“Xiaoxue, you hate it!Said don’t interrupt,Shut up!Sister Yanzi, keep talking。”

Liu Xiaoyun cried out impatiently。
“I don’t know who the person in front of me is,So I ignored him,But he told me again:People are gone,Are you planning to just stand here and cry until he comes back obediently to find you??”
“I was shocked immediately,Thought:Who is this person!How would he know about me!”
“Next,That person doesn’t care if I like to listen or not,Just take the mistake I just made,Told me one by one,He wants me to know,Why would that person run away under my nose,Then what issues should I pay attention to next time,What mistakes to avoid。”
“I stupidly said to him:Everyone has run away,What’s the point of teaching me these now?!”
“Then I remember he laughed,Smiling happily,After laughing, he answered me:Since I’m all here,How could he still run?Then he took me back to the man’s previous home,My incredible discovery:The guy who ran away from under my nose,He was tied up and lay on the ground firmly!”
Swallow stopped here again。
The girls were relieved to choose immediately……
“I got it!It was my brother-in-law who suddenly appeared to help you get that man back!”
Shen Ruoxue exclaimed happily。
“Shen Ruoxue,Are you really stupid or fake?!Sister Yanzi said,She doesn’t even know that person, okay!If it’s brother-in-law,May she not know!Is your mind flooded with you!”
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Chapter three thousand eight hundred and six You promised
Liu Xiaoyun immediately commented on Shen Ruoxue。