“Oh my god!why you!When did you come back?”

Chen Hao cried out in surprise,The cup of tea in my hand almost fell to the ground……
“Hello。Manager Chen,long time no see。”
Qin Liang greeted Chen Hao with a hippy smile。
“come on in!Only you?where are they?Didn’t you come back together?”
Chen Hao hurriedly put down his teacup,Greeted me quickly。
“Yep,I’m the only one,Don’t disturb your work?”
Qin Liang pretended to ask,Even if I really interrupt Chen Hao’s work,,He won’t withdraw either,So this sentence is basically like asking。
“Of course not to disturb,You come in。”
Chen Hao was overjoyed and said,Pull Qin Liang into the office,I closed the door easily,Before she turned her body back,Qin Liang hugged her from behind!
“Hey!This is in the office,Let me go……”
Chen Hao whispered,My heart beat faster。
“If i don’t let go?What can you do to me?Hehehe”
Qin Liang’s voice rang in Chen Hao’s ear,Immediately he squeezed Chen Hao’s small ears dishonestly……
“Don’t make trouble……itch。Let go!”
Chen Hao flustered and avoided Qin Liang,A heart crashed like a deer。
“Come,Let me see if it’s beautiful again。”