So I’m still talking about business。

Although Wang Zhen is stupid,With a little naivety,I’m not good at many people,But because of her innocence,So for《Yearning life》Such location and arrangement,More simple and natural。
With Shen Huan’s memory《Yearning life》Compared to,Wang Zhen’s version is bigger,And do it more naturally。
For example, the place she looked for,There are dozens of villagers’ houses not far away,From the perspective of building a house,Smoke can be seen at dusk in summer。
Not like《Yearning life》A little deliberate like the first season。
No one lives in the country,As a result, there are no houses around,No villagers or neighbors,Are you a temple?
It’s with the big coffee Li Xiaoqi in the short video、The village life of Xiaolu and others is similar。
More natural and rustic,But the breath of life is oncoming。
but《Yearning life》The next two seasons changed this shortcoming,Went to the real village for a show。
“You are the best!”
“These are so beautifully done,Matches your style very well。”
“Had such a good start,How could the show be unsuccessful??”
“I look forward to you becoming a gold host with your own ace show!”