“How the hell do i know what to do!Now this building must have been heavily surrounded,We’re afraid it’s hard to fly……”

Brother Hu sat down on the chair in frustration,He seemed to have seen it a few years ago,The scene of the Tiger Gang being annihilated in one fell swoop,that time,He and these other brothers,Luckily escaped,But today,He feels that he never has that good luck anymore。
“How the hell is this?This place is so secret,Why did you miss the news?How could he bring the army back?”
Another leader asked with anger,Voice is rushing。
“Now you are still in the mood to ask this?Hurry up and find a fucking way to go。”
Master Jiang interrupted him dissatisfied。
“You think I fucking don’t want to go?You tell me where to go?How to go?”
The big brother immediately replied。
Lord Jiang has nothing to say,Because he doesn’t know what to do now。
The big brothers have no idea,My brothers are naturally more headless,So they started each“escape”Up,Ran out into different passages separately。
“Boss!No more,They hit us with tanks and artillery,Brothers can’t resist at all!”
A little boss covered in blood ran into the hall,Ran in front of the big brothers and said to the big brothers in a panic。
“Fuck,Even tanks and artillery are used?It’s fucking complete this time!”
Brother Tiger shouted in despair,His heart is completely cold。
“Tiger brother,Let’s run back,Run one step count one step,Maybe the sky is endless……”
Dongzi ran to Brother Hu and whispered to him。
Hu was reminded in the panic,Made a decision immediately,Then turned and ran to the door behind the hall first。