Yin Nini added,“and also,Many schools are like ours,There are school flowers and school grass and so on,Excellent good-looking student,Naturally there will be many admirers。It’s almost like chasing stars,All like good-looking ones,Attractive。then,Comparing heart,Don’t want to be alienated.For example, I saw that my classmates were in love,You don’t talk,You are alien。Others’ boyfriends are handsome and study well,Others’ girlfriends look good and dance,I also want to find something like that.”

“Put it all together,This has also achieved a lot of love at our age。so,love,Simple is also simple,Complex is also complex。Adults,Love in adult society,Always said to be complicated,in fact,Love at our age,Not easy.”
Yin Nini pulled her finger,“Looking for someone with a decent face,You have to be someone in the same class who can talk and meet at any time,Learning similar,Similar interests,Tall,There must be no conflict between my family and my family,You won’t even break up。These are the most basic conditions,But if all are satisfied,It’s also extremely difficult.”
Zhou Xuan thought of Qiao Xing,“Like Qiao Xing just now,Obviously I want to come to our school to communicate,Find a boy who can change her birth class。Like Pei Huan,I can only fool Qiao Xing to our circles,Don’t understand。otherwise,Look at so many girls in the school,Except for Pei Huan’s face,Like medicine,Who can see Pei Huan?”
“No family background,An unexplained estate,After he became an adult,I don’t know how much is left,If it’s not negative, then it’s the accumulation of virtue。The father wanted him to die,The mother doesn’t care about him。In the eyes of Qiao Xing,He is Duo Jin’s handsome son,But in our eyes,Is a bereaved dog。He is more than enough to match Qiao Xing,But after Qiao Xing knew his true situation,It may not be the same as now to please the pursuit.”
“.”Baby Ou is among the words of the three little girls,Got a big shock。
First of all,“I remember that,Before Pei Huan’s parents were alive,In the food industry,Well done,Their fast food,I have seen commercials on TV。Not a small company。Even if his parents are gone,The company is still there now?Does Pei Huan have no inheritance rights??”How can you be a bereaved dog??“Step back,Business is gone,That Pei Huan is at Pei’s house,Some of the property can be inherited, right?And the inheritance his parents gave him,Already insured, etc.”
The money,It should be quite a lot, right??
Zhou Xuan glanced at Yin Nini,No words。
Yin Nini sighed,“You think,Pei Huan alone,What can be held?”
Baby Ou was taken aback,understood。grandparents,Uncle and aunt,may,Are no longer his relatives。
Tell him today what money is needed to buy a procedure,Otherwise, he can’t inherit smoothly,Tomorrow, I said I need to pay taxes, fines, etc.。The day after tomorrow I said what you did,How much property to lose。
These means,Ou Baobao, a big Ou Tai child,Can be easily operated。
Kind words,These inheritances will be dissipated in four to five,Heart is not so good,One year,Can clear everything。If my heart is no better,Become indebted,Also very normal。
Baby Ou has this in his heart——Legacy issues,It may also be an important reason why Pei Huan became a paranoid male partner。
Secondly,“Qiao Xing is to change his birth class,I like Pei Huan?”
Baby Ou naturally understands this is extremely possible,but,“So many boys in the school,More accessible than Pei Huan,Pretty good family background,There are many,Why did Qiao Xing find Pei Huan??Pei Huan’s character,Obviously it won’t be the kind of person who is easily approached?If Qiao Xing really likes him,,He will find out?”