Sang Xiaoxi looked at Ouyang Shuo in shock:“Prince,What you said is true?”

“When did the king fool you?”
“but,The emperor won’t agree。I am a concubine,How to be your concubine?You do,Will only anger the emperor。Prince,I don’t want you to do this for me。”
Ouyang Shuo sighed:“Except this,I don’t know what to do to make you feel at ease。You wait!This king will enter the palace and ask for a marriage。No matter if you are a concubine or a concubine,This king recognized,You are my princess Chen。”
Ouyang Shuo never turned back,Left firmly。He didn’t notice,Sang Xiaoxi didn’t stop him this time。
knowing that,Ouyang Shuo’s trip must not be so easy,Sang Xiaoxi still let him go。Just because,This is her real purpose。Mother always tells her,As a concubine,Don’t worry about things that don’t belong to you。
But she doesn’t understand,It’s not that she wants to be a concubine,Why is it just an identity difference,The lives of her and Sang Qingrou are worlds apart。In the prime minister’s house,She won’t be seen,Well done,Make people feel,She has a restless mind,If it’s useless,Others will say she is a trash。
Sometimes Sang Xiaoxi really doesn’t know what to do.!
she thinks,Human life,Destiny should be in your own hands,Watching my mother being crushed by the main room all her life,Dare not say anything,Vinono,She doesn’t want to follow her mother’s path。
I and Wang Chen truly love each other,Then she should strive for her life。Obey the mother,this life,She couldn’t raise her head to be a human。
So what??Can’t you be a true wife if you are born??She wants to prove it to everyone,She Sang Xiaoxi,Just the different one,She never bowed to fate。She wants everyone to see,Even if she is out,Better than the eldest sister。
once,She also has a beautiful face to show off in front of her。now,Her face destroyed,Can show off,She is the only one she was born with。But this,It happens to be the least valued by King Chen。
The road ahead is difficult,But she didn’t want to admit her fate。Even if the head is broken,She has to overcome all obstacles,Take a path of your own。