The old man wears a bright spring: adjusts the mood to relieve stress

The old man wears a bright spring: adjusts the mood to relieve stress

Dry trees, dark shades, we are easily depressed after a winter.

When spring comes, it is dry and dry, and people are more likely to become anxious and bored.

Especially for old friends, in order to spend a healthy and happy spring, you should change the winter “black and white gray” plain clothes as soon as possible, and put on colorful and new clothes.

  According to the ancient Indian health theory, each color has its own special energy.

From the aspect of warm and cold color, when you see red and yellow, some people will think of flowers, the sun, and have a warm feeling. When you see white and gray, you will think of ice and snow, cloudy, and you will feel lost.

From the perspective of color psychology, spring is suitable for wearing orange, yellow, red or green.

  Green is suitable for all seniors.

Green is the color of spring. In the spring when the grass grows, it is a good choice to adjust the mood with green and balance health.

Especially wearing green sportswear to go out in the countryside, spring tour, you can broaden your mood, ease tension and eliminate fatigue.

  Orange is suitable for elderly people with emotional ups and downs, especially women.

Low pressure in spring is easy to cause disorder of brain hormone secretion. The changing weather will cause people to change their mood earlier, and there are symptoms such as worry, sleep disorder and loss of appetite, especially for middle-aged and elderly women.

Wearing orange clothes can effectively counter these bad emotions, making people feel full of life, but also stimulate appetite and refresh the spirit.

Similar to orange, yellow also makes people feel cheerful and their appetite is wide open.

  Red is suitable for older friends with chronic diseases.

Red is the most vital color, which helps to improve people’s mental state and improve the laziness and lack of energy brought by winter.

Old people with poor health can wear a red dress and feel refreshed, but people with high blood pressure should try not to wear red to prevent blood pressure from rising.

  In addition, some conservative elderly people, if you do not want to wear brightly colored clothes, you can try wearing a top-colored hat, wearing some costumes with floral embellishments, or more with some agate, green jade necklace,Both can alleviate the feeling of depression and adjust the emotions unconsciously.