Stop aging and clear the body’s aging substances

Stop aging and clear the body’s “aging substances”

Lead: Don’t think that aging is a very distant thing. If you don’t pay attention to maintaining your body, one day you may find that your free radicals are trapped and signs of aging begin to appear.
Fighting aging is largely against free radicals. Let’s learn how to fight free radicals together.
  When does aging start: poor memory, presbyopia, and low mood? When any signs of the body appear, you are starting to age?
When we clearly remember the scenes of the past student days, but we are vague about what happened in the previous moment, it means that our brain power has begun to deteriorate.
For example, the capacity of our computer is limited. When you store it for decades, there is no extra space to continue to hold new messages.
  Then, you noticed that as long as you stared at the computer screen for three consecutive hours, your eyes would feel particularly sour, or you could no longer continue to watch movies after reading a book, at this time it is your turn to wear glasses.Reading glasses!
And then, your crystalline lens or retina will begin to develop lesions and cause cataracts and retinal degeneration that are well known.
  However, the most interesting thing is the appearance of small fine lines, dark spots or liver spots on the skin.
Among them, liver plaque is most often misunderstood, and it is often thought that it is a liver problem. In fact, it is only because its color is similar to that of pig liver, but in fact it is due to changes in female hormones.
Another obvious thing is fine lines. Especially European and American people tend to have wrinkles on their faces from the age of 30 to 40. Mainly because they like to bask in the sun, and the longer they are directly exposed to the sun, the more free radicals generated in the body willAccelerates skin aging.
  There is also an aging phenomenon that is often overlooked, that is, the sex hormones in the body begin to decline, which will not only affect sexual life and fertility, but also cause us to feel emotionally depressed.
Do n’t underestimate this point, because in the past you may feel a sense of physical and mental joy and happiness immediately after you ‘ve finished a steak and a plate of fried noodles, but you ‘re over forty years old.It is impossible to return to the former contented pleasure, which is caused by the decline of androgens in the body.
  Modern medicine is developed, and our appearance that has changed due to aging can be improved through medical cosmetology technology or intensive maintenance. However, once the internal aging causes chronic diseases such as:
Cardiovascular diseases, or elevated three high indices (including high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia) can cause stroke or myocardial infarction in severe cases, with the risk of immediate death or disability.
The general public is often horrified by cancer, but I think strokes cause instantaneous disability or myocardial infarction cause instant death. It is more terrible. The two often occur without warning. They may be full of energy during the day and suddenly attack in the afternoon.Unexpected!
  Common signs of aging include gastrointestinal issues, stomachache, flatulence, diarrhea, or constipation. These are all obvious signs.
Others such as joint pain, osteoporosis, muscle loss or obesity are all signs of aging.
Among them, obesity reminds me of an interesting statistic I did when I was in graduate school, and I found that this group of people whose standard weight is increased by 10% has the longest life expectancy. According to statistics from around the world, after 65 years,Those who are underweight often have a higher mortality rate than those who are overweight.
This is mainly because once the human body becomes ill, it needs energy to repair it. If it is too light, it cannot store enough energy to rebuild health. Therefore, deliberately losing weight for the appearance, or even being too light, will not be worth the loss!
  In addition, sexual function will also gradually deteriorate due to changes in sexual hormones. We use the traditional Chinese medicine theory of Huangdi Internal Classic to help memory: general women begin to decline in estrogen at the age of 28, and menopause at the age of 49;In men, the process is slow, and male hormones start to decline at the age of 32, and then enter the menopause stage at the age of 64.
  Free radicals are “single nuisances” in the human body. Actually, the causes of aging come from various levels, including the harm of free radicals, hormonal imbalances (such as anti-stress hormones, sex hormones, thyroid hormones and growth hormones, etc.), and other intestinal deficiencies.Bacteria, enzyme deficiency and excessive saccharification.
  People most often hear “free radicals”. In simple terms, a free radical is a very active and unstable electron on a molecule. When it comes in contact with other molecules, it will pass this unstable electron to other molecules.Will cause the destruction of genetic material in the cell membrane or nucleus.
As an analogy, consider these free radicals as beauties on the road and cause a commotion in front of a group of men. Even if the men are married, they are still attracted to her and start to blame.
In other words, these free radicals are regarded as “single nuisances”. Because they are “single”, they will find another companion from other places, and they will also specifically look for “husband-in-law.”The process of searching for and destroying causes a chain reaction. Once the body does not have enough ability to repair, the destruction will endlessly continue. For example, the destruction of cells will cause cancer, the destruction of blood vessels will lead to embolism, and the destruction of skin will produce fine lines andDark spots.
  Can free radicals be destroyed endlessly?
In fact, as long as you add more antioxidant nutrients, quit smoking and eat less fried food, you can turn things around!
  In fact, in order to prevent the destruction of free radicals in daily life, the prevention work we can do is also very simple!
First of all, excessive exposure to sunlight will generate free radicals, which directly affects our skin and eyes.
所以出门要记得穿上长袖衣服,戴上太阳眼镜及使用遮阳伞这里特别提醒大家防止紫外线有以下方法:  涂抹防晒保养品  如果你真想晒太阳,一天当中请把握两个时段:上午九点Before, after 3pm, try to avoid going out at other times, this is the best principle to protect the skin.
  Furthermore, the environment also contains many toxins that harm the body, such as air pollution, radiation glands, free active nicotine caused by smoking, or fish on the table containing heavy metals. These environmental toxins can also cause aging.
Another very important factor will cause chronic inflammation in the body, such as work stress, fried food at high temperatures, which not only cause cancer or atherosclerosis, but also gradually reduce anti-stress hormones.
  In addition, Dingdong should try to avoid strenuous exercise, because it will produce a lot of free radicals. Therefore, exercise is good for physical and mental health, but you must choose the right way. For example, do more aerobic exercises and grasp the principle.
When you run, if you meet a friend and say hello, if you can still clearly respond to the other without dying, you will find the right aerobic exercise.
  If you want to add more antioxidants through your diet, it is recommended to take more vitamins A, C, and P. These can be obtained from red, yellow, green vegetables, fruits, or low-temperature vegetable oils. Eating more spinach can supplement coenzyme Q10.Can glutathione, lipoic acid, etc. be taken from some nutrients?
They are obtained in health foods, and these help us stabilize free radicals.
  Beware of vascular aging: aging will cause energy changes in our body, but in fact, fatal crisis caused by vascular aging is also a problem that needs to be seriously faced during aging.
First of all, when it comes to vascular embolism, most people will think of high cholesterol, and the lack of pro-methylating factors is also one of the reasons. It usually occurs in people who smoke, so I would recommend quitting smoking or supplementing with vitamin B12 and folic acid.  In addition, inflammation of the blood vessels can also cause vascular embolism, because when inflammation occurs, white blood cells will go to repair, but at the same time, the plasma will be deposited in the same place, eventually causing blood vessel sclerosis and stenosis.

However, certain conditions can cause inflammation of blood vessels?

It is usually caused by excessive blood free radicals or high blood pressure in hypertension patients.

In addition, blood clots are also the leading cause of vascular embolism. Once the blood clots block the blood vessels, they can cause stroke or myocardial infarction.

The formation of blood clots in blood vessels is mostly related to arrhythmia, abnormal coagulation function, sedentary or insufficient water diffusion.

  Therefore, in order to prevent the rise of high blood pressure, it is recommended to eat more high-fiber foods and avoid opening the internal organs, egg yolks, shelled seafood and fatty meat; if you just want to improve and improve in a short time, you can pass the appropriateMedication or taking red pupa to lower cholesterol.

Furthermore, pay attention to the glycemic index. The best way is to control your weight and exercise regularly.

Finally, remind everyone to relieve stress is the most important thing in life, because stress is the main source of all autonomic nervous, physical and psychological diseases.