damn Minnesota!”Just off the plane,This time it’s not only O’Neill,All the players felt a chill.。
12Minnesota,The average temperature is ten degrees below zero-Two degrees Celsius。This is too different from California’s annual warm temperature,even if12Month of winter,California’s daytime temperature will also be15-22Celsius,Even at night5-10Between Celsius。
Kobe shivered,Minnesota connects to Canada to the north,As the northernmost point of the continental U.S.(north latitude49degree23Minute)In the state,So Minnesota is called the North Star State。
There was heavy snow when the Lakers landed,The players who came here from California’s warm Los Angeles even wore hoodie sportswear。This Minnesota dressed in this season will definitely feel extremely cold。
“Aye!”O’Neill sneezed。
“FAK,Damn fat guy away from me5Mi Yuan!”Kobe took out the mask from the backpack pocket,Put it on quickly。
“This is just a sneeze!”O’Neill looked wronged。
Kobe ignored,He doesn’t want to catch the flu,Avoid contact start with me。
The group hurried to pick up their luggage,Then take the bus to the hotel to rest。
Fortunately, the indoor environment like buses and hotels,All have heating supply,This makes the Lakers players feel much better。