Love papaya natural nutrition tropical delicious!

Love papaya natural nutrition tropical delicious!

If you want to choose the top ten favorite fruits, it is estimated that papaya must be on the list.

The reason is simple. Just because of its wide range of uses and unique taste, this vibrant little thing makes people love it.

  Tropical style loves papaya, especially its soft and sticky texture. If you put it in the refrigerator and then stutter, it will be smoother than ice cream. It feels wonderful like a first kiss, plus it is mixed with mature milk.And honey, with a bit of sour scent, giving a warm and warm relaxation like the sun, no wonder people in Southeast Asia and Hawaii believe that it has a magical aphrodisiac effect.

I do n’t know, the original papaya is also divided into male and female, generally long strips are male, while the relatively short ones belong to females. For papaya customers who eat it, they usually have a stronger flavor and taste. Female papaya also drips with lemon when eating.Juice is added to the refreshing breath, which can be excessively greasy before.

Usually the papaya on the market comes from Hawaii, Thailand, and Hainan Island. For each flavor, it is difficult to tell who is inferior, because the Hawaiian papaya has the strongest flavor, but it may be more heavily greasy, while Thailand ‘s papayaSweet, Hainan Island’s papaya is the most refreshing, but lacks the sweetness that papaya should have, but they each have their eternal fans.

  The confusion of seeds. Before talking about papaya meat, many people pointed out that the black seed of papaya has an inexplicable fear, and the papaya seed that looks like a black version of pomegranate seeds has no taste, which makes many people misunderstand.Papaya eats seeds but not meat.

The solid wood melon is of course abandoning seeds to eat meat, but papaya seeds do have its magic.

  If you are preparing a big meal while cutting the papaya, you can spread a layer of papaya seeds on the meat while marinating the meat, and then marinate the meat, sauce, and papaya seeds together for about 20 minutes.When you are done, just gently remove the papaya seeds from the meat. Do not rinse with water. The pickled meat will soften the meat because of the natural papaya enzymes unique to the papaya seeds, and the meat will absorb the papaya seeds with a slight sweetness.Fruity, so the meat will be tender and smooth, with a hint of strong aroma.

  Natural nutrition products Papaya is popular in addition to the previously mentioned taste attractive reasons, its nutrition is also outstanding in a variety of fruits, like its natural enzymes make it the most after mealsGood choices, like “One Brother” Yang Guanyi loves to treat his guests with the finest Hawaiian papaya as a dessert.

Because of this unique condition, papaya also makes it a regular guest who appears in the bar on the table.

Like endless papaya fishtail soup, papaya milk, and papaya salad, papaya lactic acid mixed with a Japanese small bottle of lactic acid drink and papaya is popular now, and the healthy family loves to mix corn flakes with yogurt and papaya.
  I don’t know if you have discovered that the finest raw materials like papaya are not needed for cooking and processing. After all, it is really unnecessary to use too complicated forms to sculpt the unique flavor, otherwise it will waste its nutritional advantages., Will also make the taste more chaotic.

It is best to just keep the papaya simple to stir and stew.

  Tips on the nutritional value of papaya1.

Papaya is warm and sour, calms the liver and stomach, relaxes muscles, activates bones, and lowers blood pressure.


The fruit of papaya may have more than 17 kinds of amino acids and calcium, iron, etc., and also contains papain, papaya.


The content of vitamin C in papaya is very high, which is 48 times that of apples.


Papaya can eliminate toxins such as peroxides in the body, purify the blood, and have effects on liver dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension.


Papaya has anti-tumor effect, and can prevent the synthesis of carcinogen nitrosamine, and has anti-cancer activity on lymphocytic leukemia cells.


The enzymes in papaya can help break down meat, reduce the workload of low nitric acid, help digestion, implant constipation, and prevent cancer of the digestive system.


Papaya can balance, strengthen the physiological and metabolic balance of hormones during pregnancy and adolescents and pregnant women.