Eating sushi can measure your love charm

Eating sushi can measure your love charm

You accidentally eat spicy wasabi sushi. When the spicy punches your brain, what will be your next move?

  A, drink tea or boiled water B, do nothing, just bear with it C, enjoy the spicy feeling D, drink a large mouthful of Cola E, eat other dishes and change to taste A, drink tea or boiled water love 40 points:Persevering you will only give it blindly, and you will not wake up until you love wrong.

This type of person knows how to tolerate each other, and hopes that their silent efforts can touch each other, but if you do not find the right person, your emotional path will be tortuous.

  B, do nothing, just put up with 80 points in love: you can afford to let down your feelings, and you will never suffer for love.

This type of person was once trapped in love, but now they have turned into cocoons, and think that it feels best to be free and comfortable.

  C, enjoy the spicy feeling 55 points in love: lie to the dead you are not worthy of life, like to “sweat” each other with sweet words.

This type of person is romantic and simple, and feels that both parties must be able to share their feelings when they are in love.

  D, drink a big mouthful of Cola love, 99 points: you know how to show your charm, and fascinate each other.

This type of person has the characteristics of a peacock. As long as he has the opposite sex, he will show his strengths and try to fascinate the other person.

  E, eat another dish and change the taste of love 20 points: the tighter you stare, the tighter the pressure, the other party will only escape the farther and farther.

Once this type of person falls in love with the other person, they will give up all their feelings, but this will make the other party feel very stressed, which leads to the idea of wanting to escape.