Qin Liang was awakened by the swallow,Embarrassed and said……

This night,Qin Liang didn’t fall asleep for a long time,Because the room next door to Shen Ruoxi is always chirping,The girls are crazy playing with those little pets,Until midnight,It’s quiet down。
And in the following days,Sisters do it together,Rearranged the home to a new look,It feels like moving into a new home,Except cooking,Qin Liang doesn’t need to do almost anything,It’s not much different from being the emperor,Except at night, I can’t put my arms around the girls to sleep……
After Shen Ruoxi got home,I originally planned to go to the company for a day or two off,But when the puppy and other pets go home,She’s playful,She put aside work again。
Qin Liang naturally wouldn’t urge her,Anyway, as long as she is happy,Whatever she wants。
I’m fine at home,Qin Liang decided to go back to the company to pass the time,At least the girls in the company can find opportunities to molest at any time,Not like at home,Can only watch,I dare not step beyond the thunder pond。
Discuss with Shen Ruo Xiyang,Shen Ruoxi immediately agreed with both hands,There are Qin Liang and Chen Hao in the company,She just can sit back and relax at home and continue to coax her dog son to play……
So this morning,Qin Liang stepped into the door of Ouya again。
“Yeah,President,Hello,I haven’t seen you for a long time。”
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Chapter six hundred and fifteenth Friend husband
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Friend husband
I entered the company’s door,Xiao Zhao at the front desk greeted Qin Liang with surprise,Qin Liang used to fight with her often,but then,Two people never saw it again。
“Xiao Zhao,Haha,Miss you,Come,Show me your phone。”
Qin Liang still remembers that he used to snatch her phone to watch,Because there are often some hunk videos and pictures on her phone,Qin Liang often makes fun of her with this。
“Damn,Why are you doing this,Not coming for so long,The first thing I do when I come back is to look at my phone……”