but,Because she wants Qiao Yue to destroy the set,also possible,Destined to touch Qiao Xing’s interests。Let yourself stand opposite her.

This is not what Ou Baobao hoped。Before they harm her family,She doesn’t want to be an enemy of anyone in this plot。She just doesn’t want to mix this book,There is no script for the role of their family。Don’t count Daou。
and so,Qiao Xing and Qiao Yue,How to contact them,This is also a question she needs to consider。
Xie Yunchu didn’t understand why Qinbao suddenly mentioned a stranger,But want to come,Kindness,Let her treat these strangers,Very complicated ideas。
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Chapter Two Hundred and Eleven Surprised
Baby Ou heard a knock on the door,Tell Xie Yun,Hung up。
“what’s up?”Ou Baobao re,Take up the shelf,Sat back in the chair。
Jin Yao is also a little confused,“A research institute contacted Xianyan Technology,Say they can provide technical support,You can make the best use of the machinery in the production workshop。”
Baby Ou frowned,and so,“The machine model purchased first along with the technology,Passed out?”Knock on the table,“I remember that,On the contract we signed with Shenzheng Research Institute,About the model of the purchased machine,Was finalized。Although not confidential,But it’s classified。Because I don’t know the contract content,It’s impossible to know the machine model.”Bao Bao’s unforgettable ability,In the workplace,It’s also very useful。
Jin Yao nodded,I am very proud that my treasure can be so capable,“It is indeed the case。and so.”
“Definitely want to see you.”Baby Ou’s brows never let go,“Can i wait for mom to come back?”
Jin Yao felt distressed instantly,Put down the tablet and folders in your hand,Come and pat Bao Bao’s head,“I know you are very hard,so much pressure。But now,You also know,Time is important。We need to fight as soon as possible,otherwise,Evidence and things that are good for us,Less and less.”