[How to do frozen pork spine]_How to do_What method

[How to do frozen pork spine]_How to do_What method

The nutritional effects of frozen pork spine and fresh pork hoof are similar.

Usually we buy pork spine, if it is not finished, it will be frozen in the refrigerator. When we want to do it, we must first thaw it, and then we can prepare food. There are many foods that can be made.Soups, stewed dishes, are all good practices and have a good health effect.

How to make frozen pork spine Ingredients: 700g of pork spine, 200g of winter melon Seasoning: the right amount of salt, the right amount of chicken essence, the right amount of wine and pork spine and winter melon soup.

Simmer the pork spine in boiling water to remove the fishy smell and bloody pork spine, and cut the melon for use2.

Heat the water in the casserole and add the pork spine 3.

Add wolfberry stew 4.

After 35 minutes add winter melon and simmer for another 25 minutes5.

Finally add seasoning and seasoning as the second main ingredient: rice amount, glutinous rice smash, pork spine amount auxiliary material: abalone or, clam adjustment seasoning: salt amount, ginger amount, white wine seasoned salted bone porridge.

Wash the spine and add coaxial salt (I gave 3 teaspoons). Don’t be afraid to give too much salt, because it is to marinate the salty taste, and you can stop adding salt when cooking.

Add ginger, mix the wine and put it in the refrigerator to marinate overnight.

Abalone side and bird shellfish (dried clams), this time I also put in the porridge to taste, but it turns out that scallops are still in place, because scallops do not have the fishy smell of these two flavors, 3.

Porridge: Generally, after washing the Northeast rice + at least (a little bit) of glutinous rice (so that it is thicker), drain the water and add edible oil and mix well for 1 hour. When the porridge is on fire, add an appropriate amount of water.

After the water has been boiled for more than ten minutes, add salted bones that have been simmered in water (you can keep the original juice, but I personally don’t like the blood in the meat, and occasionally choose simmered water), fresh ginger,The scallops continued to cook together for more than ten minutes, then turned off the heat and put them in the shabu-shabu pot for one night. The delicious salty bone porridge was cooked the next morning. Cooking skills1, I usually get up in the morning and I will continue on the stove.Add some sesame oil and cook for a while.

2, authentic Cantonese-style porridge, you can’t see a grain of rice, so boil it carefully, slowly boil it!

The nutritional value of pork spine is high in calcium, and protein, trace, glucose, calcium, vitamin A, B vitamins, nicotinic acid and mineral phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc.

Pork spine cooking tips Pork spine is mostly used for soup, slow cooking with vinegar and low heat will help the calcium in the bones to precipitate; it can also be used as a sauce for pork bones.

It is difficult to rinse the pork spine with water when it is stained with impurities. If you wash it twice with warm rice water or water with flour, and rinse it with water, the dirt is easy to remove.