A moment later,First, the brief information of all the instructors of the martial arts school is sent,Wang Hong sat in the guest room and looked。

Another quarter of an hour passed,More than a dozen detailed materials have also been transferred,The content is so rich that even these instructors have a few concubines,My concubine’s home situation is marked。
“Although the Fengyu Pavilion is asking for quite a bit,But intelligence capabilities are indeed powerful。”Wang Hong put down Lin Qi’s information,Can’t help but sigh in my heart。
Such a mid-innate warrior,Spirit power is far beyond the same level,Fengyuge found so much information。
I just discovered their spies by accident,Just be complacent and underestimate each other,It’s really arrogant。
Clear up your emotions,Wang Hong looked at other people’s intelligence。
Although Lin Qi is good at alchemy,Mental power is also very strong,There is still some power in Mingcheng,But after Wang Hong read his information,I gave up without hesitation。
Because this person is not only a woman,Life in private is still quite slutty,There are four people raised in Mingcheng alone。
Although Wang Hong is not a virgin virgin,But if I face such a teacher every day,That’s really embarrassing him。
Pick and choose,Wang Hong found two more。
A man named Li Shaozong,Early Innate Warrior,Good at body refining and knife skills。
This person has been teaching at Mingcheng Martial Arts Academy for more than ten years,Indirectly controlled more than 30 food shops in the city,You salt sauce and vinegar are all on sale,Once in the door,Wang Hong selling refined salt will be very convenient。
It’s a pity that Li Shaozong himself is an offshoot of the Canglin Li family,Wang Hong does not want his industry to be linked to the Canglin Li family。