Test who you will fall in love with

Test who you will fall in love with

Translation: You decide to move out and live alone, but the apartment is empty. What do you want to buy first?


Curtains 2.

Bed 3.

Washing machine 4.

Phone answer analysis: 1.

If you choose “curtain”, you will interact with honest and reliable people. Closing the curtain is your two-person world. It doesn’t need to be flashy, simple and simple.


If you choose “bed” and choose this answer, you will interact with people who are wild and unruly.

Some people say that the bed can grind a person’s enjoyment of life. You are a person who feels very heavy, and the wild and unruly opposite sex can attract you most.


Choose “Washing Machine”. If you choose this answer, you will associate with romantic people.

You want more time to create romance with your loved ones, so the more complicated the housework is, of course, the better.


Choose “phone” and choose the person who answers this question. You will interact with cheerful and outgoing people.

Chat with friends and family, and social occasions of all sizes will bring you joy, so the cheerful and talkative opposite sex is the most interesting to you.