Facing the coach’s question,Hu Lai shook his head,Of course he also knows that chatting with Wang Guangwei for a long time is also helpless——His mouth is dry,Didn’t even drink water……

“Now this training content is for you to practice how to get rid of the opponent in the game,Then finish the shot。After you finally got rid of the defensive player,But can’t even stop the ball,You still want to score?Dream!Again!”
Hu Lai had to return honestly.asxs.Line to restart training。
After a whistle,He rushed out again。
“……Don’t charge too hard at first!You spent all your energy in front,You still have strength when you finally get rid of the ball?”
“Rhythm,Pay attention to the rhythm!This is not a turnaround speed test!I don’t have a stopwatch!”
“Keep your body steady when shooting,Don’t stray,No stability at all,The plane in the sky has an grudge against you!!”
Just after Hu Lai finally got used to the training content,Li Ziqiang let him rest for 30 seconds,Then ask:“Remember the sequential numbering of the four sides is not?”
Hu Lai hands on knees,Leaned over and nodded panting:“Remember、remember……Shun、Clockwise、Clockwise……”
“it is good,In a while you stand inside that square,I will randomly shout in these four numbers,Which number do i call,Which side are you going to rush out from,Catch the ball again。I call a few numbers,You have to go over the side I shouted in turn,Shoot again。Understand?”
Hu Lai raised his hand。