[Is honey as long as possible]_ good or bad _ how to judge

[Is honey as long as possible]_ good or bad _ how to judge

Honey is a kind of beverage that can be stored for a long time. Many people buy honey and keep it forever.

Too many people think that the longer honey is kept, the more fragrant it will be.

Honey has very good health care effects. Drinking honey often can help everyone to regulate the stomach.

In addition, honey can help women improve their skin texture.

So, is honey as long as possible?

1. Honey is not as long as possible. Many people think that since honey can be kept for many years like wine, is it as good as wine?

In fact, it is very different. Honey will not taste like wine as long as it is stored for a long time. After the honey is stored for a long time, the flower fragrance will disappear and other nutrients will also be shortened and prolonged, and liquid honey will also disappear.Will become solid, so honey does not have the effect of preserving value, and honey is not as long as possible.

In addition, the active enzymes in honey will gradually lose their activity over time. There are more honey in excessive amounts that will change the effect of temperature. The prolongation of time will cause fermentation and the honey will become sour and pungent.The situation is not recommended for consumption.

2. Good honey preservation time Honey preserves for a long time, no problem in three or five years, but not as long as possible, just like the honey found in the pyramid, although it has not deteriorated, both the taste and nutrition are incomparable with the new honey.
No matter what kind of honey, no matter how long it has been stored, as long as it is pure and natural, it is edible and will not be harmful to the body, but the honey that has been stored for a long time is seasoned with fresh honey, and its nutritional value is slightly worse.After drinking this year, the nutrition is the best.

3. Fresh honey is the best honey. After one year of harvest, the amylase value of honey will gradually decrease, so by testing the amylase value of honey, you can know whether the honey has been kept for a while or not.

Fresh honey tastes the best and has a variety of nutrients, so it is recommended that you buy fresh honey, and do not buy honey for more than one year.

There is a kind of honey called crystalline honey, because the honey will crystallize again after preservation, and the longer the time, the more obvious.

After crystallization of honey, it cannot withstand the crystallization of milk at room temperature.

Crystallized honey and liquid honey look different. Crystallized honey is not convenient to eat.

So honey is better fresh.