Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“Not fighting,Don’t need you to go。I meet him,Said what should be said,The reason to say,It’s his business if he sits idly by,I tried my best,It’s worthy of Xiaozhuo。”

Peng Changyi could see from Minister’s frown,He still has a bit of nostalgia for Gu Zhuo。Said:“it is good,I support you。”
Wang Jiadong says:“Then we’ll leave later。”
Peng Changyi said:“It’s ok,Today we can go to Beidaihe sooner or later。You get in the car,Where are we going to meet him?”
Wang Jiadong says:“Considering picking you up,My chosen place,Near the party school Dayouzhuang,There is a place called Yixinyuan Cafe。”
Peng Changyi knows this place,Just said:“Oh,Then in front,There is a KFC fast food restaurant next to it。Why don’t you ask him to go to KFC,Chat casually there,No need to spend。”
Wang Jiadong stood up,Said:“I don’t want him to underestimate me,Thought I was Tubal Road。”
“Right。”Peng Changyi said:“Let’s go now,Your appointment,You should come first。”
Wang Jiadong nodded。
After they got in the car,Peng Changyi told Old Gu:“Old Gu,There is a Yixinyuan cafe in front。Minister went there to meet a friend,Then let’s find a restaurant nearby,Hurry up after dinner。”
Old Gu nodded。
After they found this cafe,Get off Peng Changyi,Opened the door for the minister,Helped him out of the car,Then he lifted him up the steps of the coffee shop。
Not many people drink coffee at this time,The waiter greeted us。According to the name of Wang Jiadong,Led Wang Jiadong to a two-person platform,Unexpected,There is already a general-looking person sitting here、Bald、not tall、A man in his 50s,Looking down at the drink price list。
Wang Jiadong was stunned when he saw this man,Then looked at the waiter。Waiter said:“This is your guest。”
at this time,That man has stood up,Wang Jiadong reaches out,Said:“I am Wang Jiadong,You are mr chen?”
Mr. Chen nodded。