But her brother is a man of great affection。If he is as numb to love as himself,Never have absolute hope for things around you,He won’t be an actor。What actors need is input,Put yourself in a role,Feel the love and love of a character。If Shen Zhiyue can’t feel the characters’ feelings,He won’t act well。

The youngest child is a treasure in the hearts of parents,And the same in her sister’s heart。Although Shen Zhiyue is bigger than her second brother,But after all, her brother。Since my brother brought it up,She will agree。
“it is good,I cooperate with you。But afterwards I will still say a few words about Lu Shanshan,Don’t feel bad when the time comes。”
Shen Zhiyue is a little nervous:“What are you scolding her,She did nothing wrong,I asked for it。”
Shen Zhiyu Yingdao:“do not worry,I just think,Since she wants to replace your role,Then you have to do it well。I hope her performance can be worthy of your body。”
Shen Zhiyue does not deny,My sister is right,Lu Shanshan does have many flaws,So far,The two will not exchange back in a short time,Then Lu Shanshan must adapt to Shen Zhiyue’s identity。
“She is now the third young master of the Shen family,Too stupid。”
Shen Zhiyue is a little nervous:“sister,Don’t force her too much,She has limited brain capacity after all。”
Shen Zhiyu also expected:“I know this。I have eyes,I can see how foolish she is。”
Although Shen Zhiyue feels upset,But he also had to admit,My lover is really not smart。
Lin Tong and Zhou Qihua see Shen Zhiyu in the rumors。Look closely and Shen Zhiyue is indeed a bit like,But the brows feel colder than Shen Zhiyue。
Shen Zhiyu looked at Shen Zhiyue on the bed,Helplessly shook his head,I hate iron but not steel。Shen Zhiyue doesn’t matter,Staring straight at sister。
Lin Tong broke the deadlock first:“Hello, Miss Shen,I am Shanshan’s mother,Shanshan and Zhiyue have been dating for a while,I’m sorry that Shanshan has caused you so much trouble。I just want to take advantage of your free time today,Please come out for dinner and apologize。”
Shen Zhiyu looks at Lin Tong,Looks like a weak woman。This kind of person can stay at home and be a canary,Coming out of society is looking for death。
But the other party is an elder after all,No matter how bad, she’s the mother of the younger brother,Future in-laws,Shen Zhiyu is still polite。
“It’s our incomplete thinking,Should have invited you to dinner。The two of them are really good,Just occasionally a tendon,but it does not matter,I will watch them from now on。Aunt,You just watched,Look bad,You have to rest。”