Ling Mofeng looked at Xiao Huahan suspiciously and asked。

“I do not know,Between you two stinky men,How would anyone know。”
Xiao Huahan started acting stupid……It’s just that his way of acting stupid is more alternative,Different from other men!
“Ok……I believe brother-in-law, you don’t know……”
Ling Mofeng said helplessly,Xiao Huahan looks like this,How dare he continue to ask him,Scared to death!
“I didn’t know it before!but,I have chosen ten bodyguards for you very carefully,You all come over,Called Feng Ge。”
With Xiao Huahan’s command,Ten strong men stood out from the crowd behind him,We must respectfully bow to Ling Mofeng,I called him Feng Ge in unison!
“amount……That one,Hello。”
Ling Mofeng replied helplessly,How embarrassing is the expression on his face,I am obviously not the big brother,But he was driven off the shelf,He was treated like a big brother,It really embarrassed him。
“starting today,You just mixed up with Brother Feng,remember;Brother Feng is the best in our seaBGangster,So you have to protect his safety,Maintain his prestige,do you know?”
Xiao Huahan said bloody,Actually still speaking seriously。
“Brother-in-law……Am I really okay with you guys playing like this?”
Ling Mofeng is about to cry……He suddenly felt like being raped!
“How can you say that,You are big brother,How dare we play with you,Didn’t you find death by yourself?!Moreover,People like you but still like it,You wronged people like this,People are very unhappy……”
Xiao Huahan knew that he accidentally missed his mouth,So through all kinds of coquetry and cuteness,All kinds of charming and enchanting,Cover up the embarrassing situation。
“Alright alright,You think I didn’t say anything!Forget it,I won’t ask you anymore!”
Ling Mofeng is willing to bow down,This cousin,I really can’t stand it!