of course,This is because he rented a house in Liucheng District, Jincheng where the training base is located,Not too far from the training base,If you take the bus,You can get there at eight stations。

If he lives at his home in the central city of Jincheng,Then he has to leave at least two hours in advance every day,In order to ensure that I will not be late for training。
In fact, after Wang Guangwei joined Shining Star as a youth team player,Most of the time I live in the dormitory of the training base,It’s more convenient to train like that,It’s just that every weekend if there is no competition,He chooses to live at home。
And since he was completely promoted to the first team this season,No longer stay in the dormitory——After all, the dormitory building has limited rooms,Give priority to youth team players,Like the first team players are all trained,Naturally, I can no longer stay in the base。
So he rented a two-bedroom house in Liucheng District。
Even though I am in the same city as my parents,But basically living a life of separation between the two places,Unless there is no competition on weekends,He will go home for one night,More often, he stayed in his rented house in Liucheng District。
This suite is surrounded by Liucheng University Town,Liucheng campus with three universities nearby,Wang Guangwei usually goes to the stadium on the university campus to relax in the morning before going to training.。
Go home and take a bath in half an hour,Eat breakfast,Take a break after breakfast,Get dressed and go out and take the bus to the training base to start a day of training。
Life is very regular。
No. 12 bus enters the station,He uses his mobile phone to swipe his card to board the car,Then walked to the back half of the bus and found an empty seat to sit down。
Wang Guangwei, who just sat down, is about to put on headphones to listen to the song,But caught a glimpse of the multimedia screen in the front compartment,There will always be some news or other content videos,To let the passengers pass the time。
But most of the time,Because of the noisy environment,Basically, I can’t hear the sound from the speakers around this multimedia screen.。
Today because of few people,Wang Guangwei clearly heard the news being broadcast on this screen:“……After the summer transfer window opens,Flash Star Football Club signed three players in one go,Qin Lin、Xu Wentao and Hu Lai。The club will host a welcome ceremony for the three new players tomorrow afternoon。One of the most eye-catching is the former national team captain who transferred freely from the South China Tigers of the Chinese Super League.,Qin Lin on the court……”
Although the name is hidden in a lot of information,But Wang Guangwei’s ears still heard it accurately.,Let him focus on the screen。
He saw a picture of Hu Lai on that screen。
It was indeed the Hu Lai he knew,The sly smile on his face made him think of the unbearable past of this kid pulling his hair when he first went on the court……
And just because it was Hu Lai he knew,Wang Guangwei was particularly surprised——Why did he come to Flash Star?!
The picture of Hu Lai flashed by on the multimedia screen,May not wait for two seconds,Next is the video of Qin Lin wearing the Chinese national team jersey。
On the bus,Not many passengers have also noticed this news,Someone just started talking:“My day,I can get Qin Lin back,The flashing star is going to rise now!”