Excessive skin care can damage the skin_1

Excessive skin care can damage the skin

Don’t think that all the enthusiasm to do maintenance is to care for the skin.

Maintaining the skin is a meticulous job, and the damage to the skin can be caused by light weight.

“How to use skin care products for many years, but the skin is worse?

“” I don’t know what to use for buying so many cosmetics? ”

“. Don’t worry, calm down, check, is your skin hurt by your” over-maintenance “?

  Test it out, do you have the potential to be overly passionate about your skin?


Look at your skin more than 5 times a day in the mirror (morning and cleaning your face and going to the bathroom are not counted).


Passionate about the topic of beauty and skin care, like to buy skin care products, whether it is a well-known brand or a well-known brand, as long as you feel suitable, you will buy it back and try it.


Apply skincare products in front of the dresser for more than half an hour each day.


I like to study the blemishes of my facial skin.


At the same time, there are more than 2 kinds of essences, 2 or more toners, 2 or more cleansers, 3 kinds of the above-mentioned films . 6.

Dissatisfied with your current situation (work, life), feel better.


There is often no sense of happiness.


Work under pressure and often work overtime.


No good living habits, used to sleep late and get up late, used to survive a full meal, used to not exercise but diet to lose weight.

  it is good!

As long as you choose more than three people, you are in danger of over-maintenance. Stop it quickly and don’t let your excessive enthusiasm burn yourself.

  Be careful, do n’t step into the trap of over-maintenance. All say that “degree” is difficult to grasp. There is no clear number to indicate what is moderate. What kind of skin is obviously “over-focused”?

Look carefully.


Over-moisturizing “Over-moisturizing” is the most abused skin care!

Fine lines appear on the skin, the elasticity is not enough, and the complexion looks yellow . Almost all problems are considered to be due to “dryness” of the skin.

Therefore, a variety of hydrating products are sold, it is unknown that hydrating blindly will only cause more serious consequences to the skin than real dehydration.

  After excessive moisturization, excessive skin excess causes pores to become untensioned and enlarged, blackheads appear, skin elasticity drops to become loose, exacerbated keratinocytes are not easily replaced, the stratum corneum is thickened, and the skin is not shiny.


Over-massage Over-massage directly causes skin relaxation!

The root cause of skin relaxation is the loss of collagen and the decline of elastic fibers. It was originally not related to massage or not. However, excessive pressing and kneading will pull the skin and cause skin relaxation. This is the same as the long-term frown and the formation of expression lines!

  Gentle facial massage can not only help the skin absorb metabolic nutrients, but also restore the skin to its original stretched appearance during a stressful day.

However, if you can’t relax gently, don’t press it!

Over-cleaning In Asia, 80% of women are being harmed by over-cleaning . Inadequate skin cleaning will definitely affect the absorption of nutrients from the skin, but if you use excessively powerful cleaning products, the damage to the skin will also be damagedSexual.
Using excessively powerful cleaning products will ruthlessly damage the skin’s natural protective barrier!

  We should find a mild cleansing product based on our skin texture. The pH value is moderate. Products that do not feel dry after a few minutes after cleaning and do not form a thin film of oil on it are the most suitable products.

Do not use scrub cleansing products, hot water and towels to clean the skin, as this can be very irritating to the skin.


Over-age maintenance Pay attention to oil secretion before 25 years old, prevent aging at 25-35 years old, reserve antioxidant capacity, after 40 years old, supplement cell energy to fight wrinkles . The watershed of age is not without reason.

  Over-age maintenance is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. The more expensive skin care products are, the more effective they are for you. Often high-performance, high-gold content, and highly intensive maintenance products are actually targeted at the skin that has begun to age over 35 years old. If yourSkin condition is good. It is likely that 45-year-old still has only 30-year-old skin vitality.

Therefore, the more effective high-performance products, the more skin tests need to be done and targeted use.

The condition of women’s skin is directly related to estrogen secretion, and estrogen is directly related to age and physical condition, so you don’t need to over-maintenance when you are young!

When you are still young, basic care is enough.


Exfoliating Exfoliating is very easy to exfoliate, especially when you see that your skin becomes smooth and tender after exfoliating.

Some exfoliating products claim to be “use every day”, so how can it be considered excessive?

  Sensitive skin, extremely dry skin, and other pathological skin must not be exfoliated without your doctor’s permission; dry skin, normal skin can replace fruit acids and lactic acid mild exfoliating products. Never chooseScrub exfoliating products and salicylic acid-based exfoliating products!

Fruit acid and lactic acid (low concentration) can remove old cuticles from the surface layer of the skin, but it cannot penetrate into the pores, so it is suitable for dry and aging skin.

  For combination and oily skin, choose salicylic acid products, because salicylic acid can also “drill” into the pores to remove old waste oil cells in the pores. As for certain skin, whether to choose “sandwich” or mechanical typeScrubbing and exfoliating is different from person to person, as long as you always remind yourself that your skin is not implanted.


Excessive nutrition. Look at your facial skin. Are there any “small granulations”?

This is Auntie!

If the skin community gets too much nutrition, it will produce “hyperdermatosis”!

Use several serums at the same time, use several masks . These behaviors may be the culprits of skin obesity.

  Generally, a light cream with normal emulsified skin is sufficient, and the use of the cream should not be excessive.

The metabolic capacity of skin cells is limited, and the thin areas of the skin like the eyes are hard to bear too much supply.

My aunt has constipation again and it is difficult to get rid of it. It takes a long time for you to wait and incorporate the fasting method to let them fade away slowly, or go to a beauty salon for acupuncture to remove it, which is a very painful and terrible experience.

Before the aunt particles appeared, cut off the possibility of it!

  PS: Beauty advice we must believe in the self-healing ability of our skin, do not repeatedly change brands and products, be a smart consumer.

Give your skin a fast on a regular basis. “Hungry and hungry” will empty the skin dirt and strengthen metabolism.

Work and life are stressful, find a healthy way to soothe, don’t let the skin out, our skin is more delicate than our body.