Carefully move towards disfigured wrong skin care


Carefully move towards disfigured wrong skin care

All kinds of beauty remedies have been popular on the Internet for a long time, and all of them have been so sweet and so credible, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false for a time.

Too many beautiful people are willing to become countless “white mice” willingly, wrong skin care will make you look disfigured.


hzh {display: none; }  1、柠檬是对付斑点的高手?  ”Secret” source: beauty experts rumors to decrypt: citric acid is a type of fruit acid, it can indeed solve the role of clearing the cortex.

But if you apply it to your face, the whitening effect is minimal, especially lemon has a photosensitivity effect. If you apply lemon and then bask in the sun, it will make your skin darker, and stains will come out!

So after you apply lemon slices, be sure to wash your face!

  2. Acne must not be squeezed by hand?

  ”Secret” source: fashion magazine to unravel rumors: In fact, if you go to the hospital to see acne, a dermatologist will squeeze you!

  But the principles inside cannot be ignored: first, make sure that the acne tip is in a liquid state, which means that the acne has matured.

  Second, clean your acne-prone fingers, and don’t forget the dirty things in the nail seams.

  Third, clean your face.

  Fourth, after squeezing acne, use tissue paper to completely absorb the liquid.

  3. Will acne grow with worms?

  ”Secret” Source: TV commercials to dispel rumors and decryption: TV ads are full of bugs, do you remember?

So your cats and dogs have become the object of your fear, and the pillow towels can’t wait to wash them every day!

  In fact, hair follicle cysts have been present in human sebaceous glands and hair follicles since ancient times. However, in addition to distiller’s grains and worm folliculitis, these problems have been proven to be caused by hair follicle cysts. Other skin diseases are actually related to it.It does not matter.

  Hair follicle mites, like other microorganisms parasitizing the surface of the skin, do not cause disease under normal physical conditions, but they can only cause disease when there is a wound on the skin or a problem with the body’s immunity.

Therefore, don’t be scared by the exaggerated advertisement!

  4. A few more layers of foundation can make the skin flawless?

  ”Secret” Source: Japanese movie star Kyoko Fukada Secrets: The stars have flawless skin, is it because the makeup artist has given them multiple layers of foundation?

But imagine that if you dry a face, no amount of powder can make your skin perfect!

However, if you have applied a moisturizing mask or some moisturizing cream, and then quickly apply foundation, the moisture remaining on the surface of the skin and the powder can be perfectly combined, and your foundation will naturally conform, and the skin will alsoIt will naturally be perfect!

  5. Black food will make your skin black, while white food will make you white?

  ”Secret” Source: Big S rumor decryption: This is the famous Big S, but in fact, the black or white grains depend on the amount and distribution of melanin pigment in the body.

Half of our skin color comes from parents and half comes from the influence of acquired factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, before menstruation, pregnancy, etc.

  However, remind people to avoid over-consuming the following foods, such as celery, chives, parsley, red beans and other foods that are sensitive to light. If you eat too much, it will cause dark spots under ultraviolet radiation. For nutritional balance, you should still eat them appropriately.Just eat before going out.

  Similarly, drinking white foods such as milk and sugar cane juice will not whiten your skin; research shows that the same L-vitamin C is calculated based on the amount of skin./ 20.

Therefore, food cannot change your innate color!

  6. Can I avoid wrinkles by sleeping on my back?


hzh {display: none; }  “秘笈”来源:名模希弗   辟谣解密:睡觉的时候,侧睡的确会压皱肌肤,时间久了,皱纹自然会出现在眼周,但如果你仰睡久了,Wrinkles on your neck should be welcome with you!

  Moreover, it is difficult to change the sleeping position in a short period of time. A simple method is to use a satin pillowcase, because it will not compress the skin, and the height of the pillow should not be too high.The height is ideal!

  7. Does lymphatic detox help skin better?

  ”Secret” source: beauty salons to dispel rumors and decryption: have you been tempted by the promotion of “lymphatic detoxification” launched by beauty salons?

In fact, there is no scientific basis for lymphatic detoxification. Lymph circulation is an important part of the body’s circulatory system and plays an important role in the immune response process. It is impossible to completely eliminate toxins from the body through simple guidance.

  Importantly, improper lymphatic detoxification can cause lymphatic circulatory disturbances, varicose veins and stasis of water in the tissues, and even the risk of poisoning.

Therefore, in some cases, as long as the human body functions normally, toxins can be basically discharged.If detoxification is really needed, food conditioning is safer.

  8. If you have acne, you have to apply toothpaste?

  ”Secret” source: The secrets of the friends in the boudoir decryption: Not all toothpaste can work, and it will cause trouble if you apply it wrongly!

Toothpaste whitening teeth often contains hydrogen peroxide. Although it helps promote acne redness and inflammation, improper use can cause skin burns or allergies.

Therefore, I suggest you to replace acne-specific, acne-control products with medicinal formula, which has a direct effect on acne.

  9Can lotion help skin moisturize?

  ”Secret” source: Internet BBS rumor decryption: the main role of lotion is to clean, lotion alone does not help skin moisturizing, if you use alcohol-containing lotion, it is easier to evaporate quickly after application, if you do not rubThe lotion retains water, but I’m afraid that if the skin is rubbed with a single lotion, it will dry out.

  Lotion is the last step of cleaning in Europe. It is the first step of maintenance in the eastern concept of maintenance. It is used as a primer for the next maintenance products and helps the absorption of the products.

  10 tea bags can eliminate dark circles?

  Source of “Secret”: Britney Spears decryption: Although tea contains vitamin C, in the experiment, vitamin C has the function of lightening melanin, but the content is uncontrollable and it does not easily penetrate deep into the skin.
The tannic acid in tea is irritating to the skin, so this method is not recommended to eliminate dark circles.

  For “stubbornness” like dark circles, it is more effective for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic modification.