“Oh!It’s nothing!I didn’t see anything……”

Only then did Shen Ruoxue realize that she had missed her mouth,Hurriedly denied。
“I heard!You say you are watching!What’s so good?You are not long,And you are older than most girls!”
Liu Xiaoyun said curiously,But forgot to lower my voice……So for a moment,Almost all the girls have stood and looked at Shen Ruoxue!
“dying!Why are you talking so loudly!”
Shen Ruoxue stopped Liu Xiaoyun in an awkward voice,She felt a lot of gazes on her face!She wants to pretend not to know,But his face turned red unconvincingly!
“It’s all girls anyway,What are you afraid of?Even the flight attendants are girls like us,Are you embarrassed。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered casually without even thinking about it。
“are you a pig?Have you forgotten that there are some men with brother-in-law??”
Shen Ruoxue’s tangled retort。
“Oh……Yes too!I forgot to have some brother-in-law!”
Liu Xiaoyun woke up suddenly,And hurriedly searched everywhere,But didn’t see Qin Liang,Where are Yang Zhi and the others sitting?……Actually Qin Liang and they are all here,I also heard what Liu Xiaoyun said just now,But none of them was embarrassed to join in the fun and stand up to see Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue,They pretend to hear nothing,Continue to curl up in the seat and close your eyes to rest,That’s why Liu Xiaoyun didn’t watch it
Several of them。
“You two,Don’t talk nonsense on the plane!Pay attention to your image,Don’t forget we are dragon soul fighters!”Yang Shiyun can’t listen anymore,Remind the two little mischiefs around me in a low voice!But seeing that Liu Xiaoyun has recovered to the usual alive,She feels relieved a lot,It seems that I was in the car just now,She is really just a momentary confusion,No big deal