Think of these,Yang Shiyun couldn’t help but blush again,Uncomfortable,How could she feel Qin Liang’s hand,Really……I am so embarrassed that I can’t say it。

“Big bastard!Pervert!”
Yang Shiyun blurted out a curse。
The policemen all over the house were quiet in an instant,Everyone looked at each other,Oh damn,What is the captain doing?,Could it be thinking of men,This picture,It’s really unsightly……
Yang Shiyun felt wrong,Instantly even red,Roar,“Why should i go,Why staring at me,I’m full?”
Roar,Everyone is quiet。
Six pm,Yang Shiyun got off work on time。
Walking out of the yard of the Criminal Police Team with a complicated mood,Yang Shiyun looked up and saw Qin Liang’s car parked across the road。
Stood still for a while,Yang Shiyun finally plucked up the courage and walked over。
“Baby,Off work?Come up soon。”
The car window rolled down,Qin Liang’s handsome face appeared in front of Yang Shiyun。
Yang Shiyun sighed lightly,Go around to the other side of the car, open the door and get on the car。
“Where do you want to go?What to eat?You said,I will take you there。”
Qin Liang began to show his hospitality。
“Anything is good。”
Yang Shiyun still dare not look at Qin Liang。