“Yes,What I said is real。”

Ye Xuan sees this,He said very calmly。
But now,Other things,In fact, there is still this need to be solved properly.。
But here,Actually for these,Ye Xuan’s heart,The more I think about it, the more I feel,How should this be solved?。
Actually just these things,It’s a lot more important。
But now,These things,Actually, there is no need to continue to struggle。
Because it looks like in Ye Xuan,On the contrary feel,These are actually pretty good。
“All right,This matter has been resolved。”
When Ye Xuan was talking here,obviously,at this point,What should I do。
Actually just such a thing,It makes people feel,In fact, it’s quite critical。
As for Ye Xuan,Is talking:“Manage well,Don’t care about the Emgrand Building。”
“anything,I am responsible。”
Ye Xuan patted his chest,Don’t forget to say here。
When I heard Ye Xuan say that,,Lin Qianqian’s heart,With a touch of warmth。