Ding Yi nodded at him with emotion,Said:“Thank you,Thank you Mr. Wang。”

Wang Yuan stand up,Walk to the desk,pick up the phone,Said:“Come here with Mr. Li,Reporter is coming,Bring all the materials。”
Ding Yi finally breathed a sigh of relief,Finally no longer alone with Wang Yuan。No wonder Wenwen said to be with Wang Yuan,It’s almost like being with a mature man,Little fun for lovers,His behavior,He is indeed not as old as his age。
At this moment,The door is pushed open,A yellow-haired girl came in,Holding a pile of materials in her hand,Took a look at Ding,Walk to the Wang Yuan table,Said:“President Wang,This is the material you want。”
“Mr. Li?”
“Come right away。”
“Sit here and listen。”
The yellow-haired girl turned around,Chong Dingyi smiled professionally,Come over and fill her with water。
A middle-aged man in his 40s and 50s came in,Good-looking face,benign countenance,Say hello to Ding Yi when you come in,Also walked to Wang Yuan,Said:“Is Mr. Wang okay??”
Wang Yuan came here,Sat down at the position just now,Said:“This is reporter Ding from our TV station,This is Mr. Li and Director Huang of our company。”
Ding Yi stood up,Shook hands with them。Wang Yuan continued:“You two sit down too,Let’s report with reporter Ding on our thinking and purpose。”
Ding Yi’s interview has a feature,She likes to listen,Don’t like to ask,Sometimes a questioning look replaces questioning。Lin Zhijun, she remembered, said,Only listen carefully,The other party will tell you everything。She still doesn’t like to write the interview book,sometimes,The interviewee saw that you were about to write,I don’t want to say anything,Not to mention,Head down records also affect communication,She prefers not to use recording equipment,Easily cause psychological pressure on the interviewee。
Her interview books are mostly decorations,Just remember some numbers,Because her show is an interview program,The numbers here are deliberately downplayed by her,Because the business and taxation departments,As long as the interviewee says about output value or profit,Will come to you immediately,Verify data,In most cases, it will cause some trouble and economic loss to the interviewee,This is also the reason why many interviewees are reluctant to disclose their real profits to reporters.。and so,In her manuscript,Deliberately downplayed the numbers,Even in the interview,Also deliberately replaced the interpretation of numbers with vague language。
Over time,She formed her own interview style,That’s easy,random,Slowly let the interviewee accept her,So I confided to her without any barriers。But the promotional video of Wang Yuan’s company is obviously not in this style.,In this movie,Everywhere should reflect the demands of the enterprise,Without traces of creators。and so,Keep asking,Non-stop recording,Became the main sentence and action of her discussion。For this kind of service film,She must ask the applicant’s intention and ultimate goal,So as to achieve their satisfaction。
During the discussion,Wang Yuan listened in silence most of the time,Occasionally insert a sentence or two,But the yellow-haired girl is always watching Ding Dingyi and Wang Yuan。
After the discussion,Ding Yi’s little book also remembers the trouble。Wang Yuan said:“Ding Yi,Don’t make it too complicated,This film is not for the leader,Not for the audience,Is for customers,simple、Clear,objective,real,Don’t raise,Don’t exaggerate,Just let people know the company,Know that the company has the stamina for developmentOKUp。Not long,It is best to control it in six or seven minutes。Five minutes is too short,Ten minutes is too long,Just seven minutes。”