The voice fell off,He immediately bowed deeply to Mo Xiaosheng。

“Uncle Mo,What are you doing。”
Mo Xiaosheng was suddenly startled by his sudden behavior,Quickly reach out to help him up,Smiled at him:“Weiwuncle,You can let me treat Aunt Zheng,It’s my honor。”
Wei Xu’s throat moved,Tears in my eyes,what you want to say,But it’s in my throat,Finally, Mo Xiaosheng waved his hand,Face sideways,Two lines of tears rolling down。
He was so to Mo Xiaosheng two days ago,Mo Xiaosheng has no grievances,He even gave him face,He Wei Xu,Shameless!
ten minutes later,Mo Xiaosheng, Wei Xu and others returned to Zheng Xia’s ward。
Mo Xiaosheng got Zheng Xia’s pulse again,The condition worsened slightly,But the problem is not big,Still under control。
Mo Xiaosheng let Zheng Xia lie down,Lift up the clothes,Showing belly,Then I took the dragon and phoenix silver needles in the medicine box,To Zheng Xia:“Aunt,It might hurt,You bear it a little bit。”
“Do not worry,Auntie is not so squeamish。”Zheng Xia smiled,Squeezed Wei Xu’s hand,A little nervous。
Mo Xiaosheng is more serious in acupuncture this time than ever before,I picked up all 20 cm long needles,Concentrated on Zheng Xia’s abdomen and started acupuncture。
Five silver needles finished,Twenty minutes have passed,Each one reaches the cancerous lesion in the stomach。
Mo Xiaosheng twisted five silver needles with his fingers in turn,Slowly transfer the spiritual energy in the body like Zheng Xia’s stomach lesions,Kill cancer cells through spiritual power。
Its essential effect is similar to chemotherapy in western medicine,But compared to chemotherapy with greater side effects,This method is safer、more directly,No side effects,And the pain is very light,Greatly alleviate the patient’s pain during treatment。
Half an hour passed,Mo Xiaosheng’s forehead was already covered with dense beads of sweat,White lips,Obviously a manifestation of physical exhaustion。
“Niche,Are you OK?”Wei Xu hurriedly said。
Mo Xiaosheng let out a sigh of relief,Pulled out the needle,Then I prescribed a prescription,Let Wei Xu go to Jishantang to take some medicine,Decoction for Zheng Xia sooner or later,To play a role in consolidating the treatment。
“Niche,Can this method work??”Zheng Fan saw Mo Xiaosheng put a few needles and he was done.,I’m very worried。
“Zheng Fan!”