[Can Gala pregnant women eat it]_Pregnancy_How to eat

[Can Gala pregnant women eat it]_Pregnancy_How to eat

Women during pregnancy need to eat more fruits to supplement their vitamins and provide children with balanced nutrition. Gala as a type of apple is very helpful for pregnant women, but because many peopleIf you do n’t know such a name, plus Gala is not familiar with it as a foreign introduced fruit, it will raise the question of whether Gala can be eaten by pregnant women. The following is an introduction to Gala andBenefits, I hope everyone will take.

Can pregnant women eat gala? Gala is a type of apple.

Pregnant women can eat apples.

Vitamin magnesium in apples, magnesium can make the skin rosy, shiny and elastic.

Apples are also rich in carotene and a variety of vitamins and iron. Apples often eat apples to nourish the skin, complicate anemia, and prevent the formation of melasma.

Benefits of eating gala fruit for pregnant women1. Apples metabolize zinc, which is conducive to childbirth and pregnancy development. The juice contains more zinc than oysters.

American medical experts have found that if a woman has too much zinc in her body during pregnancy, she will give birth quickly and smoothly, with less or no pain.

Zinc supplementation for pregnant women is not only good for childbirth, but also good for healthy development.

It is determined that ripe apples contain 8 times as much iodine as bananas and 13 times as much as oranges.

Therefore, eating apples for pregnant women can supplement zinc and iodine, which is conducive to fetal intellectual development.

Can pregnant women eat gala fruit? Apple metabolizes flavonoids that reduce the probability of headaches after birth. If a woman consumes more than four apples a week during pregnancy, the chance of a baby developing hypertension will decrease by 53% in the future.

3, alleviate morning sickness, adjust the body’s electrolyte balance, sweet and sour apples, refreshing, can increase appetite and promote digestion.

In early pregnancy, “vomiting” occurs in most people.

Pregnant women who vomit during pregnancy eat apples, supplement energy and supplement nutrients such as vitamin C, and can regulate water, salt and absorption balance to prevent acidosis caused by replacement of vomiting.

4. It is beneficial to eliminate edema in pregnant women. One of the reasons is the retention of water and sodium in the body.

Supplement potassium and remove sodium, apples are rich in potassium, and potassium per 100 grams of apples can reach 100 mg.

So eating apples for pregnant women can prevent edema in pregnant women.

It can also prevent the symptoms of acidosis caused by excessive vomiting.

5. Relieving constipation during pregnancy Constipation is one of the three major symptoms during pregnancy. Apple replaces cellulose and organic acids, which can easily promote gastrointestinal motility, increase the volume of stool, make it soft and easy to discharge, and can effectively correct constipation.

6. Conducive to iron deficiency anemia apples contain malic acid, tartaric acid and lemon. Iron can be well absorbed when there are acidic conditions or under the action of vitamin C.

Apples are acidic and contain vitamin C in the body, which is a favorable supplementary food for the body to absorb iron.

Who can’t eat gala fruit ulcerative colitis: Patients with ulcerative colitis should not eat apples raw, especially in the acute attack period, because the intestinal wall ulcers become thinner, the apples are slightly harder, plus 1.

2% crude fiber and 0%.

Stimulation with 5% organic acid is not conducive to healing of the intestinal wall ulcer surface, and can cause intestinal perforation, intestinal dilatation, intestinal obstruction and other complications due to mechanical action of the intestinal wall.

Leukopenia patients, prostate hypertrophy patients: Leukopenia patients, Prostate hypertrophy patients: Leukopenia patients, Prostate hypertrophy patients: Patients with large prostate cancer are not prone to eat apples, so as not to worsen or affect the symptomsTreatment results.

Patients with coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, kidney disease, and diabetes should eat with caution.

Those who have cold symptoms usually do not eat apples raw.