Ding Yi felt,Yajuan’s voice is actually very deep、Vicissitudes of life,I didn’t expect Yajuan to sing a song with a male voice.,She listened with interest。

I always can’t sleep every time it’s late at night
I wonder if it’s just me that doesn’t get better tomorrow
Who will know what the future holds
Is happiness just a legend I will never find……
Sing here,Ding Yi felt,Yajuan seems to sing with tears,Then the song suddenly entered the Gao Dynasty,Ding Yi was shocked by her。
I am a little bird
I want to fly but I can’t fly high
I am looking for looking for looking for a warm embrace
Is this requirement too high?……
Ding Yi’s heart was suddenly moved by this song she had never listened to,Seems to resonate with her,She was a little excited,Yajuan is a little hysterical,In her voice,Obvious whimpering tremor。
I am a little bird