Bao Bao is very serious,“I can’t tell what is really smart,But i think,Cherish everything in life,And treat all these people kindly,Are the real smart people。Just like me,I think i’m pretty smart,Mother is also very smart,Because mom loves life very much,Love my family very much,Bai Ling certainly doesn’t know how wonderful it would be to love someone sincerely。”

“Our family,I think,All smart,Are living seriously,Not like Bai Ling,Living in a cage for twenty years。Doesn’t she know what kind of person Si Shoujing is??Doesn’t she know that eldest brother is very gentle and excellent?Doesn’t she know that her daughter is hypocritical?She must know.Because know,That’s why I became more evil。It’s smart?This is called being lost。”
Baby Ou really worked very hard to convince his family,In case they really think Bai Ling is very smart,Worth learning,How good is that!!!
“.”Ou Zhaozhao’s mother and son are almost ashamed of themselves。
There will be holy light on my little angel。
but,Shameful!!Super shame!!!!
I was thought to be bad at school,Then I was comforted by my dear exhortation,This feeling of being cherished and loved,Although good,But still,Shameful!!!
Ou Zhaozhao blushed,Wash yourself quickly,“This one,Pro treasure,we,me,I definitely won’t learn Bai Ling like that,Such a person,Bad,What’s interesting。I am from the perspective of a third party,Sigh.”
Sigh,“you know too,In the eyes of others,Our house was pitted by Bai Ling,Tricked。Don’t we think we’ve been pitted??”
Si Guangnian nodded,I’m worried that if outsiders find out,Ou Jia。This is the bad influence he brought to the family。
Yu Ze Supplement,“Look at the movie,The bad guys got punished and retributed in the end,Good people are compensated and rewarded,This is the mainstream concept and thought。But you see now,Isn’t the bad guy getting what he wants,Are the good guys still being cheated by the bad guys??Not at all,Not happy.”
Huai Ye nodded in agreement,But still don’t want to admit that I envy Bai Ling,“I don’t recognize Bai Ling’s smartness,I’m just not reconciled。Obviously a bad guy,How could we lose to her?.The bad guys should be thundered,Not so dead!!”
“.”Baby Ou is even more confused,“I’m the one who watches movies and TV shows all day?Why are you more poisoned than me?”
“.”Shame again。
Mother Ou Zhaozhao blushed again。
The point is,“You are your typical unwillingness?”Baby Ou thinks that,Some not so good,“It’s impossible to win all games without winning.,It’s impossible to be a man and everything goes well,Mother is so strong,Don’t you keep being cheated by men?”
“.”Ou Zhaozhao covered his heart,Heartbroken,Daughter,Really a daughter,Heartbroken。